Report:Hammers to axe Sam after Newcastle

Sam-Allardyce1Sam Allardyce is today reported as West Ham history.

The Telegraph is reporting on line that he will be told his time in charge of the club will be relayed to him within 24 hours of Sunday’s game against Newcastle.

Whilst ClaretandHugh was told yesterday the meeting was due next week, The Telegraph is claiming the board will inform him his contract will not be renewed before he heads off on holiday next Tuesday.

The manager apparently expects the decision despite the fact that neither the Dvids or Karren Brady are ready to make a formal announcement ahead of the game at St James’ Park.

The three are known to be hunting for Β a manager and Allardyce now seems totally aware of the position and is resigned to the fact that his time as West Ham manager is at an end.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

95 comments on “Report:Hammers to axe Sam after Newcastle

  1. Good stuff,hope this is true.Will happen eventually at some stage,but the sooner it happens the better for me.Get the egotistical one trick pony out of our club.

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeah! Fu*k you Sam! … Excuse me while I get myself pulled together…lol

  3. Alleluia! All we’re waiting for now is the club statement,I hope the meeting is early and quick next Monday so we don’t have to wait too long,mind you I suppose it depends if they lay on food for him or not

  4. In a way it is a shame how this now appears to come to an end. I only started supporting West Ham in 1996, nowhere near as long as most of you guys. But since then I have learned what West Ham’s natural position was in terms of public expectations.
    A bit of a yoyo club, but one that came back up to the First Division/Premier League regularly and quickly. Nearly always fighting relegation with the occasional exception of a good or very good surprise season.

    Under normal circumstances a West Ham manager giving West Ham three successive midtable league positions would be applauded, praised and respected.
    Because it is a decent achievement considering the value of our squad, our injury problems and the competition in this league.

    But most fans apparently don’t feel any desire to be grateful, show respect or applaud Allardyce. Why ? Because the man has never tried to connect with the fans, from day one he seemed on the contrary keen to rile up the supporters and antagonise them with his interviews and on-field formations, lineups and substitutions.

    West Ham fans are prepared to cut players and managers a lot of slack if they are trying hard, if they build up some rapport with the fans and if they are prepared to admit a mistake every once in a while.
    None of that happened with Allardyce. Which is a shame as I mentioned above.

    Allardyce was what was needed at the time. Yet again him and West Ham never were made for each other and never were a good fit. It’s good that it’ll be over soon.
    I’m sure Allardyce will feel hard done by and won’t understand why a new deal won’t be forthcoming. Which again is one of Allardyce’s problems as he seems to believe his own self promoting marketing lingo. As a football manager you have to be stubborn and arrogant at times. There are also the times you should be humble and honest.

    • Well said Hamburg, I totally agree. Words like “Honest” and “Humble” are not in his dictionary. πŸ˜‰

      • Nor “Humility”. Whenever we win it’s because of him. Whenever we lose it’s because of the players. For me Monday can’t come fast enough.

    • Correct HamburgHammer.We & him have never had a connection in my view.Far,far from it in actual fact.His way of playing football & what we believe to be what we like to see are polar opposites.We often dont get what we want,often dont play as we wish,but still many of us keep the dream of seeing us playing how we believe West Ham should play.Lets be honest,most the time over the last few decades we have rarely played the ‘West Ham Way’ so to speak but this man has pushed people to their limits of tolerance both as a manager & conceited,self-absorbed egotist.Good riddance to him i say.Cant wait for the announcement of his official departure to be made.I will be one of the happiest Irons on this planet.

    • So a supporter of some Nine years is telling us what to think .
      Never saw the great players and great teams that got relegated .
      Modern day high finance football changed all that ;; wake up .
      Stability is the name of the game , whether you like the style or not .
      Allardyce offers stability , if not the style some fans want ,, but I would far prefer to be in the Prem than in a division or two lower .

      • Ehi Kevin, This isn’t funny anymore, understood? Hamburg says what he wants. Jog on dic*head.

