Sakho out for one week says Slaven Bilic



Slaven Bilic has been giving his pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow’s FA Cup Sixth Round replay with Manchester United under the Boleyn Ground lights. When asked about the Sakho situation he confirmed he reported an injury after training on Friday and had a scan yesterday which he claims showed a little bit of a problem which will keep him out for a week.

Slav told the press: “It’s the final FA Cup tie at the Boleyn Ground, it’s Manchester United and it’s the quarter-finals. It can’t be bigger. We are fully motivated and it is a massive game of course. It is massive for us and it is massive for them. They are Manchester United and they have not been as consistent this season, but they are very capable of beating any team.”

“Andy Carroll, when he is fit and in form is a very special kind of player. He is different, and it is hard for defenders to cope.He doesn’t have to score, but his presence on the pitch gives us another dimension. He had a great game on Saturday”

“The situation with Diafra is very simple. He reported an injury after training on Friday. He was not in the squad. Yesterday he had a scan, which showed a little bit of a problem and he will be out for one week.”

“For Manchester United, it’s the stature of the club that they’re not happy with losing games, with being fifth in the table. It’s hard to be a manager. It’s the greatest job in the world, but at those massive clubs you’re expected to win every game. The fans will be important of course. They were great on Saturday – they are one of the reasons why we are unbeaten at home for this time”

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  • StanThe Man says:

    Good enough.If the lad is injured then he is out,If he has personal issues he has a week off to get his head together.Definitely no hint of an Amalifitanoesque situation.That will bore the drama queens.

  • Billy the Hammer says:

    How boring for some of the Wetpants Stan,lol.They will be gutted Bilic didn’t tell some story of how Sakho punched four players Friday in training before going to a nightclub where at 3 am he was caught leaving with two twin midget prostitutes,lol.

    • West Ham Exile says:

      Ha,The Wets where busy yesterday they managed to hang Sakho out to dry & also managed to drag Song into it all based on that cock Ex WHU Employees magic words 🙂

      • Billy the Hammer says:

        Lol,F#cking Ex is no better than anyone else,all allegedly or a source says,lol

    • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

      Sorry to disappoint…but that was me leaving with two twin midget hookers!

      • Billy the Hammer says:

        Lol,greedy man,could have left one for Diafra.He must have gone home empty handed 🙂

  • Max Willow says:

    On face value, this is reasonably positive news. It is sad that he will miss the FA Cup QF-replay and our next game against Leicester City…

    However, on a more positive note, we can only hope that he will be fit and available for 1) a possible FA Cup semi-final against Everton and, 2) the critical EPL game against Man.Utd, which is a ‘must win’ encounter, if we are seeking a possible 4-5th EPL finish.

    I also agree with Stan the Man, that Sakho’s situation is very different to the ‘Amilfitano affair’; Amilfitano’s behaviour has all of the hallmarks of an underlying personality disorder (from a doctor’s perspective), whereas Sakho has not reached full emotional maturity, not uncommon for ‘us’ males; yet he is already burdened with relatively early fatherhood, a brand new daughter etc. At this period in time, he needs all the psycho-social support we can give him; remember, that most of his family support is probably still tied up in Senegal. I’m optimistic that things will work out for him; certainly hope so, since I think he is a decent sort of guy and gives his all for his team.

  • bubs says:

    Good news and I believe every word Slav says until proven he does not tell the truth,
    So let’s all move on to removing Manure from the cup
    With Saks agent saying all he has said it should be finished with for 12 months,

    • Slav chose his words very carefully. He said Sakho REPORTED an injury after training rather than he sustained an injury. He says he had a scan which shows a LITTLE bit of a problem and he will be out for ONE week.

      Looks like they are giving him the benefit of the doubt. Like Morrison it can be difficult to prove one way or another when a player says he is injured. I am sure the sure the scan does show a little bit of problem, why would they lie but whether it was the reason he left training on Friday and is out this week is anyone’s guess.

      The good news is, there is no rift and both sides seem to focused on putting it behind them.

  • Billy the Hammer says:

    Yep,this is the best way to deal with it by the club.Slight injury,the geezer gets some time off for whatever reason is actually true,be it an actual injury or to sort his nut out.Been handled exactly how it should be which I knew it would be by Slav.No ‘Diafra doing a Diva’ in sight,lol

  • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

    I don’t care…the Big Man to get a second successive hatrick 😉

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