Reports over disputed Hart loan fee


joe-hart-manchester-city-hull-premier-league_3001982The Daily Express today claims while Hart has had a medical with the Hammers there remains a dispute over a loan fee. The tabloid say: “West Ham have agreed to pay 90 per cent of his £130,000-a- week wages but have yet to agree a loan fee.City, who are keen to offload Hart, want £5m while West Ham are holding out for around £2m.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail have a different take on the delay. They claim today “The Hammers are unwilling to pay a loan fee for the goalkeeper and all his wages. They have proposed a deal in which they would pay a fee to have Hart at the London Stadium next season but his estimated £130,000-a-week wages would be shared.”

It seems bizarre that City would be demanding a loan fee if they are paying up to fifty percent of Hart’s wages as they did last season.

The confusion of the loan fee may come from the fact that loan fees are often used in lieu of wages. A £5m loan fee would equate to one season’s of Hart’s £100,000 reported wages while a £2.5m loan fee could equate for 50% of his basic wages. Either way, we need to be patient and wait for this one to play out. There doesn’t seem to be any competition for Hart’s services so the Hammers appear to be in the driving seat.

Meanwhile the BBC claim Hart will have a medical on Monday before completing a season-long loan deal with West Ham. The London Evening Standard echoes that adding: “the terms of the loan agreement between the two clubs are all but complete with Hart due in London on Monday as the deal nears completion.”

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  • Bobby1954 says:

    We will NEVER be a top six club, we are paying players who are forever injured (Carroll, Sakho) panic recruitment from last season, (Font, Snodgrass etc) and now we can’t or won’t get the players we really need……..WHAT A KUCKING FARCE!

    • John says:

      Yeh great idea Bobby let’s stop paying them. Hold on, just hold on, I’m getting a message in my ear, erm, apparently we can’t stop paying them Bobby. Something to do with contracts.

  • Dave says:

    This is what everyone is getting fed up about.
    £2.5m short on Hart , £2m short on Arnautovic , £2m short on Hernadez.
    Pay the f…ing £6m and get the three players in and move on.
    Look at Everton, Chelsea, Man U etc they pay the fees and get the players.
    Small minded negotiations = small minded club.

  • kevin says:

    It must the hardest club in the Premiership to be fan of . But keep your chin up . Things will improve for sure . It’s only a question of getting it right . WE WILL EVENTUALLY , OF THAT I AM CONVINCED . The none signing of strikers is extremely frustrating , especially when we are chasing a Keeper we don’t need .
    Just wish people would stop banging on about Carroll . He is one player . And trying hard to recover .
    Who’s next up for being hounded out , Noble ?? . I mean , according to a lot of fans he is past it , slow , doesn’t go forward and can’t pass properly . He might just as well be injured .

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Yes Kevin group captain Bader is a prime target , there’s being loyal then there’s counciling 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Read what hart intends to do in the sun , if true sully you are bigger fool than I already think you are , a laughing stock ,

  • Pablo says:

    Laughing stock springs to mind about you fools who believe anything in the sun and use these sites to sound like experts on running clubs,transfer dealings and generally think you could run a football club.You are embaressing.

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Hahaha one cell rocket scientist Pablo von Braun holds a grudge , troll off big boy you’ve been rumbled , CBBC on at the moment try posting there you might get a better response
      Make a comment on the subject not people von braun , you’re not welcome here if you get abusive , move on sunshine.

  • Radai Lama says:

    The pubs are open lads,just thought i would let you know,got to be better than having a panic on on here about a load of you wont change one way or another
    10 pints should sort you out,6 for you laz you are a savage after 7 😂

  • doc66 says:

    The owners are businessman first and fans second. They’re just trying to get the best deal for the club. Yes it is frustrating when we see other clubs flying in with money coming out of their ears buying this player and that but we suffered that last season and look where it got us so please be patient. I’m sure they’ll get there in the end.

  • JRS says:

    Hart is set to have a medical this week after supposedly already having medical 2 days ago but that was when he cost £50k a week. Hope this is all Rubbish or someone comes in for permanent deal for him which City and Hart would prefer. Who knowns never a deal until kit is on.
    Still think Ospina for half the wages and can be permanent deal for kesa than Harta loan fee at £3.2m would be a better option Good keeper proven 28 so younger then the whole lot.
    And Adrian will most likely want out even if this falls thru.

  • JRS says:

    Hart, Adrian and Randolph Stats last season.
    Statically Adrian is superior link below

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