  5. Can we believe this? If true, does he make the trip to Newcastle? I can guess the song of day from both sets of fans,”You’re being…

  6. Lol,well he is history,has been for a while in my opinion.Dont see how you can keep a guy who has the record we have atm.Now we must all thank him for being Houdini for the last four years if indeed he is released.Maybe he can go manage a team who believe in his philosphies like ‘tika taka is b*llocks’.

    • ahah… if you ask Sam what is “tiki taka”, he’ll answer it’s an antique tribal dance…. lool

      • Sam also thinks the West Ham Way is a street off the Barking Road

        • ahahahah… I know, there’s a shop where he buys his favourite sandwiches… lol

  7. If I hear one more pundit say “be careful what you wish for” I’m gonna explode!

  8. ahaha… PT… don’t worry, someone will say it. I’m waiting for kevin, a super Sam lover: yesterday he had so much energy… I don’t know after this news… lol

  9. And it will be so nice that we won’t have to hear the term “clean sheet” four times in every interview. Clean sheets are nice when they happen, but they are not the main reason why people come to watch football.

    Who gives a flying fart if you concede two goals as long as you score three or four ?

    • Sam brought with him the complete negative philosophy of football;
      1. Protect the point
      2. If you happen to score, then fall back and protect your 1-0 lead
      3. Avoiding relegation is an achievement
      4. The way to score is from long balls to big tall centre forwards or from crosses, none of this fancy one-touch stuff in and around the box
      5. If you sack Sam you’ll get relegated next season
      6. We need Sam because he is a safe pair of hands

      i.e. no ambition to do anything but avoid relegation with boring football. I want more for the Irons than this and clearly so do many other fans.

      • Sadly point 3 is true these days, it is an achievement for a club like us, lets face it.

  10. I am only now finally allowing myself to believe this is going to happen although pangs of doubt remain. And the final sigh of relief will only come when I see it announced on the official site.
    And strangely I really donΒ΄t mind who replaces him as long as the nick name Wally with the Brolly isn’t associated

  11. If what was needed was manager to make ****e signings, crass substitutions, play prehistoric ugly football and alienate the fans and destroy the very identity of OUR club then he was the right man for the job and has achieved all these targets !!!!

    He was never the right choice, we never wanted him and I will party like its 1999 when he finally fecks off. I would love to see him take over Millscum a marriage made in heaven !

  12. I dont think even the Davids would get rid of one nightmare to bring in another.Brady might do though to spite us if her Sammy leaves πŸ˜‰

  13. Sam never gets relegated,will bring stability taking us to the OS,be careful what you wish for lads!! πŸ˜‰

  14. This is the first tomorrow the sun and mail ect ect,
    I am not going to celebrate until its official,
    Call me a pessimist but that’s being a Westham Fan go in at half time 3-0 up against the wobbles have a good drink thinking Di Cannio and Sinclair are going to put them to the sword only 45 mins later sitting in the stand wondering how Wise and Jones are celebrating a 3-5 victory,
    But that’s Westham and what a great day to watch football fxck respect the point

    • Bubs, only 6 days and then you’ll dance in the streets of Valencia… lol

  15. Haha,i was there that night bubs.Unbelievable.But i believe this is going to happen.The day this is announced i will be so happy i might even go to dribbledownmylegwhenidie & kiss the monkeys bellend πŸ˜€

  16. ahah…You are right Rads, stability and flexibility above all. The Mighty Sam will lead us to the promised land… when we’ve no water, he strikes a rock with a stick and water falls out. lol

  17. Chicken I am starting to worry about some of you first Stingray is rubbing his nuts with sandpaper and now you are offering Monkey boy a blow job,
    No wonder all these lovely people are leaving Wetpants.com and visiting they think this site is not anything to do with football,

  18. One of the worst things is, he wont give a fig, he has been one of europes best paid managers for the last 4yrs. He will walk away with his hand to his ear laughing at us.
    he will walk into another club who are willing to sell their soul to reach the promised land.

    what a t####r, takes Β£m’s & does what he does at every other club who have had the pleasure of his style of football, that is, bleeds the life out of them, distroys the passion the fans have & leaves them with a squad full of players who aren’t up to it.
    If indeed he does leave us for pastures new on monday, I for one will be as happy a pig in
    in s##t.

