Romano: Hammers Massive Transfer is Happening

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Top transfer journalist and ITK Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that West Ham’s deal to bring Luis Guilherme to East London is happening.

Speaking on his social media platforms, the Italian transfer expert wrote: “West Ham verbally agree deal to sign Brazilian talent Luis Guilherme!

Agreement done with Palmeiras pending medicals to take place in England next week.

€23m fixed fee, €7m add-ons, 20% sell-on clause to Palmeiras. Final steps then… here we go, soon.”

Romano has left himself some wriggle room by putting the word ‘soon’ at the end of his usual catchphrase, but he has remained confident in the transfer throughout. The Italian is one of Tim Steidten’s favoured journalists, so this information can be considered reliable. The Hammer director of football has remained in South America in a attempt to close the deal.

This also mirrors news Claret & Hugh has received from the club and an agent close to the deal over the last few days.

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  • steveo says:

    At this moment in time nothing has changed regarding signings from previous years. We are struggling to get one over the line at present we need decent defenders with pace, those type players are unlikely to sign for us as we are not playing in Europe this coming season

    • Armo says:

      Is the cup ever half full for supporters like you?
      Let’s all take a breath and see what happens before we ring the doomsday bell.

      • Steve says:

        Yep, it would be nice if the negative brigade could at least hold back until the transfer window actually opens!

    • Steve Burchell says:

      Struggling to get one over the line? Really? The window isn’t even open yet FFS.

  • Chat **** says:

    Verbal ******** more like same old **** every transfer window no need for it

  • Expathammer says:

    Been watching a couple of videos. Most of which show he’s a left footed right sided winger. Most likely, we won’t see too much of him until he has fitness, and then he’ll be a backup for Bowen.

    • Skeg-Vegas Hammer says:

      West Ham are not splashing out £30 million on a back up player, 18 or not.

  • Roger the artful dodger says:

    Desperate click bait headlines from Gnobzo again. Soon, maybe, “ I mean he is Timmy’s fav journo, so like it must kinda be true right???

    Why don’t you save the fluffing for your g@y porno try outs gnobzo and just right an informative article about the player when he actually signs. Then people would consider this a decent source of WH info not 95% drivel and b0ll@cks!! Written by half talented hacks?

    • Abner says:

      Have a word with yourself mate..disagree with gonzo and others who put articles up but dont get personal there is no need for that… for the player never seen him play do not no if he is worth the money being touted and that is what you employ Tim for and he will be around long if he screws up.

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      write your own story d!€&head. no need for you too be here. how base can you get?

  • Kevlar says:

    I disagree we have changed tactics from when dithering Dave was in charge! We seem to have identified several targets before the transfer window has even opened? And they are young emerging players who could have a very high ceiling.This is how we must do business as we have to make a profit on players we purchase to get us into top six/four in premier league.Lets all get behind Lopetegui and steinden and run with it at least it will be fun and not moyesball COYI

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