Resist the Urge to Sell- Back Lopetegui !

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West Ham United Must Keep Edson Alvarez to Support Lopetegui’s Vision

West Ham United are at a crossroads. New manager Julen Lopetegui needs all the help he can get, and that means keeping the core of the squad together. Selling off a key player like Edson Alvarez, even for a massive profit, would be a huge mistake.

The Importance of Stability

Lopetegui needs time to implement his philosophy and tactics. Letting go of experienced players disrupts team chemistry and forces him to rebuild from scratch. West Ham needs to avoid the constant churn of personnel and give Lopetegui a chance to establish a winning team. Stability is crucial for success, and retaining key players like Alvarez is essential.

Financial Fair Play vs. Ambition

Financial Fair Play is a harsh reality, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the club’s ambitions. West Ham has a talented core, and selling them for a quick financial boost would only derail their progress towards challenging for trophies. Especially now that Paquetá is highly unlikely to get his expected move to Manchester City, the Hammers’ board could potentially be tempted into selling.

Manchester United’s Interest

Manchester United’s interest in Alvarez is a worry. He’s become a vital part of West Ham’s midfield, and his leadership qualities suggest he could be a future captain. The Hammers can’t afford to lose another key player, especially to a club notorious for lowballing on genuinely great players and overspending on mediocre ones.

Strong Negotiations Needed

West Ham needs to be strong in negotiations. Letting Alvarez go for a cheap price would be a disaster. The fans adore him, and his teammates value his leadership. His absence would be a huge blow both on and off the pitch. The club must ensure that any potential departure of Alvarez is on their terms and for a valuation that truly reflects his importance.

Backing Lopetegui’s Vision

West Ham needs to back Lopetegui’s vision. Building a team around a strong core is essential for sustained success. Financial gain now would be a hollow victory compared to the potential for trophies in the future. The club should show ambition and resist the urge to become a selling club. By keeping their key players, they can build a team that challenges for silverware and excites the fans.


West Ham United must prioritise the stability and long-term vision of the club under Julen Lopetegui. Selling key players like Edson Alvarez might offer short-term financial relief, but it would significantly hinder the team’s development and ambitions. The Hammers need to stand firm, support their manager, and build a squad capable of achieving great success in the Premier League and beyond.

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  • D says:

    I think he needs to stay and would make an ideal captain.

  • Bonzo says:

    Comes down to player attitude to me. If the player is trying to force a move or whether they’re happy to stay. Different manager to the one they signed for. No European football anymore. There are a lot of factors involved.

  • Phil McDonald says:

    He sounded lukewarm when asked about it while with the Mexico squad. Maybe he just wants to see if we want to sell him. I hope we don’t. I see him as captain too. Deconstructing the good parts of the team would make an already tough window very risky.

  • jd says:

    can you stop mention FFP or PSR, providing excuses for the board. This irrates many genuine fans and only divides the fan base further. Give it a rest

  • Anon says:

    Sullivan out

  • West Ham Voice says:

    In the 2019 summer transfer window, when Lopetegui first took over Sevilla, he and his then Sporting Director – Monchi – sold 20 players and brought in 16.
    That first season resulted in Sevilla finishing fourth in La Liga and winning the Europa League

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