Right-Back Replacement: Cheap Option Still on The Table

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West Ham United faces the task of replacing departed right-back Ben Johnson and is exploring various options in the transfer market.

While fans hold Johnson in high regard, his desire for regular playing time led him to join Ipswich. This has left West Ham with Vladimir Coufal as their only natural right-back. As good a servant as the Czech international has been in East London, it would be surprising if he remained our first choice in his position.

West Ham has reportedly been considering established names like Kyle Walker-Peters and Aaron Wan-Bissaka to fill the void. As recently as last night it was predicted by numerous outlets that a bid for the Man U man would be made this week.

Football Fancast suggests West Ham might be exploring a more under-the-radar option in Jackson Tchatchoua, a Cameroonian defender who impressed in his first season with Italian club Verona.

Tchatchoua’s versatility, defensive strength, and ball-handling skills have attracted interest from West Ham and Everton. Additionally, Verona’s reported asking price of £6.5 million makes him a potentially cost-effective option, considering they signed him for £2.5 million just a year ago.

West Ham must decide between pursuing established names or taking a chance on a less-known player like Tchatchoua. While some fans might favour the big names, a successful signing from Tchatchoua could solidify Tim Steidten’s reputation as a talented talent identifier within the club.

West Ham’s final decision will depend on their transfer strategy, budget considerations, and their assessment of Tchatchoua’s potential impact compared to the established options.

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  • D says:

    I think take a chance as the Italian league is a good league and he sounds decent and we will be steeling him from under Everton’s nose which is what they seem to be doing to us all the time. And there’s me thinking they had financial issues 🤔

  • Charlie Farley says:

    West Ham will sign Walker-Peters before the Aston Villa opening game

  • Mike J says:

    If the price quoted is correct then perhaps we could try and sign both Tchatchoua and KWP for maybe £15m combined.

  • kcockayne says:

    Am I the only one who gets more & more depressed as, one by one, our apparent “targets” sign for other clubs ? It seems that all of the names mentioned in these columns are destined for anywhere, but West Ham. Were they genuine targets in the first place; or were you just clutching at straws & leading us all up the garden path ?

    • Nicko says:

      Getting transfers done is complex which is why you send plenty of feelers or rather dummy or low bids to multiple players and whatever works out better. Plus 80% of what you read in papers are just clickbait. If we really want someone we get them, just like Kilman, which I didn’t think we would spend that much but i was pleasantly surprised. Plus the club is not going to go public on every offer they make and it is the journos just speculating. COYI

  • Kevlar says:

    I would take win bisaka for £13m and walker peters for £15m they are proven quality and that’s what we need.

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