Sakho and Slav set for Round Two!

slaven-bilic-diafra-sakho-west-ham_3343834Slaven Bilic and Diafra Sakho look set for conciliation talks this week as the uneasy stand-off between the pair continues to cause tensions.

The unhappy Senegal striker is feeling unwanted and second best after battling back to full fitness but being overlooked apart from a cameo performance against Arsenal.

He was called into the action late and left to chase a lost cause at the Emirates with Arsenal well on top before becoming an unused sub against Swansea and then learning he wouldn’t be starting yesterday at Sunderland.

We understand there has been little communication from the manager and is keen to feel part of his plans. He believed  Sunderland was a perfect game for his starting comeback.

He feels he needs more acknowledgement from Bilic after putting in hours of extra training in order to ensure that he returned before the end of the season in what looked like at one time as if it would develop into a relegation dogfight.

His big mistake of course is playing the Diafra ‘Sulk’ role and has nothing to gain as no club will move for him this summer given his shortage of games.

Slav himself has to take some responsibility for the situation given ¬†he indicated he “had to start somewhere with Diafra,” before putting him on the back bench again!

However, we were told this afternoon conciliation may well be on the way and it would be no surprise to see the striker playing a part against Everton.

Given Sakho’s well known personality ClaretandHugh – as an unashamed huge fan of the player – hopes that mature heads can prevail and that an arm is shoved around his shoulder and he is helped to feel the love.

And no …fans or otherwise we are not excusing his behaviour.



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7 comments on “Sakho and Slav set for Round Two!

  1. So once again we were told lies by the backroom staff last week we were told Sako suffered a knock in training so would be unavailable for the game at Sunderland now it seems it is the manager who has the problem not the player surely you play your best team if you need to win the game & do not pick the team by playing people you get on with. I think Slav has a personality problem & needs to be told by the owners to get his act together & play to win even if he does not get on with the player if he is good he must play, perhaps this is what is behind our crap season if so then the owners must sort it quick

  2. think its time for a change of manager,hes always upsetting player,sold tomkinstold him he wont be getting many games,amailito,sako, antonio cant get the best out of if you keep picking on them gives them no confidence

  3. We have soooo many striker options what’s wrong with pi##ING off Sakho…… one guy who in the right frame of mind might just score some goals. Come on Bilic you are being paid to manage so get on with it.

  4. If this op has finally sorted him out & if he stays fit (two big ifs) he could be a real asset for several seasons. I was hoping he would get several games in the run in & show what he can do. Otherwise we will be taking another big gamble if he & AC are our main strikers. I know the aim will be to get another 20 goals a season striker in for next year, but will believe that when I see it,

  5. It has become apparent that Bilic has an underlying personality disorder, which unfortunately,diminishes his capacity to effectively manage a football team or treat players in a consistent and rational manner.
    Typical of personality disorders, ‘it is always someone else’s fault’.
    I really feel for Diafra Sakho; if Bilic doesn’t wake up to his aberrant behaviour, we could easily lose Saks over the summer.
    I am yet to really see how good Bilic is as a manager at West ham; he happened to be present when Payet was brilliant, so, in effect, he indirectly gets the kudos by being associated with Payet.
    Personally speaking, I think it is time for Slav to move on, in order to bring in a manager who has a little more control over his moods;it seems that Slav flips from one formation to another, puts players out of position etc.

  6. To lose 1 prima donna player was unfortunate but to lose 2 is careless, to coin a phrase. I am sorry but Bilic’s time is up IMO. I’ve had enough of his lame excuses for a clear inability to MANAGE players, training, transfers, selection or tactics. He is also apparently blind as he continues to defend Randolph. At least he can’t pick Noble next week as he is still suspended.

  7. Every reason 101 … as you say No Noble for another game …. heaven !!

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