Sakho in anxious wait

diafra-sakho-542296Diafra Sakho is anxiously awaiting a decision on whether he will travel with the squad to Manchester on Sunday or be involved in the Under 23s opening Division One fixture against Everton on Friday night.

Sak came through an hour of his first game in months for the under 23s against Spurs in the behind closed doors 3-2 victory last Saturday.

Under 23s boss Terry Westley said: “It was very competitive and he was in with energetic kids who were tearing around. Given this was his first run out for a long time he did well and suffered no setbacks and looked fine afterwards..”

It’s unlikely he will get the call for Manchester United but the it remains top news the guy is fighting and working hard to make his comeback.

Winston Reid – having been suspended from the final friendly of pre-season against Manchester City – also had a 70 minute run out in the Spurs game and looks set for Old Trafford after again coming through with no setbacks.


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18 comments on “Sakho in anxious wait

  1. Lucky Boy . After his want away to West Brom West Ham gave him his route to recovery .
    He is morally obliged to do the best he can . We know what he is capabe of on the field .
    I would love to see him back at his best . But the question remains as to his commitment to West Ham . Is he West Ham or not ?? In his head .

    • Try changing the name sakho to popoppodom Kevin ffs! You are morally obliged to do so 😎
      Far to many Hippocrates with sticks and false beards
      when it comes to sakho, the bloke has trained his nuts off trying to get fit !! Give him the benefit of the doubt like you’re beloved board have shown him and admit for once in you’re life that the doll is a total waste of space!
      I am going to lock you in a room with GW and sort it out once and for all 😂😂😂😂

      • Getting fit at West Hams expense . , not West Broms expence . He must repay that with commitment .
        The doll ( AC ) never looked for an exit . Has been training and trying to get fit for West Ham . Never heard him moan once apart from frustration not being able to play .
        If it comes to Heads , I’ll have Carroll any day . Bet he’s really excited about playing in front of fans that detest him for no real reason apart from being injured .
        And in the context of your message ; it’s ( too ) , not ( to ) Ffs .
        Can’t see how it is hypocritical to support Carroll , Sorry .

        • Lol Kev,why the hell would Poppodom look for a way out when he will never pick up the same dough elsewhere he gets with us.Of course he aint looked for a way out 😁

        • Tipexman wtf was wrong with my reply to keV ?? Don’t take it out on me basil if Sybil giving you a ear bashing 😂😂

  2. Haha morally obliged! The bloke who threatens women, crashes cars into people’s gardens, decides he doesn’t want to travel if his not starting, misses training or turns up late, the bloke who decided last year he didn’t fancy pre season and instead refused it to force through a move? He sounds like someone with morals who deserves our praise. All after we plucked him from the French second tier, showed him love, backed him and tried to help him when he got into trouble, backed him when Senegal injured his back, chose his side when he started crying over songs comments. The bloke is a weak minded petulant child who try’s to bend the club over to have his way whenever he feels like it! And I’m fed up with west ham, HUGH (big time should no better) and west ham fans just presenting their backsides while blowing smoke up his! The guy scored 8 goals for us several years ago and has done nothing of note since!?!? He is a cancer at our club and should be removed asap! WEST HAM DO NOT NEED THIS KIND OF LOW LIFE, we need top people like ginge zabaletta noble lanzini people we can be proud of on and off the pitch, decent human beings with morals, commitment, hard work and mental stability!
    Rant over lol

  3. Hell of a rant and i can understand you’re concern. However i fear he will be with us until at least the January window. He’s first game back has been highlighted as 11th September so he’s already outside this transfer window. You’re right and i completely agree with you that he has no morals. He has shown that too often so we will have to see how he settles down and plays and i think that will determine what sort of money we could get for him?
    On a more positive note, I would like to think he will show some commitment and put in some 1st class performances like we know he can. Lets see where he’s head’s at??

  4. Bloody hell Mammal you sound like my girlfriend going at me when i come home 6 hrs late from the boozer 😁

  5. Toni will most likely start with Chicharito only having 60 mins of preseason. And Maybe Chica will get a super sub.
    But we will be lacking in first game No Antonio Kouyate and Reid is questionable and so on.
    Think we need a Mid and CB… Maybe that 2nd striker…
    But I am glad Toni looks set to be pushed in to first team and he does look promising…. Maybe he does a Rashford and gets us a brace, that would be brilliant.
    Sahko think would be to much a risk to start maybe he gets in as Sub but still needs some game time. And this is a make or break season for him so I would expect him to be giving it everything he has. But if rush him in and breaks his back… Then down another striker, don’t think 1 under 23 game makes him game ready to start.
    Worried about this first game. Formation up for grabs and lots of injuries

  6. Not sure about any of this but one thing I do know is we need more players after the amount we have let go as I said on my other Post if u work out whatew we have sold we haven’t spent hardly anything.. And with our injuries well u know the rest ….its annoying CUs Carroll and sak have had 3\4 months to get fit and they are still missing start of the season. That in itself is unbelievable.. Unless we buy another midfielder who can create like lanz and another centre back and also another forward I’m sorry but I think we will struggle again. I hope I’m wrong before u rip the sh!!! Out of me 😁😁😁😁

    • Ditto that , sakho is fit ,he’s been saying for weeks now he’s ready , its the powers that be that are holding him back? He’s certainly fitter than the pea at this moment 😉

  7. Sorry JRS don’t see how Martinez can lead the line, especially not first game of the season and at OT, must start with Chicarito and if he last 60 mins then you can look to bring on Martinez but not to lead the line alone.

  8. I don’t think it matters who leads the line , bilic will set up to not conceded IMO, if the snail starts were dun 😎 o-o will be a result for us , the only thing in our favour is its the first game of the season!! If we conceded early then chaos IMO!

  9. Just read Kev’s comment about the Poppodom training hard and am now worried that I’ve been actually been asleep for 5 months and we’re actually in January 😆😆😆

    • I’m getting seriously worried for our keV GW 😂 he’s started stalking the poppodom wearing a anorak made out of a dictionary chanting save us o special one in malagan! 😂😂😂 the white coats are looking for him as we speak😂😂😂

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