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Rice savaged by Keane


It’s not the first time it’s happened of course but Roy Keane seems only too ready to have a moan up about Declan Rice whenever he gets a microphone in front of him.

And he seems to be in doubt as a result that he would be entirely the wrong player for his former club Manchester United to move in on.

The Old Trafford club has regularly been linked with the 20 year old but the more than forthright former midfielder seems to have made no bones about the fact that he is not a player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be entertaining in January or the summer.

Speaking ahead of the game against Kosovo he was pretty brutal in his assessment of the Hammers defensive midfielder.

All of this of course may have something to do with Declan walking away from Ireland and committing for England and then being named Player of the Year for the nation he formerly represented.

On the other hand it may just Keane being Keane – after all it doesn’t take much as a rule does it.

Commenting on ITV he said: “Well, where he needs to improve, there’s plenty of aspects,

“When you think about him, over the last few months he’s had a lot of praise.

“I’ve looked at him pretty closely, I’ve worked with him when he was with the Irish squad.

“Where he needs to improve, where do you want me to start? His positional play, I don’t think he’s been consistent enough, he doesn’t stay with runners, he’s sloppy in possession, I can go on.

“He’s one of these players I think a couple of months ago people were enjoying him and loved him but he’s one of these players that has almost played his way out of the team because he’s not been consistent at West Ham.

“He’s got another opportunity tonight and I think it is a position in the England team where Gareth [Southgate’s] obviously not sure who’s going to do that job in there.

“It’s an opportunity for him tonight but he’s got to take it.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “Rice savaged by Keane

  1. As good a player as Keane was, his record as a manager doesn’t give his opinion much credibility so shall we all just ignore him?

  2. What a load of Irish **** .How rubbish is he 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. He’s just ****ed because declan chose England ….
    Funny thing is declan was born in london when does Keane have a good word to say about anybody?? Gets boring after a while 😴

  4. Go on Twitter and search Declan Rice and you’ll see an overwhelming majority agree with Roy.

    • Yeah I expect Twotter would agree

      • There was little wrong with Declan’s performance and one of the better players. He obviously gets bad mouthed by Keane for deserting Ireland.
        I thought the tackle he made which prevented a Kosovo goal chance was excellent.
        Not sure why they have a miserable Irishman as a pundit to cover the England matches, because it would be better to allow someone to contribute without being vindictive.

  5. Who really cares what Keane thinks!
    Clearly he has it in for Declan because of the Ireland thing and he is hardly the best ex football manager to pass comment on anyone anyway given his poor record and staying power at any club.

    • Roy keane you were a bang average football player..and awful manager…a scumbag in life..and pathetic picki g on a 20 year old on ENglish tv..shame on you itv..pathetic irish mug.

      • Simon hold your tongue no need for Irish mug. Ya take Keane’s views with a pinch of salt instead of insulting the Irish. How would you like it if someone started calling Boris an English ****!
        Deco has been poor this season & needs to start lifting his game & is all Keane included that he’s the real deal & help us out of trouble.

        Keane was a great midfielder by the way had Zidane & Davids in his pocket pulling ManU to a champions league final can remember.. even Ronaldo acknowledges Keane as a great player…no definitely not an average by any means. Yours truly Irish mug & Hammers Season ticket holder xx

        • Well said Eoin. Why the insults based on his nationality? Keane may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he knows a thing or two about bossing central midfield. Something Rice is not currently doing as much as it pains me to say.

      • C&H Why are racist messages tolerated on this website?

  6. Interesting watching his defending at corners after the game. Quite clearly didn’t know what he was trying to do and positional sense was bad.
    Coincidence that we can’t defend set pieces?
    (Apart from our poor keeper! )
    Only young ,but I think he’s dropped off since he was slaughtered when he last played for England about similar time as we dropped off.( maybe a coincidence)
    Hopefully he doesn’t read the papers tomorrow!

  7. I think anyone who is not a West Ham fan could well be manipulated by Keane. This is why you get this response on twitter. Especially with spud fans weighing in. It is obvious to us who know the history to the jumping ship/country situation that Keane is very bitter and rooting for Rice to fail. Even if Rice had performed the perfect performance, Keane would have found something. Keane shouldn’t even be a pundit after openly admitting to deliberately ending another players career. I could though see that Rice’s confidence is low and he was having kittens early on. This is because he is listening to these idiots and believing it and scared to make a mistake. Rice should just do Rice and tell Keane to shut up. I saw plenty of far worse performances than Rice’s today. He is being heavily targeted by Keane on his bully campaigne. We all know Keane’s mindset if you upset him. He will do everything he can to end your career!!. There were some instances when Rice should have been goal side of opposition and was ball watching but still managed to recover position. He does look like he trots around at times making him appear lazy and does need to work on his speed bursts. A confident Rice would have been more open to receiving the ball. These pundits have got in his head. He needs to be stronger and we need to be stronger for Rice and back him while he is still a hammer. And hope he learns that jumping ship to pastures new has its consequences.

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