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Robert Snodgrass . . . . . Who are ya?


Here I put our new signing Robert Snodgrass under the microscope in a bid to find out a bit more about him.

What sort of player is he? What’s his goal-scoring record? Where is he best deployed?

All of the above is covered in this brief video as well as some footage of skills, goals and assists as we welcome the Scotland International to West Ham United.


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  • Colin Irons says:

    What is ever wrong with the men on WHTID.I go on there to read the piece from Mr.D & i end up reading how this site are ********s for commiting the heinous crime of saying what Snodgrass might earn then another calling this place Clickbait & Hugh while saying Sean is wasted on here ( but of course wouldnt be on there)
    Enough is enough..It really isnt my thing but i read these swipes at this place so often on there even i feel like telling them what i think of some of their over inflated attitudes & most irritating way of thinking they know best…but i wont.

    • Radai Lama..Out of contract & available says:

      I found an easy solution mate,just dont use the place.They will never change & some will always look down on this place,its what they have always done.It is what it is.Now im going for a beer before H comes on & tells us what fantasic people they are & how misunderstood they are 🙈🙉🙊😂😂

  • kevin says:

    Apart from having an option on match day I can’t see why we needed Snodgrass . Hope he fills the expectations of the Manager , but don’t hold your breath . Seems like we are signing just for the sake of it .

  • CondorHammer says:

    Well happy with both Snodgrass and Fonte!
    Proven, established premier league players who have strengthened the squad/team imo.

    Would sooner Defoe (once again proven and pretty much guarantees goals) over Hogan, but I’m assuming it’s Slavs choice and who am I to argue?

    • spindoc says:

      Condor, Bilic is a great fan of Defoe’s but it seems Sunderland will not budge. Don’t think he is entirely convinced about Hogan though, for money demanded by Brentford.

  • spindoc says:

    How did you work that one out Kev? Snodgrass has scored 7 league goals so far this season – a match for Antonio at least. No?

  • Radai Lama..Out of contract & available says:

    Kevs probably confused & thinks we have signed Claude Greengrass from Heartbeat 😂

  • Michael Miller says:

    I think the big thing is that Fonte and Snodgrass are proven Premier League players – no language barriers, no adapting to the league – all good!

    I’ll say it again just to stress the point – you can’t have too much quality!

  • essexclarets says:

    i’m sure SuGo aren’t in the habit of spending £10m just for the sake of it. we are always only a couple of injuries away from a crisis, this is a good signing & doesn’t need time to adjust to the PL.
    It does look like Hull have pretty much given up on PL survival already, sold their two best players within a week.

  • mooro66uk says:

    Kevin we are very thin on the ground at the moment with almost half a season to go. Just look at our bench. Loads of youngsters. We have signed a proven pro at this level. Scored as many goals in a poor side as our top scorer has so far. Not cost a fortune. What’s not to like?

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