  19. Lol,i was thinking earlier,i wonder in a couple of years time which other clubs fans will be sick of hearing ‘clean sheets’,’respect the point’,’both teams start the match with a point each’.Poor people,it will be tough times for them πŸ˜€

    • ahah.. I’ll go on their sites saying “Sam can guarantee stability, be careful what you wish for, you have short memories, Sam has never been relegated”. They will love me for it….lol

    • Yeh , but which team goes home with all three . It’s points that win games and places in the Prem , not playing to the whims of a few obsessed SAM Out enthusiasts .

  20. Wasn’t it The Telegraph that told us all a few days ago that SA would turn the club down if we made him an offer? So now they are telling us something different! Never trust what gets written in newspapers…. all bull****!

  21. Never mind Rads let’s hope he takes his style North again,Hull,Grimsby,Scarbrough,
    York City 4 years at each then you will be able to watch a different program about those area,s how they got over Benefits Street but can’t get over BFS Syndrome,

  22. German radio reporting Klopp might indeed sign for Real for a whopping 8 million Euros a season. If true, WOW!

  23. I dont care where he goes,just dont want to hear another of his interviews as our manager.It costs me for alot of new TV’s the remote goes through.He is history whether monday or the weeks to come.Hippo will leave the building πŸ˜‰

  24. Great that free,s up a manager that has said he actually wants to manage us ( or did )
    I thought you said that was not his bag , that he likes a challenge,
    The only challenge Real have is getting more points then Barca,
    What a problem to sell Bale or not
    How do I spend my €300 mil this year plus the money for Bale,

  25. Too right Bubs, that’s why I think Klopp managing Real (if true) will end in tears. Media and fan pressure down there is relentless. Klopp could be gone quicker than he can actually unpack his bags and learn Spanish. I don’t think Real is the right club for Klopp.
    But then again it’s hard to argue when you have an offer of 8 million a year on the table.

  26. I don’t think there will be any changes at Real this year,there is no big cry for change at Real,normally by now the fans would be screaming with Barca wining the league,
    The only thing the fans want is Bale out.
    I think there will bea big shake up in personal and they will keep this manager to see it through,there is not a lot of money around so it’s going to be a fire sale to raise the cash to bring in new players

  27. Lmao,i have read it all now.Monkeys Bellend on Wetpants critisizing people who use personel abuse on social media.**** me sideways.This is the geezer who was on a social media site calling us Rabid Dogs & Hugh should put us all down wasnt it!!!.What a two faced sack of maggots!!! πŸ˜€

    • Wahaha,sometimes all you can do in life is shake your head in disbelief.This is a bad case of pot & kettle i suggest.

  28. That’s because you were talking about giving him a blow job ,
    He is in shock
    1 he does not know what a blow job is
    2 he wanted Ro to give it to him not you chicken
    3 he has just found out what a bellend is ( as Ro fell off the end of it smiling)
    4 he has sanity problems since he stole Kev from his crib

    • Lol,youre a bad man bubs,a bad man πŸ˜€

    • Just how old are you , little bubs ??
      I had Bubbles hanging over my crib 60 years ago .
      You can go and have one ,, get lost …. The only bell end you could possible appreciate is the bow Bells up your backside .,,
      Sorry about that , but he / she deserves it .

  29. According to trustworthy source on West Ham Rumours site Benitez has turned down West Ham job in order to keep himself available for Real Madrid.

