Rice stats defy his England critics

Declan Rice’s stats from last night’s international in Montenegro defy the critics who have been tearing into his performance on Twitter.

One comment claimed that he was poor man’s Scott Parker’s whilst others wrote off his display as less than average.

And on the BBC website – under a player ratings article – he scored 4.12 which is the lowest of any England starter last night and the fourth lowest rating of any player on the pitch.

There are others who claim that “bigging up ” players, as has been the case with Rice this, site doesn’t help them although the avalanche of praise from players, managers, pundits and fans from everywhere this season doesn’t seem to have harmed the defensive midfielder’s progress to full international status.

His stats from last night tell the full story of his game and speak louder than any words from journalists or fans whose opinions are of little value alongside the numbers.

The bare stats above need a few words of explanation and here they are:

Pass completion 96% (highest in England’s starting XI)
Tackles 6 (most for England)
Interceptions 2 (most for England)
Blocks 3

Defensive midfielders aren’t always the most appreciated among some!

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10 comments on “Rice stats defy his England critics

  1. I’m sure I wasn’t the only West Ham fan to watch him with hawk eyes over the course of the 90 minutes. I was pleased with what I saw, and value the views of Cole and Wright as they highlighted the oft unsung nature of his work. But I, like the boy himself, won’t be getting carried away. It was a mature, assured, competent performance that will have helped cement his place in the squad.

    That’s the good thing about Dec – he’s level headed. He will take all of the comments (from those with the credibility to provide them) in a balanced, constructive way, and not care what a couple of trolls have to say.

    The only opinion that ultimately matters, is Gareth Southgate’s, and whether or not he felt Dec executed his instructions.

    Well done, Declan.

  2. Like Buddy,

    I watched him like a Hawk including when he didn’t have the ball his movement, Cole and Wright were spot on he was an unsung hero, apart from their goal when perhaps he could have done a tiny bit more he was excellent, he played differently than he does for us but I think that is how he has been told to play for England, sit their with discipline sweeping up in front of the back four.

    For a player making his full international debut at 19 I am not sure exactly what they were expecting if that wasn’t seen as exceptional, anyway some negative voices in the press is another good thing for his development helps to keep him balanced, I think at times the praise has been effusive and anything that helps him stay grounded is good, am fairly sure everyone that matters thinks it was a great performance.

    Well done Dec COYI !!!

  3. I can’t believe the negative comments , if you look at this objectively he is doing the job without fuss . He is composed and balanced so maybe doesn’t shine out . I watched him last night he did give the ball away but win it straight back . But the other stats don’t lie he done a great job . On top of that he looked for a pass where players put themselves in the frame for a forward pass . He broke up play and blocked some shots , that’s what he’s there for . I don’t know what Rice’s critics were watching but it’s not the one I see last night . I wonder if those critics are biased in some way . If you want to criticise look at Ali’s performance . You critics are on a different planet but respect that we all have different views and mine is different to yours but that’s fine . COYI

  4. The press/ Twitter generation are ALWAYS trying to knock the next supposed big thing.they did it to sterling when he first came in and were cricital for ages about him .now look at him.
    I mean a journalist trawled through 5 years of tweets to find something on rice.its pretty pathetic and has never changed

  5. He did the job that was asked of him well. For his full debut it was an accomplished performance. It wasn’t an exceptional performance, nor was it poor. He’ll have learnt a lot, and will improve if he’s given further opportunities.

    • Nickh, that’s an excellent assessment of Rice’s performance, a balanced and realistic view. Too many criticised him unfairly and just as many go way over the top, hailing him as “brilliant” when his performance was clearly nowhere near that category either.

      • His stats say differently. I suppose it depends on how you view the role of the defensive midfielder which is hardly glamourous but he did it brilliantly. What are YOU judging him on? You appear to enjoy judging my views and those of other media but perhaps you can explain the basis on which you judged him NOW!

  6. I made my comment on a different post before I read this one and agree with the above views. I think a lot of fans would have given him higher rankings if he was more physical in the challenges and pushed forward towards the box; fans who don’t regard ‘calm and composed’ as a compliment. But that’s not always the most effective way of retaining possession. He did well.

  7. Not to mention he had 12 Recoveries I believe the most of any player both teams. Which he usually is top in recories bc he doesn’t always need to go in for tackle, his positioning & smart play allows him to get the ball without risking a tackle a lot.
    And he crucial clearance & I’m sure with Barkwly & Alli especially with Keane & Maguire not eh best pair he he was told to sit back & hold not to create. When Henderson came on he had a word with him & its believed its was essentially keep doing that cover & I’ll push fwd.
    He won’t get the praise Odoi did bc Goal scores & fwds are always lauded more but DM is so important.
    He has been better but I think he did what he was told. Kane said he liked his fwd play but Rice can get fwd or be defensive.
    Either way he was 7/10 for me. Keane redeemed himself with goal but the CBs with Stone & Gomez out are the weakest area IMO. Otherwise future looks bright for England.

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