Report: Unhappy Ravel wants out of Lazio

ravel_2996341bRavel Morrison is reported homesick at Lazio and desperate for a return to England.

According to Mirror Sport the the 22-year old wants a way out of the country before he’s kicked a ball for his club.

The Mirror claims that discussions have been going on between Lazio and Queens Park Rangers with whom Rav did not enjoy a particularly successful loan spell.

Morrison announced this week that he one day wanted to manage West Ham raising speculation he could be on a fishing mission for an Upton Park return.

However, it seems at the moment that the newly relegated Rangers are his best chance of return to English football.


Ravel  moved to Rome earlier this year but has been unhappy there for some time now.

The Mirror claims though that contrary to suggestions he has caused his new club a problem Lazio have been sympathetic to his plight and are helping him to try and find a way back to England.



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32 comments on “Report: Unhappy Ravel wants out of Lazio

  1. I think Ray needs to realise, no matter where you are or where you go, you cannot escape yourself. He’s now 22 and one of the brightest talents has achieved nothing…

  2. This my friends is why he was sadly of no use to us. He may have the skills but they’re not shown often enough and his head never seems to be right no knuckling down to it no determination to prove people wrong. Sadly with Rav it always seems to be if only…..

    In brighter news I think I’ve found Kevin’s real identity https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jewAyogXnEs

  3. But then again maybe it’s not him https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=foIe9R2LpJU

  4. A player worth paying to see. Good test of Slavs man management skills and no agent nonsense getting in the way.bring him back !

  5. F*ck Morrison,waste of talent,waste of space.Let him go play at being a gangsta.Silly kid.

  6. Bloody hell,who cares what Morrison is doing in Italy.Let him comeback to a championship side,about the level the waste of talent deserves.Mind you he couldnt even get to be a regular at QPR the first time round in the championship.Enough said.**** me he lives off one goal at spuds & people still want to cream their pants about him 😀

  7. Slav The Implaer may be able knock him in to shape, he’s no Di Canio but may be worth another punt ?

  8. Ahah… Honestly I don’t understand this “hate” For him… You Like him or you don’t Like him, end of story. Personally I’d prefer a player Like him instead of useless robots Like Nolan, Jarvis, O’brien etc. Maybe he is a waste of talent, but the Great Carroll is a big waste of money without talent. I don’t know what’s worse… 😉 The owners liked him, they aren’t stupid, maybe there’s one reason… 😉 anyway if he comes back I’m happy, if not I can survive lol 🙂

    • Wel if thats your arguement Matte then maybe you should have applied the same principle to Allardyce.You were exactly the same about hippo as people are about Rav.You cant have it both ways & cry if people aint kind about Rav 😉

    • If the owners liked him so much why did they let him go.Its their club,wasnt hippos,they could have kept him.If you read Gold & Sullivan they both said that some people you just cant help,when talking about Rav.They had enough just like the rest 😉

    • Ahah.. But I don’t cry, simply I think that maybe he doesn’t deserve “hate”. As I wrote before I don’t want people agree with me, we are only talking about a young player. Allardyce is a different story, he had a key role inside West Ham, he was the manager and that’s why I hate him. If he’s not good enough, West Ham is not good enough. Morrison is only one player. But ehi I hope you understand every time I write a Message I simply write My personal opinion, I’m not the god of football 😉 and as I wrote before, I can live without Morrison.

  9. Bloody hell,just forget anout him.If he is such an amazing player where were all the other Prem teams rushing in for him when we let him go for nothing.Aint no surprise he is now being linked with a championship team.When are people going to realize he aint no Best,Gazza or Cantona.In his head maybe but not on the pitch.He just flicks,tricks & gets nowhere.He spent most his time being tackled or giving the ball away after he beat one or two players.Stop dreaming that he is something he aint.

  10. Ffs,i dont think its ‘hate’just because people speak the teuth about him Matte.The kid has been a pain in the ass all his career & thats without his numerous court appearances & off field problems.As someone said,why if he is so fantastic wasnt he snapped up by another premiership team for free.Why is he now being linked to a lower division team.You think every manager,coaches & clubs in the premiership no nothing & are clueless.

