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‘Sak’ may find a way back

sakhoDiafra Sakho could be welcomed back into the West Ham fold following his has failed transfer to West Brom.

ClaretandHugh reported this morning that the manager had cooled interest in Carlos Bacca given the number of strikers he now has at the club …and they include Sak.

The striker saw his move to West Brom collapse when failig a medical and he is now undergoing treatment which will be followed by rehab once the problem has been solved.

And as a result the club expects him to be playing some sort of part in proceedings as the season progresses despite him remaining on the transfer list.

That could change with the passage of time and a top source made it clear there remained a role for him at the club when telling us earlier that Bacca looked to be out of the manager’s thinking.

He said: “With  with Diafra Sakho not gone and Callieri coming in he (the manager)  “feels we have enough forwards.”

A way back for Sak would cleary please skipper Mark Noble who in an interview with Blowng Bubbles magazine ahead of the West Brom develop,ent said: “Obviously we would love him to stay because he’s such an asset to our team.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

79 comments on “‘Sak’ may find a way back

  1. ….and when he was good he was very, very good, but when he was bad he was…
    (Suggestions please)

  2. When he was bad he was Awful.
    Because his attitude has been disgusting.
    Refusing the tour, throwing a hissy fit.
    Asking for a transfer…
    He just hasn’t been professional about it in the slightest.
    I love him as a player… But I really question his attitude.
    Would like to see him back in the mix, but he has a lot of grovelling and ass kissing to do first.

  3. Could you imagine the number of Wetlands posters spontaneously combusting if he donned the shirt again? There would be mass hysteria and gangs of them with pitchforks and burning torches massing outside the OS.

    • Graham, all you ever do it seems is dig out WHTID, why not just ignore them

      • Ummm,maybe because he doesn’t like them & what some said about the lads here originally.Not everyone has to like them all or be drinking buddies with them like you Crusty lol

        • come on Stan, i don’t like plenty, i just leave them alone, i don’t antagonise, there is no need from it, and ill say the same over there.
          on a day when Pete Ellis bemoan’s the way people act on social media, graham instead replying to the article starts up again, i just don’t get it.
          I like it on here and yes they are personal friends over there, very good friends.
          we had load of nonsense recently it all calmed down lets just leave it where it belongs, in the play ground.
          Now I’m off to tell them over there

          • And there in a nutshell you have why we don’t like them or some of them.Some w@nker called Toronto Hammer who calls us Inarticulate Chumps,factor in the ‘ they can’t read’ from another user & this is the issue.To believe we are inarticulate chumps is well out of order.Enough said,sorry Nigel but it just highlights why we have so much contempt for some of them.

          • Is that it?? I don’t believe this. Some bloke from Canada…effing CANADA ffs!!! – called you and inarticulate chump? Tha’t’s it??? That is enough for you to get all boiled up?
            That is pathetic…truly pathetic…Why AM I wasting my time here? (No need to answer…the practical solution is for me simply to make a list of people whose comments aren’t worth reading…and hopefully, I will be on the top of theirs!

          • Christ alive you have got a big trap F&C.Do you need to be the centre of attention all the time.You never let up do you,swear,curse,speak to people like crap.We don’t all want to come on here for the F&C Show.

      • I’m from an era of love & peace so I love all West Ham fans,but even I concede a few on there don’t half bleedin bang on a bit,they would drive me potty within hours

    • Why do you, and your stupid effing cronies, give a t0ss about your beloved Wetlands all the effing time? I’m bored to effing death of people complaining about another wesite on this website ALL THE EFFING TIME. If you so hate Wetlands or Wetpants or whatever, why the flying f*uck do you keep going on it, and then blerting your mouth off here??

      • Well the way I see it F&C there has obviously been some form of dispute between the sites that is long running.I care not one jot but some on here clearly do,so instead of bad mouthing the fellas who have been on here for a lot longer than you or me I suspect just stay out of it.Unless of course you are looking for an argument with them.

