Sakho deal may change direction

diafra-sakho-542296West Brom are set to move in on Diafra Sakho as Sunderland hesitate on making a new offer while Sam Allardyce is involved in talks to become the new England boss.

The Black Cats have lodged one “totally unacceptable bid” with West Ham which amounted to £8 million up front and staged payments up to £12 million if he hit 30 appearances per season.

ClaretandHugh‘s Hammers sources had always considered that a joke bid saying “and they know it” but understanding how Allardyce works they had expected him to return with a new offer.

But with him becoming a heavy favourite to take over the national team. the goalposts have moved.

And West Brom chief Tony Pulis – a known Sakho admirer – would consider a move. We understand he wants £21 million for Saido Berahino.So he’d want £6 million from the Hammers to complete a swap deal involvng Sakho.

We were told: “There is a lot of talk of Baggies owner Jeremy Peace wanting to sell and sees Berahino as somebody who can help him get a better price.

“However, a deal could happen as ‘Sak’ has become a big name in the Preier League over the last couple of years and has real value.”


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11 comments on “Sakho deal may change direction

  1. There’s not a player out there who is left for sale better than sakho !! This would be a huge huge balls up by the Dave’s of peckham ?? Absolute plonkers ?
    Take the flat cap off and go to sakho and beg for forgiveness . Pay him what he is worth ( double if not triple ) and let him score the 20 goals for us which he could achieve easy with the players on board to create .
    Bacca for instance runs when the ball is at his feet , not without it creating space .
    I’m all for discipline but having the pee taken out of you is gonna upset you , I don’t blame him one bit for his attitude shown .
    Horses for courses,
    Sakho is a shire ! And proven , that’s why the baggies and Ffs want him for 12 mill . A bargain .
    Forget the one about his injuries bla bla bla , he’s been unlucky , that happens to grafters ,
    That’s football . Then there’s carol , the same scenario , who all of a sudden has turned the corner ( fingers crossed ) same applies to sakho .
    I hope he stays and proves everyone wrong !!

  2. I agree johnboy, Sakho is a workhorse and will run for the team, with or without the ball, he is strong, fast and great in the air. Even if Bacca comes in we should keep Sakho. Say bye to Valencia but keep Sakho. There are a lot of games next year to be split between the 3 strikers and if one or two does get injured then we may have to rely on some of the young talent we have now in the development squad. Come on Dave’s and Slav, be nice to Sakho, show him some love, let him know he is needed and loved by all at WHU and make him feel happy again, we have a game winner and space maker in Sakho.

  3. Hahaha,the fantastic Mr.sakho.Such a powerhouse in world football that he is wanted by the likes of WBA & Sunderland.Some of you really need to wake up & smell the coffee,he is average,average,average.**** knows why you think he is our answer to a goal machine.20 goals in a season,dont make me laugh.
    As for his attitude,no one has taken the pee out of him.If he can’t knuckle down & fight for his place & prove his worth then he can **** off instead of acting like a big time Charlie.

  4. You must be blind deaf and even dummer than you sound , not a clue what you are talking about ! Nuff said , ain’t even worth a conversation . You’re opinion is you’re opinion , keep the coffee comments to yourself , don’t get personal it shows you up as a ******** who can’t make a point without degrading someone else’s comment !

    • So someone says wake up & smell the coffee & you see it as an insult but it is OK or you to say someone is deaf dumb & blind????
      I will tell you one thing,i read this site a lot & all I see is your moaning every day,which frankly is ****ing boring!

    • “” get personal it shows you up as a ******** who can’t make a point without degrading someone else’s comment !

      Says the man who says someone else is deaf blind & dumber than they sound who dont know what they are talking about!
      Try practising what you preach eh Johnboy.

    • I’m deaf,blind & dumb am I Johnboy,as opposed to you who sounds like a 12 year old having a tantrum most the time.Right oh!

  5. Would be quite happy if this deal goes through,
    Barahino would give us a different sort of player,
    Then get cover for AC and his injury time BONY
    then sell Valencia and replace him with Yedder or Remy,
    With Fletcher and Martinez as back up,
    We have other options Tore,Antonio,Figaloo ( or what ever his name is )Lanzini and Payet,
    Who would have dreamed little old us could have a Squad like that with Samulsun and Callum pushing to join the above,

  6. I agree Sahko is real handful for defences and we will miss him, but he wants to go. It’s a real shame but some players just can’t be put on the bench without crying. If we could keep him then we would only need one new striker.

  7. It is extremely worrying for people to think Berahino is anywhere near the class of Sakho, this is a serious mistake being made by the club, he is under contract, if we do not buy a better player, improve his deal, and sort this mess out. Please do not buy Beranhino. And forget Bacca, if we are looking for an experienced striker, the one for me would be Cavani from PSG.

  8. Wow everybody getting their knickers in a twist! Lol ….remember we all love and support our great club and want the best for it, football is about opinions and the ones that count are super slavs and the 2 daves …. even though we all get a little emotional when talking about our club when it means so much to all of us ..lets try to keep it respectful lads! ..COYI !

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