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Ridiculous “sack Bilic ” protest brings huge lashback

slavanoutNo surprise that some knee jerking Irons are already calling for Slaven Bilic’s head after the team collected just three points from a possible 15.

But one ludicrous twitter account called @SlavenOut started the calls before the West Bromwich Albion defeat.

It asked:”Would any West Ham United fans be in interested in a protest, me and a few of the lads going to try and organise something, RT’s appreciated

The tweet has received a backlash from many who had taken the post seriously.

The anonymous supporter has defended his opinion by stating: “I’ve never been 100% with the man, carried by Payet’s brilliance last season, but cracks are begging to appear, tactically inadequate, picks passion over quality, and no plan B, can’t organise a defence, not enough Premier League experience”

His/her latest post includes plans to fly a plane over the London stadium on Wednesday

“After a lot of thought we have decided to get a plan to fly over the stadium on Wednesday night with the words ‘‘ on a banner” 

We have a better – fly over the stadium and jump out!

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

25 comments on “Ridiculous “sack Bilic ” protest brings huge lashback

  1. Wow this angers me. Why are some fans so fickle. Yes it’s not been great but the man has earned time to fix this even if we go out the cup Wednesday he still deserves time. Who else would we find with the passion that he has? Top managers will be the same as the elusive top striker. They won’t come unless we have champions league and I think that is years away. Bilic is the best manager for the job and will sort this. But I wouldn’t mind him rotating the starting positions to see how a 4-4-2 etc. would do!

    • Hahaha fishes.Im pretty sure if we look back over the last couple of years all of us have been proved to be talking a load of bolloxs on many subjects.Me included by wanting Bielsa.But I will hold my hands up to it without needing to be reminded lol

  2. Why even give the prat any airtime Sean lol
    Some of the rubbish I have read in the last couple of days is ridiculous,bordering on embarrassing when I think it comes from fans who support the same club as me.
    Topped off yesterday by the blinding line Bilic is a fraud.
    It amazes me that these fans with so much knowledge of the game havnt been snapped up by a premier league club to manage them or at the very least be on the backroom staff!

  3. One born every minute.

  4. Don’t think I’ve ever read anything so stupid in my life!

  5. It’s just a p*ss take account isnt it.Probably a Spud behind it.The worse thing though is he has some of our fans actually biting & going along with it.Only a handful though lol

  6. What shocks me most is the club is basically forming its own version of ethnic cleansing of our support…We seem to be taken over by a load of youtube wannabe’s who pander to the owners or their son’ which is beginning to antagonise many supporters.

    Handing out lifetime bans for failings which come from the top is outrageous !

    This whole OS is a mess because the club panicked about selling it out, when they didn’t need to, and the result is a complete and utter mess. Why no family areas for the 10k kids ??? Surely certain areas of the ground should have been allocated where behind the goals should have been for the vocal support and chave corner etc.

    We’ve been sold a dummy and Bilic unfortunately will get it in the ear more than the owners

  7. I suppose they will be asking for Bielsa again soon, even though he is being sued by Lazio for 50 million euros ( for walking out on them after 2 days ). lol

  8. Bilic will get it right again in time for Accrington. But it means concentrating on a clean sheet on wednesday, rather than all out attack. It’s the priority.

  9. F*cking hell your worse than an old woman always bringing that up.

    • ha ha ha fair play Rads. lol

      I saw you on here couldn’t resist it

      On the other hand there will be calls for just about anyone again.

    • Well we can’t all be infallible like Sleeps lmao
      Still moving on this is a joke,wind up,pee take.Enough said 😉

  10. Maybe we should just bring back the messiah? I mean he never had a team that conceded 4 at WBA or got hammered at City or Forest he’s the tactical mastermind after all 🙂

  11. This Bilic out bollox is the very reason I stayed away from these sites over the weekend. Apart from being peeved about the result. Yes Bilic picks the team & yes he draws up the game plans, but the defenders he picks are good players & Bilic sure as hell doesn’t tell them to ‘ok lads, go out there & play sh1t for 90 mins’. He will know there are big problems at the mo & the confidence must be shot to pieces. This is where we will see how good a manger he is, maybe the players are thinking they are Billy Big Bollox after last season.
    A few good results in the next couple of games will stop all this rubbish, too many plastic fans who think just because we moved in to a big stadium we will suddenly turn nto a top-four side.

  12. I know the perfect candidate for the new West Ham manager.
    He is young ambitious, energetic, and last season he won record number of points, for his team in one of the hardest leagues in the world. He also handed out thrashings to teams who had bugged his club for decades.
    He’s made a couple of mistakes including putting a right winger at right-back which has hepled defensive instability to creep in, and he even used a McClaren quote like, “We cannot win games defending like that”, but I still think we should have him as our manager for the future. He just needs people to keep off his back, so he can do his job as well as he wants to.

  13. Things like this sicken me.Im off fishing,this type of stuff makes my blood boil.The worst part of it is the fact that the asswipe will probably drum up some support.I just read his tweets calling Slaven ‘ a croatian nonce’.What a class act this rabble rouser is.

  14. Won’t be long before the new manager polls start. Benitez or Martinez? What a joke.

  15. I must say that I expected more from Bilic. The way that Watford played moved into positions to make themselves available for their teammates put our static football to shame. I also expected Bilic to use the youngsters. People moan about Carroll but he is proving to be very important for his heading ability in defence

    • I saw this as a big season for Carroll ( must have been too much shandy ), and I can’t wait for him to return to hold the ball up and help take pressure of the defence a bit more. H works so well with Antonio.

  16. Funny how Slav has 3 on the bounce the same as Morinio but the plane won’t be going here him,
    Slav will get it right and when he does everybody will be on his back for dropping Noble ,Collins Reid ect as we love them because they have been around so long,
    He has shown great loyalty as Hippo did with Nolegs ect,
    But now he will have to make changes and with that he will bring success then with the size of our squad there might be no way back for those dropped,
    This cup game has come at the right time for players to put there case for 1st team inclusion,

    • Lol yes Mourinho managed 3 defeats in a week.I agree about the players bubs,it is time for them to stand up & be counted.All the wrath being directed at Bilic but the underperforming senior members of the team seem to be immune to it from some!!

  17. For what it’s worth….”You’ve got to coach worrying about your entire team: whether that gets you a championship or whether that gets you fired. I think it allows you to coach free. You’re coaching with freedom because you know you’re doing what you think is right.”
    “Everybody likes each other until things get tough. Then you will find out what kind of team you have, and I understand that as much as anyone.” Doc Rivers. Coach of Los Angeles Clippers.

  18. lol …a tweet is not enough… that cunning man should ride the wave launching a new line of t-shirts, hats, scarves and flags; next time, I want to see the face of Slav with a large red X painted on it all over the OS, I think that would be lovely… haha 😉

  19. No Hammer is Talking like that. ITS AN UNDERCOVER SPUD.Just dont bite people.

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