        • I’ll say what I like. I do not feel this site is the place to go on and on and on about another site. I don’t give two f*cks about the other site, and I don’t think this site should be a mouthpiece for people constantly bad mouthing another site which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the artice under discussion.
          I’m sick to ‘effing death of ’em. They insist that I am on that site; I’ve never even been on it. Even if I had, so effing what? And then they lord it over the editors telling them to ban people and telling people to f*ck off – Just who the f*ck are they to do that??….well, my message to them is “Shut the f*ck up about other websites, you hypoctitical tw@ts; don’t bring your sh1t here; keep to the message about the artical in question”. There, that is a bit of their own medicine. I wonder how they feel about gettiing theirown sh1t thrown back at them…..Bet they haven’t got the guts to take it one the chin….HAHA!

          • Shut up you moron.You have by far the biggest mouth of anyone to ever be on this site.You talk rubbish & only come to cause trouble.You are a pr1ck.

          • You see Stan? You are one of those hycritical pr1cks…You can’t take a bit of your own medicine, can you? Happpy to dole it out, but heaven forbid when someone throws it back: w@nker! You call me something, I’ll call you something; most of all you don’t answer 2 questions: 1) If you hate WHTID so much, why do you keep going there? 2) If you insist on going there, why do you keep telling us about it here?
            Are you STILL not going to answer, and instead think that be issuing a load of expletives and threats, that I and others are stupid enough to think you have answered the question?
            So now you can’t do explteives and you can’t answer: Guess what it will be now: “Its all gone quiet over there. Its all gone quiet over there….”

          • Well all of them cronies as you call them have been mates of mine on here for a couple of years,bubs,matte,stan,gw & a few others so you are asking the wrong person if you want me to slag them off I’m afraid.I also know why they have the p*ss about the other site.But I’m not interested in that site anymore.F*c k what they think of us.I don’t care.If one of them thinks I’m inarticulate great,good for him,i have read it all before for two years.

          • Thx for the list, Radai. V helpful….

          • No problem,be as sarcastic as you want.Its no skin off my nose.

      • Yeah that’s really helpful F&C.Why don’t you open your mouth a bit wider.I don’t know the issues so I keep quiet,give it a go!!!!!

        • Thanks for agreeing I should give it a go, Tone…

          • Put a sock in it Fish & Chips,you are only trying to stir things up.I dont know what your agenda is but you have one big mouth!

          • Pot, kettle, black, Eddie

          • Bloody hell where did this site find a charmer like you from Fish & Chips.It seems like you have much to say for yourself.I like guys like you,you have brought me out of my self imposed exile.Game on.

          • F@ck me Rads I thought you was banged up lmao
            Hows life you old rabid dog??

          • And why did you go into exile, Radai? Because you were sick to effing death of a group of cronies acing like they owned the place, telling everyone who stood up to them that they were pr1cks (instead of answering the question) and banging on endlessly about some other WH site, boring the rest of us to effing tears…perhaps?
            Or was it much simpler; you like to see a w@nker like me saying it like it is? …(Or isn’t?)

          • I’m sound mate,aint playing the site games no more though.They won’t never change,some of them will always have a high & might opinion of themselves & their Unique site.That isnt ever go to change so let them get on with it.Seemed as good a time as any to comeback for the start of the new season.I took a break after the woman rubbish on here.It all got a bit too much to be honest.Seems there are some new men on here now with much to say for themselves.Love it,lets get it on.I was well p*ssed when Ty got banned as well.That was sh*te.

          • Frankly, Radai, I don’t know why I get so boiled up about it frankly; about people I’ve never met, probably never will, who behave like a bunch of bullying women in the hairdressers….
            Sean and Hugh deliver interesting news and articles about the club which we ALL love, and I am interested in people’s views on those articles, and then these guys wade in with a load of cr@p about a website that I for 1 never visit….What the f*ck is going on? It bores me sh1tless. Worse, we are all supposed to bow down and kowtow to them…f*ck that!
            I think I got out of bed on the wrong side this a.m….