  30. Well, it’s nice to hear a bit of good news for a change Hamburg… Lol

  31. He wont go to Real,think that is Klopps if he wants it.We fill find someone eventually.Not that difficult to replace a guy who hasnt given us a Prem away win in 5.5mths is it.Keep reading about all these names in the hat being a risk but they hardly have high standards to live up to at present do they.My local sunday team manager could manage to get us an away win in that time πŸ˜‰

  32. Who is this trustworthy source,and if Rafa has done that he will be waiting for a long time,
    But what is ment to be will be,

  33. Are rumours actually trustworthy.They are called rumours because they are usually hearsay surely.I dont know if there is such a thing as a trustworthy rumour,lol

  34. From just where do these Newspapers ( rags ) get thier stories ??.
    contract talks will be held at the end of season ,, as has always been stated and upheld as club protocol .
    Sherringham going to Stevenage is fine with me ., because as a striking coach employed to help Big Sam has been a major flop . Why he was needed in the first place is a mystery to me ,, always will be . Nothing came of it and it was a complete waste of time , leaving Big Sam to cop all the flack .
    It only added to Sams problems in how he wants the team to play .
    I think the Dave’s interfered too much to start with and now need someone to blame .
    Dave’s ; you are two weeks away from making the Biggest decision of your Tenure as West Ham owners … Make the right decision by ignoring all the decenters and Keep Big Sam .
    West Ham is a tough job and nobody else wants it ., so give SAM a chance and offer him a decent contract whereby he can build a squad to challenge the top six on a regular basis .

  35. ahahah… hi kevin, yesterday you had so much energy, now you seem to be a bit down… what’s happening? Sam is still here.. come on kevin…

    • Wrong me old mate ; not on a downer at all ,,, I can visage Big Sam being our Manager for the next four years ,,, so I am currently on a high .

  36. Kevin Kevin Kevin,are you a user or supplier because what ever you are on stop sprinkling it on you co co pops,
    Does grandad know you are using and have you permission to be off the ward,
    That’s the only 2 D you need to think about

  37. Rads ; does that mean I have a person who basically agrees with me …
    Might I be seeing a few Big Sam appreciates on here ??? .
    I reckon a lot if fans need to be careful what they wish for .
    With such finicky unappreciative fans is it any wonder other managers are turning a blind eye ?? , they probably know they can’t better Big Sam and don’t need the hassle of blind fans .

  38. Might soon be time to laugh my socks off . Ho ho ho .
    Written from my crip with my Grandfather penning my thoughts .

  39. Rads??? loooooool… Rads Rads, bad guy… I didn’t expect it from you… looool

    • Hahaha,what have i said? I see nothing πŸ˜€

      • ahahaahah… kevin wrote : “Rads ; does that mean I have a person who basically agrees with me …” Is he talking about you??? loool

        • Yeah i kmow Matte,just trying to work out where it was i have agreed anywhere,hahaha,lil kev is seeing things πŸ˜€

    that don’t seem like being down to me . I think he will still be manager next season ,, maybe a down for some ,, but certainly not for ME .

  41. Now the question is has Kevin outstayed his welcome. Boys?????

  42. Maybe yes Hugh… lol

  43. Nah,he has ‘entertainment’ value πŸ˜€

  44. Kevin will follow Sam to his new club, it’ll be the deal breaker. If you don’t take Kevin, you won’t be getting Sam.

  45. Leave him Hugh you took Conkerpot from us we need someone to play with,
    If he attacks you or your site personally pull the trigger but we can live with the banter,
    CAN HE

  46. Yeah we need to dispel this Rabid Dog myth,we must learn to embrace others opinions & become calmer men,lol.It is like Rabid Dog therapy,lol πŸ˜€

  47. Ahah… I Said maybe yes For His sake, not For ours… Loool

  48. C and H the caring site for all westham fans,
    Has a nice ring to it
    Wet pants.com the site for delusional fans in need on medical attention
    Has a nice ring to it
    Sorry Hugh Truce

