Sakho issue needs sorting out NOW!

sakhoEverybody knows I’m a Diafra Sakho fan.

I believe him to be a much more difficult striker to face than Andy Carroll with greater and more subtle talents.

However, the current “issues” surrounding his continuing absences are confusing and unacceptable and need a very rapid explanation which I believe only he can give.

There is big cause for worry and with just three games in front of us and a summer break ahead, now is the right time for this to be sorted.

He and Slaven Bilic – despite denials – are understood to have had words before the Sunderland game and there were counter claims of an injury.

Arsenal and Everton came and went featuring rare and all to brief appearances before yesterday he was missing again because of his claims that he has a sore back.

Sorry but  I can no longer buy Sakho’s regular version of events because there never appears to be a problem before the home games – or at least those in London – against Arsenal and the Toffees.

We need to remember too that he failed to make the journey to close season training camps during the pre-season!


I don’t get it…I really don’t and it has to end because I can see absolutely no way forward for Sakho or West Ham if whenever an away game comes along there appears to be an injury problem.

And, by the way, I wouldn’t mind gambling a few bob that he appears at some stage in the games against Spurs and Liverpool but maybe not against Burnley.

Sakho has much to prove right now and should he want away from the Irons has no chance because of his his continual absences  from action – who on earth is going to take a chance on him.

He has a scan tomorrow on the ‘back soreness’ – the outcome will be very interesting.

In the meantime somebody needs to sit down with this bloke and find out whether he suffers travel sickness or genuinely wants to stay with this club.

We the fans at the very least need a proper explanation of what is becoming an incomprehensible problem. The current situation is unacceptable.



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13 comments on “Sakho issue needs sorting out NOW!

  1. when slav falls out with a player,he does not forgive,he has done it with a few players antonio, amafilito, thompkins and others, his substitutions are a joke,pulls two of our best players of yesterday we could have gone on to win the game,no playing time for fletcher,our youngsters sent out on loan we needed r oxford this year and tompkins,but slav dont want to know brought in terrible players from his old clubs he is now thinking of player to fetch in whos always injured,time for a new manager is just my opinion,

    • Not sure he really “fell out” with some of these.Tompkins (apparently) wanted to be a first choice CB and Antonio has been a regular choice. Fletcher might well have done better with the chances that came Calleri’s way yesterday but might have struggled holding up the ball given his slight physique.

  2. One way forward would be to replace him asap with someone of comparable ability, and at a decent price. Not so easy considering we will get very little for him in the market. I would think that priority in the summer must be given to buying 2 very decent premier standard strikers ( as well as RB ), because this has gone far enough, and needs drastic action.
    That’s if it’s not just a conspiracy theory.
    Injury or no injury, I’m bored with the name of Sahko and all who swear by him.

  3. Sakho clearly does not fancy our club but you are right – if he does not play we have no chance of selling him. On the Bilic issues, his substitutions yesterday were awful and he does have a tendancy to fall out with players and play them in unnatural positions. As for the rb issue we have a bloody good one in Sam Byram. Sure a backup would be good as in a number of positions but i am getting peed of with the obsessional comments aboit rb. We have a really good young player who will get better and better. I have a bigger concern wiyh Cresswell who has lost all confidence and currently is not a patch on Masuaku.

    • so we have one learner RB, and 2 competent LBs, It’s strange you are concerned about LB.

      • SB is a bloody good rb and certainly no learner. The point i am making is he will get better and brtter. At lb we have found a gem in Masuaki while Cresswell has not played a decent game since thr stsrt of the season. It is his total lack of form that worries me and you could see that in the difference in thr two halves – we looked very vulnerable down that channel in the second half and they hsd two good opportunities as a direct result of it.

  4. Another thing that needs sorting is the extreme difficulty to shut ads down when accessing this site on a mobile. Can you try to fixthat please Hugh ?

  5. i should imagine sakho is a very difficult player to manage.
    We can’t have the situation of he plays when he wants to.
    Get rid ASAP

  6. I hope the owners are willing to buy before we sell in the summer so we don’t approach the end of August with money burning a hole in our pocket,(think Liverpool when they sold Torres).If Carroll and/or Sakho cannot be sold ,(fairly likely), they will be useful alternatives when actually available for selection.No point paying off their contracts as it is as expensive as keeping them without the option to play them.

  7. If Bilic is still in charge next season Salho will be sold imo they don’t seem to like each other despite all the press to suggest otherwise so one or the other or both need to move on, I think we will struggle to attract top talent this window without paying high wages, we have been playing poorly against the top teams so there is little to encourage players other than money to come.

  8. A point is a point is a point . At this stage of the season it was imperative not to lose .
    By next week we should all know who will follow Sunderland into the Championship . That leaves the final position of 18th to be realized . It could still be US . The strange substitution’s were difficult to understand . But that doesn’t mean we would have won if they weren’t made . The Sakho saga needs resolving asap before it becomes even more rediculous . Maybe we should fit softer springs on the team bus for those arduous journeys to away games ., just for him .
    Bilics relationships with players is a matter for the management not , for us to contemplate on or conjectureiz . Let’s see what happens over the closed season and whether Sakho stays and commits or leaves . Personally I hope he stays and dedicates himself to his job as a West Ham player . He is a damned good player . That could depend on Bilic ., if he is still our manager come August . I believe we need a change of Manager but , that’s only my opinion amongst lots of opinions . Can’t understand the clamor to sign Defoe . Surely there is money to get someone younger and with a decent strike record . Defoe is a free and would be typical of West Hams ambitions or lack of to sign him on that basis .

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