          • Yeah funny,i p*ssed myself laughing.Its good to know you don’t give a toss,im pleased for you 😉

        • Well Fish & Chips I was one of them,so when you swear & refer to them you are referring to me as well.But I can take your mouth all day long.Seen it all before.So best you start on me as well because oh yeah I’m one of the cronies you refer too small fry.

          • Fair enough Radai, go f*ck yourself then!!!….(That was actually meant to be funny, but if you can’t see the humour, I don’t give a t0ss!)

  4. “With with Diafra Sakho not gone and Callieri coming in he (the manager) “feels we have enough forwards.” does not suggest in any shape or form that he will be allowed back. Meanwhile other sites suggest West brom have bid for Valencia and Bacca move may be back on.

  5. he is stuck with us and we are stuck with him.
    who will buy a sick note. Hopefully he knuckles down and makes a go of it.

  6. Still think Sunderland or Palace will comeback for him if he keeps training but not for £16 million,
    He will not fit now if Enner leaves his only player that he had an understanding with will be gone,
    Just think we should move on if not sold loaned out,
    Does not matter if he is cheap to keep I would sooner see Fletcher get a chance,

    • I agree as long as we get some decent money for him.

    • I’m bang in agreement with you again, Bubs….I’m just a little less tolerant! As far as I’m concerned, he can go f*ck himself…I’d let him rot away from even the youngsters…HE wants out, it’s down to him, innit? HE had better get HIMSELF fit. It’s down to HIM… Sulky, moody toe-rag!!

  7. Sounds like he has to Clean his act up !!
    I for one really hopes he makes a new start of it ?

  8. I like the comment about Slav now
    losing interest in Bacca because quite frankly, as good as he is, I can only see him racking up his own goals at the expense of other players numbers.

  9. Me to iron , it does sound like he’s been talked to , then again who knows , nobody on here that’s for sure !!
    Its for the club to deal with it ,

  10. Sounds now that Bacca and Calleri even Ayew junior will not be arriving,
    So if Sak goes we will need someone else,
    We keep trying to sign Italian players who can’t get in there teams don’t score that many goals for stupid money,
    Bony Bony Bony Cheap Cheap Cheap Goals Goals Goals
    Every fan can see it but I think Slav was bang on we are being played,
    No more players coming just Valencia leaving
    So we need Sak
    Just hope I am wrong

  11. I see Gabbiadini is back on the media radar. He looks good on YouTube (but don’t they all?).
    I’m a fan of Barardi – why isn’t he being mentioned? He wouldn’t cost stupid money either.

  12. I would like to see Sahko recover from his back problem , kiss and make up with West Ham and knuckle down . Pretty sure the fans would welcome him back if he commits . Every family has it’s problem child , but most finally sort it out .
    I don’t particularly want Valencia to leave either . We need a big squad and Enner is a better player than he is being given credit for . It’s too easy to down people , especially on forums .
    Looking forward to Monday I hope we can get a positive start . A win would be great , but a good team performance is also a warming sight .
    COYI . Hammers forever .

  13. Kevin, great to see someone with a open mind re sakho on here. As human beings we all make mistakes, sakho is no different. Sakho handled the situation very poorly but he is human and should be given a chance to redeem himself. I understand his frustration with injury and then being told that Carroll is in the team ahead of him. He is so far ahead of Carroll in that lone striker role it is a no brainer but unfortunately whatever it is going on Carroll is picked in that role when it is clear he does not have the mobility for that role. I have enormous respect for Enner here too, he is a real team player, the players love him which is so important for team spirit. Carroll is a great player up top in a two, not up top with a player in behind because he does not have the pace.