  49. So Kevin returns with his thoughts about our illustrious” Dung Beetle”. You keep chirping that your a fan of 60 years and stability is everything which tells me as as a fan of 40 years that you are either naive, idiotic or simply on the wind up as fans of my era generally remember the tradition of playing and competing with style and substance. A fan of 9 years like HH is still a fan and he certainly is more incisive in his views than yourself Kevin, you may think the “Dung Beetle” is the be all and end all but believe me sustainability,scared of relegation,mediocrity,no skill,no passion ,no youth development are not what I as a fan want but if your happy with that I guess you can say to your grandad” Did you see that really long ball that was knocked down by the big centre forward who hasn’t played for a year to our captain we nearly scored didn’t we with our only shot all game” which your dear old grandad would say” Well KN is 38 now and he’s been trying to get that elusive 100th goal for 2 years now, but never mind I don’t come here to see goals I just come because we’re always safe remember little Kevin that’s all that’s important”….

  50. β€Žbelieve me it is a waste of time GW, he is an ill person… He escaped from an asylum…;-)

  51. Lil Kev is feeling very insecure at the moment at the thought of losing his Dung Beetle.He is having one last final attack on the Hippo detractors before he has to go & buy his new Fulham or Sunderland strip in preparation for watching his heros new team.Thanks for your years of supporting The Irons,but we fully understand you must now follow Samuel to his next club.I wish you luck at your new club Kevin πŸ˜‰

  52. It’s difficult for him Matte all those years in solitary confinement armed with only a big comfy chair and Sky +. I guess after the last of his electric shock therapy treatments his mind can only remember the last 4 years and sees this as entertainment not his fault!! Don’t worry Kevin there is a cracking programme on ” Dung Beetles” on National Geographic tonight titled ” Roll you s**t downhill or to the side,not uphill as its easier to look down and sideways than look up”… Apparently narrated by Andy Carroll,Kevin Nolan,Emmanuel Pogatetz,Roger Johnson and John Carew!!!

  53. GW you have arrived with a bang and have taken the chance C and H gives you to get every bad feelings out there,
    We all wait with bated breath for the big announcement but until that with the lack of good football to talk about Kevin and Wetpants.com gives us something to play with,
    Kevin just need love and guidance he was that kid down the road no one talked to who had to wear NH glasses borrow kit at school to play sport,never allowed to join the Cubs and scouts, still waiting for his first kiss ( grandads don’t count )joined on line dating but still getting blanks,
    It’s sad but we can help,once BFS has gone and Kevin see his first game where we attack
    All the time,take chances pass to our own team don’t let goals in after 90 mins ect ect
    He will come out of his shell buy his first pair of long trousers go to a game by himself
    Try a beer talk to strangers sitting next to him,
    It’s what dreams are made of
    Come on Kev be brave it’s only a little step but do it repeat after U.S.

  54. I can see him staying if he is told to change his stupidity and stuburness?

  55. Thanks for the support : Big Sam is our only chance . West Ham have been playing attacking football ,,, the problem is all you blind fans are refusing to see it .
    We used to play attacking football whilst getting relegated ,,,, for those who remember !.
    Very clever and witty comments will not change my opinion , nor should it .
    Satirical crap doesn’t work …. What works is servival football , winning as many points as possible is the name of the game …. Why do you think the top Clubs are always top ???
    It’s points that count ,, not whims of style and fantasy … Please stop being silly .
    Kevin ( that’s , me by the way ) is getting really ****ed off off with all the baby talk . ..
    But no doubt somebody will jump on that as well …. Typical nonsense from babies .

  56. Sam with Lil Kev & Baby Andy;)

  57. Great pics.The one of the family photo with lil kev & baby andy is quality.Well it is for anyone with a little sense of humour.Ofc the moral high ground w*nkers will call it vile abuse.We now have more saints amongst our supporters than Southampton have in their ground on matchday.Used to be that we had good down to earth working class have the crack fans.Now we have cyber saints eating virtual prawn sandwiches.Limp d*ck mugs πŸ˜‰

  58. You aint wrong Chick.I know exactly where you can find many of these saints.They can be found pontificating 24/7 on a site where many of the seats our wet,lol

  59. *are wet

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