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Sakho gives Hammers fans a pledge

Sakho whamactionDiafra Sakho has told West Ham he will be available to start the season should he be required.

The striker has refused to take part in either of the club’s close season tours to the USA and the current tour to Austria.

The Senegal striker remains determined to push through a transfer with West Brom, Hamburg and Sevilla interested but a switch continues to look some way off.

The Irons are still trying to bringing in a new front man with the situation between themselves and Sakho now deadlocked.

But the player has made it clear he has no intentions of going AWOL once the season starts if he’s still on the staff should he be needed.

A top source at the clunWe contacted our top source at the club said: “There’s no question of that. He just wants a move but if he’s with us on Aug 14 he has confirmed he will  play and not let the club or the supporters down.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Sakho gives Hammers fans a pledge

  1. That is good news because he is a quality striker. Works so hard for the team. BUT he should try and be a part of the team and accompany them on tour. That being said if we do get a striker in and he wants to go then we should make sure it is not another premier team.

  2. Will his heart be in it . Don’t forget next window this winter . But if wants a move he will have to perform to attract offers . A real shame he didn’t want to be part of the squad on Thier travels . He won’t be at the OS in West Hams second season .

  3. **** him if if is not going to train with the rest of the team he cannot be allowed any where near the team

    • Wow! In 1 line you have said EXACTLY what I think, you clever toe-rag, Mr Ironswatch!! Definatley liking you!!

  4. there is obviously a clash of personality’s here i absolutely love the guy but if he isn’t happy and he cannot deal with the situation as it is.
    it is probably better that he leaves for the teams sake. he does want to do well that is obvious when he is on the field of play but off it he is his own person and has every right to leave if that’s what feels he wants to do. as far as not going with the team on tour he cannot be allowed to play if you haven’t put the work in to justify your place in the first squad.
    wish him all the best for the future as i cannot see this being sorted now.
    slav is the boss and thats final no one player is bigger than the club end of

  5. Well he’s already let the Club and the supporters down, so what’s the point of him saying that!

    Time to move him on whatever!

  6. How very noble of him! The club pays his wages! He should obligate his contract. I might tell my employer I refuse to work tomorrow. Oh no I can’t do that because I will the sack. Sakho should have his wages frozen and sacked off immediately. I don’t care for any profit. He didn’t cost the world anyway. Why does he want to push a move through to West Brom anyway?

  7. Do he’s not trained, refused to go on both training camps and claimed he was injured. He can’t be I any state to play on opening weekend.

  8. What a load of bollorx !
    I rate him but no thanks sakho , you should be with the team , this is a PR stunt by Sullivan so he can be sold , IMO , to make him look like its all honky dory ?
    Sully is a bigger prix than I thought ,
    Someone lock him up , its a complete and utter disgrace ,
    Official – sakho is bigger than the club .
    Someone had better take that shovel off of sully before the hole gets to deep ,

  9. If we haven’t got a striker in then we will need him, stranger things have happened than for him to be on fire with us, sort out all of his personal and attitude issues and prove to the club, his teammates and us supporters that he really does want to knuckle down and make us successful. That’s definitely a claret and blue tinted view of a bad situation but I don’t think his issue is with us supporters so if he comes back I will take a look at his performances and try to keep an open mind 🙂

    • So he should be allowed to get away with it? I don’t think so! We need his stinking attitude like a hole in the head. What is THAT going to say to the rest of the players? There will be trouble erupting everywhere. However bad it gets, we don’t need HIM and his filthly attitude.
      He won’t be fit to play in August, but most of all he doesn’t deserve to.
      The Amalfitano effect has clearly disappeared from Slav + DS. Where is that rod of iron that helped to foster such a good team spirit??
      DS + Slav MUST make a massive example of Sakho. OK, there is a cost foregone, but the actual cost is not so much because his wages are so low. Fine him for the no-show, then banish him till he BEGS forgiveness and PROVES (rather than his lying words) a complete change of attitude. F*ck ‘im!

      • We don’t know all the background and if DS is prepared to let it slide and more importantly if Slav is, which we don’t yet know then let’s see what happens, most likely he will be sold anyway which would be best all round but if not we may actually need him to perform for us, all I am saying is that sometimes players go on to redeem themselves and bearing in mind how well he has done for us I would be willing to see if he has the character to do that.

        • Fair enough No 32. We’ll just have to agree to disagree…In all things, I take a tough line to betrayal merchants and people who aren’t team players…as you can probably tell!!

          • No worries Cometh I certainly understand where you are coming from, I am certainly not impressed with him refusing to play in pre-season, there is no getting around that he should be fined and disciplined for that, if it turns out we have to play him until January I think he would put 100% in for us at that point so after letting him know during the initial matches what I thought I personally wouldn’t write him off.

  10. Westbrom the club he wants to play for took a hardline stance with berahino even when they were offered 25m ….no disrespect but we are a bigger club than brom and with sakhos low wages the low fee we paid i think maybe we should do the same . He let us down ata pivotal point in the season a few days before the fa cup replay against man utd , if he had behaved like a grown man and accepted slavs decision to play carroll against arsenal because of their aerial vulnerability he would have started against manure , if he had got his head down and performed the way we know he can we might have got something against swansea and stoke and been in the champions league with lacazette leading our attack ……hes our best striker but he f****d up badly

  11. Oh God! Please Johnboy give it a fu##ing rest. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is totally ****ed off by your negativity and antipathy for DS, Just leave off, please. Just for 1 day.

    • Trust me you are not the only one.Its ****ing boring reading the same everyday.Its like a toothache you can’t rid yourself of.

  12. Gene wilder and Richard Pryor have spoken ?
    Get real , this is pantomime at its best ! He’s undefendable .
    So is sakho ! Both brought it on themselves .

  13. I just feel that if Sakho were to score in a few opening games all will be resolved ( attitudes will change – Action not words ! ) – we need two new strikers regardless and Carroll as Sub /cover for next season –


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