  14. all i can say stan is i tried.
    hold my hands up
    their adults they do as they please.
    I will defend my friends but everyone else is on there own

    • Well done Nigel,but let’s face facts when you go there & that man calls these guys inarticulate chumps of course they are going to be angry on here.Well tried though.I defend my friends as well,if they are in the right,i don’t mind telling them when they are out of order though lol

    • Bit confused actually Nigel,we have never had a problem with BSB,that ones a mystery.I think he seems like a top guy,funny with a passion for west ham.I think you are confused on that one to be honest.

      • Well,well thats interesting to say the least.We are inarticulate chumps are we & which wise mind has proclaimed this to be the truth.I would love him to say it to my face.He certainly wouldn’t get a crossed hammers warm welcome from me.He would get one straight on the nose!
        We are obviously not articulate enough to discuss it so we should revert back to our Neanderthal self,see which he prefers!

  15. ok stan,
    my bad, just reading between the lines with that one.
    ill leave it,

  16. Nige I agree what you say and there are those over there that I’ve no issue with because of their genuine love of the club.. Yes I might take the **** but you know what their own self importance deserves it and the one person that started all this **** remains, publishing articles, sending emails and standing on a pulpit like a ****ing choirboy followed blindly by people like TH who choose to forget the **** he started..

    • Watch out you will have F&C start on you lol

      • Whats started all this nonsense up again? Seems like someone has blown a fuse

        • Nothing I don’t think lol.Nothing serious anyway from what I can see.Fish & Chips seems to be the expert on everything that has happened on this site.Well he has plenty to say to everyone anyway.The gift that never stops giving 🙂

          • I thought we left all that behind months ago, it’s even got rads out of exile. Welcome back by the way 😉 if you don’t like the site or people who comment on it, don’t go on there or take any notice. I got fed up with it all before so i read the article & leave.

          • Essex,good man how are you doing.Back out of exile yes,for how long who knows.Im not getting tied up in this site sh*te anymore.Are you still on the Coventry roundabouts 🙂

          • Nah got myself a sat-nav & made myself some new friends 😉 looking forward to the new season & trying to learn how to pronounce all the new faces. Whats going on over your side?

          • Nothing exciting mate,too much summer partying,drinking & being irresponsible.Its time to grow up & be a good boy.Ive got a kid on the way so must a monk now.A bloody figa trapped me 😀

          • Congrats mate we all get caught in the end. Worth it though 🙂 Got 3 & 2 g’kids & still only mid-forties. Enjoy them being little & can’t answer back lol

      • Tone it’s jumped up opinionated little ****ers like F+C that have been the problem for 3 years by posting on both sites under different names stirring up ****.

        • Yeah it seems like there are a few who appear here under different guises causing tension who know much about the problems but carry an air of innocence about themselves when they clearly do know the score.I having been on here for long but I ain’t blind GW.Nigel had good intentions but it’s all gone t1ts up it appears.

          • Nige is right Tone but the one that caused all the **** in the first place still remains and is now a author of posts FFS.

        • I have noticed a lot of new names on here since it all died down last time.

          • That’s why it’s now best to forget it all.There are some on there who want the hassles to continue,so they make an account on here to get it all going again,it will never change mate.Thats why it’s easier to let it go.All the time we bite others will come here to start it again.Forget them,it really isn’t worth it anymore.Thats it,im done talking about it.

  17. A bit of emotion just before the season starts good for the fans to get the blood boiling,
    Nice to see you back Rads even for a flying visit,
    Deep breaths lads if you bite they win,
    What goes around comes around,
    Love Sak to get over his mental illness but can’t see it,
    All the time he is down the pecking order in wages he will have a beef,
    This club gave him his chance and very quickly increased his wages but he wants it all very fast ( could be his agent )
    We have tried every excuse under the sun for his problem girl friends children home sick ect,
    But sorry it’s money
    Just a sad old rabid dogs opinion

    • Thanks bubs,good to see you still round you rabid dog.I have been reading the site from time to time but couldn’t be ar*sed with the sites stuff anymore.They have their special unique site so they say.we have our illiterate site so they say.Say all that needs to be said.I want no more to do with it.They can think what they want.