  11. Morrison.Boring.Zzzzzz!!

  12. Would love to see him try to intimidate Slav like he did that witness at the court case.He would get one right between the eyes.Still banned from Manchester is he.Nice guy!!!

  13. It’s just you and me Matte maybe I have been in the sun to long,
    But I can forget about Rav,he did our club no wrong and has left he only hurt himself
    The difference between him and BFS is simple he never hurt any fan only his ex girl friend
    Scored a goal to remember against the Spuds and left
    BFS never scored a goal brought down Rav,Zarate and Vaz Te,but left us with O,Brien,
    Nolan,Carroll and Jarvis it’s a bit like the Greek debt
    Now you can have a pop at me while Matte pops off to find a beer and a nice lady

  14. Bring back Rav? This is a pipe dream he’s failed to work under Fergie and BFS,you might think they weren’t into flair players but he also failed under Arry and love him or loathe him he was always seen as someone to get the best out of a maverick but again it was a failure. Chuck on top the unsavoury off field behaviour which I didn’t like being associated with us and you should all have your answer. The new era is here with new players still to come,Rav is the past (rightly so IMO) so we should look forward not backwards.

  15. Didnt realize having a discussion counted as having a pop bub.Its ok,you & Matre know more than every manager in the prem who dont want to touch him with a barge pole.We all know that.Glad its ****ing ok for him to hurt his gf as long as he didnt hurt west ham fans though.That makes it all ok then.We should all love Rav for that.The kid is scum.

  16. Would not let him take your daughter out then Dangermouses,
    Not interested mate in what he does off the field there’s courts for that,he was not with us at the time he was on loan,
    Every week a new case against players come up John Terry dope and assault but stayed captain of his club and country,
    Steven Gerrard assault but same as above,
    I won’t go on but you are a wear as I am ,it’s just you don’t like Morrison I get that
    I like him as a player full stop ITS JUST A DIFFRENCE OF OPINION

  17. Why even a discussion about him.He wasnt good enougn for The Championship,couldnt even get in QPRs team that regularly.If he was at anohter club like the Spuds we would all think he was a gf beating scumbag who should be locked up.Why coz he f*cked about with a couple of fancy runs & one goal at the Spuds should we still be moaning about him not being about.He is just a t*sser,let him run round Rome in his Arsenal shirt taking selfies.

  18. Lmfao.Would love to see him slap your daughter about Bubs then you say its fine for him to play for the club you support because courts are for off field issues.Ever heared of players being role models for kids.What you just said is the biggest pile of **** i have read in along time.

  19. Danger, never said I’m an expert or that I know more than the others. That’s only my personal opinion about him ,I like him because he’s a skilled player, but I know he has a bad character. I’m just talking about his qualites as player not as man. I’ve always written that everyone may put forward his point of view. We are only talking about football and about one single player, not about the fate of mankind or of West Ham. 😉

  20. **** me,what does it matter about Morrison,he dont even play for us anymore.He is history.He messed his chance,end of.I certainly dont hear people at the ground still crying out for Rav to still be at the club.Some things you cant blame Hippo for.Ravs stupidity is one of them.Let it go.Let him go chase the Rome figa in the sun 😀

  21. Personally i care about guys still at our club.Not some kid that got let go months ago.

  22. He hasn’t grown up yet. He’s still the school bully. Let him grow up and then see if he’s got a brain.

  23. Woah,so much talk about an ex-player.I see everyone is missing him greatly.How many games did he play for us,18? What a legend 😀

  24. Badda Bing I have 6 daughters and they have all at times met twast and I have sorted it,
    But why pick on him as a special person,because of the money and culture in football we breed these people,I don’t make excuses for him or any others and if hitting girls has hit a nerve with some I apologise,but that cramp I wrote is because these people I named and I could write forever of examples old and new,
    Cardiff should have controlled him when he was on loan,
    Anyway this is a waste of your and my time talking about what is not relevant,I am judging him on football ability not his morals,

  25. Trouble is his football ability couldnt even get him in championship sides,lol 😀

  26. Test post, please ignore me flapping my lips! coyi!

  27. Fatty didnt get much right but getting rid of this guy was spot on.Dont care personally what he did off the pitch,but he did nothing on it either.One goal against Spuds,rest of his appearances he did pretty much jack sh*t.

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