      • Again a few will ruin it for everyone else. No point banning them as a new account will be created in minutes. I’m thinking the no swearing or abuse rules might have been broken on here tonight.

        • Rads good to see you back mate and I’ll follow your lead and support the club home and away just like the last 30 years, have some banter and laughs with genuine fans and a few beers.

          • Cheers GW,nice one.You will have to take over from me this year,im not travelling away much if at all this season.Other priorities I’m afraid,bloody figas kill your social life 😀

        • Just a little bit,it is all something an nothing from what I can see,but it has caused an internal combustion on both sites.People thinking they have been mentioned blah,blah.I can’t be ar*ed with it mate.Dont bite when they come here under different names to get it going again & they will give up in the end.Peace will be restored across the Irons sites.I m thinking responsibly for a change 🙂

          • Rads you old barsteward,how the devil are you lol.
            Nothing changes mate.We are the devils,they are the angels lol
            We are the illiterate,inarticulate chumps,they are heaven sent.
            C’est la vie,im sure fish & chips will put me in my place now.He has everyone else.Appears from nowhere & now runs the site lol

  18. when Sakho did not go to the USA i though, ok he is injured.. when he refused to go to Austria i was furious with him and wanted him gone asap like lots of other people.. as the news came through about his failed medical my first thought was we will be stuck with him, so since then I’ve been trying come terms with the fact that he may have a second chance.
    i’m still a bit pi55ed off with him and his attitude, but i do see the sense of trying to get him back in the squad and playing again, we could still sell him when he is fit again but if he can stay and be happy and prepared to be squad player, then i could see myself forgiving him eventually.

  19. Feck me it all kicked off tonight didn’t it.Not guilty,i was down the boozer.I will probably get implicated somehow though by the #Westhamfamily.Oh no sorry that # only applies to some 😀

  20. #Westhamfamily,what a load of bolloxs,it doesn’t exist.Feck it I’m p1ssed,im going to bed before I say what I really think about some of the so called #Westhamfamily

  21. Sean/Hugh
    Could you set up a separate page for the back-biting and sniping, please.
    I come on here to read what’s new and to discuss team issues – not wade through the war cries of keyboard warriors.

    • Makro there are many of us so called keyboard warriors that will be going home and away throughout the season supporting the team through thick and thin, not berating the chairman at every turn, not taking a pop at the chairman’s son because of a twitter feed, not asking for Slavs head on a pole because we didn’t put 6 past Hull City, not classing players as a minger after 5 mins, not craving the return of Hippo if we concede a goal or moaning about spending 20m on a player. I’ll take Nige’s advice and simply stand side by side with fellow irons fans throughout the season and maybe along the way bump into a few mates on here and a few from elsewhere and share a beer or three.. Bit of advice Makro don’t generalise we’re all keyboard warriors a lot of us spend am arm and a leg throughout the season.

      • GW
        Thanks for the comment and the advice. It wasn’t my intention to push anyone’s buttons. I get down to see the lads when I can. My last game was away at Stoke (which we should have won!)
        I’m not in a position to go to matches as much as some, but I’ve been supporting the team for 50 years.
        Occasionally I get tired of unnecessary abuse – that’s all.

  22. How about they set up a separate site just for you.You can read it & talk to yourself.Stop blowing it out of all proportion.You had already read the article & commented first.So you came all the way back to this article to write that.So no one can talk about anything apart from the article just to appease you.Have a word.

  23. Made my point, you’ve made yours.
    Move on.

    • F/me ? Just tuned in from last night !
      I thought I was on the Jeremy kyle show lol !!
      There’s definatly a few new *****es lately !!

      If your tuned rads , all the best for the sprog ! Then they grow up , have fun ?
      But the gran kids are well worth the trouble !!! Totally different ball game . Enjoy .

      Matte !! What have you done with Bacca !!! Dave can’t find him , he needs to give him another Month ultimatum , last one runs out today ?

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