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Sakho refuses to travel to Austria

sakhoDiafra Sakho has refused to travel with the first team squad for West Ham’s pre-season tour to Austria, according to Sky Sport sources today.

The striker handed in a transfer request earlier this month after previously claiming a sickness bug prevented him from travelling to Seattle and North Carolina for West Ham’s US pre season tour. Reports later claimed he was due to see a specialist in France over a back problem.

The Sky Sports report claims Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion, as well as Sevilla and Hamburg, have all enquired about Sakho’s availability. The striker was the subject of a failed ridiculously low bid from Sunderland last month.

The 26-year-old joined on a four-year contract and has scored 15 goals in 43 Premier League appearances.

West Ham are happy to release Sakho as long as a club meets their £15m valuation with the majority of the money up front and not based on appearances or performance conditions.


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29 comments on “Sakho refuses to travel to Austria

  1. Well I never ??
    What a disgusting way to behave after the way the club has treated him !!
    Sometimes you just can’t see the glass in front of you’re face ! Tut!!!!

  2. get this clown out of our club asap wot a disgrace & if the likes of WBA & Sunderland are watching this there probably have nothing to do now with Sakho.

  3. Him and ravel Morrison should team up both have real attitude problems I agree get rid of him before he poisons a happy team!!!!!

  4. anyone who still feels sympathy for this moody c*** should be ashamed of themselves..

  5. Ged rid, ungrateful ****

  6. Oh there are some on here who feel sympathy for him,blaming it all on the club because they said they wanted a new striker.Boo hoo for him,dont see Carroll throwing his toys.He had problems for a long time,some fans just like to slag the board on here without looking at the bigger picture of his actions in the last year.

  7. Got to say disappointed in this reaction. He is seriously p….d off about something, I expect it Slaven expecting him to apologise for his bad behaviour and tow the line. Can’t imagine why !!! As much as I have defended him if this is true then ‘it’s Anne Boleyn time. You can’t have that arrogance or childish attitude in a boys club little own a premiership club. Thats why Berahino is on his way.

  8. hey Stan the man did you see the Sullivan interview on sky sports news the day before we played Man Utd in last game at Upton Park? He was the 1 giving it large about having a £30 & £25 million to spend on strikers he was like a kid who had just won a golden ticket to go into Willy Wonkas chocolate factory that was 2 months ago & still nowhere near signing a striker so like me I wish he kept he’s mouth shut & don’t tell the world wot he’s doing ok

    • Sakho had had his bust up with Slaven before that,he has also had various other issues away from the football.I was talking about some fans who only want to blame DS or DG for the situation,it simply isn’t true 🙂

      • I know you wasn’t talking to me but I have said the same for a fair while now.Sakho has big issues beyond football.Do you not see that,i know where Stan is coming from.Dont you??

    • Yes I dd see it Norfolk.I dont say it was a wise thing to do,far from it but Daf has had problems going on for the best part of a year now on & off the field.I don’t believe for one minute this is all down to one interview by Sully

  9. He is a prize plum.Bin him before he stinks the place out!!!

  10. The trouble with mucking about playing the ong game the 2 Daves play trying to get that last penny is you leave a bad penny around the rest will spoil,
    The DIffrence between his attitude and Enners show the class of person,
    Should have dumped him on Hippo weeks ago and brought in a player who wanted to come,
    Now all owners will be thinking do I need the headache,
    Just take the £9 million profit and move on,

  11. Pretty much Norfolk ,
    I love sakho but he should have gone to Austria first , played out of his skin and scored a bucket full , then and only then he should have told sully to poke it in the mouth void , and moved on to a club with a chairman that acts like a chairman , I think that’s every club in the league’s ?
    You bet he’s peedoff no 6 ,who wouldn’t .
    What I find is that its a hippocrit that says he,s no good as some have said, there’s not one that has not said he is top dollar before mouth gate started the witch hunt.
    Now its snowballing on to us who have different views and creating bad comments to one another .
    Typical Tory ,divide and cause chaos , why would top players come here having seen what has been going on with sakho and Valencia , its simply not the way to do buisness by making poor remarks of intent !!
    I thought leaving the EU would cause havoc with transfers according to the 3 stooges .
    No shame , this mob .
    Not one English player on board except young buds !! All foreign persuits ! Full of crap,
    Just where the club needed to be before the new venture !!!
    Absolute brain dead !!!

  12. Sorry Johnboy but I fear your the one who is brain dead. What British strikers do you expect DS to sign? Perhaps one of those world class walleys who represented us at the Euros? Don’t make me laugh. As for Saks, he was playing up long before the Man U game. I was one that was hoping Slav would give him more game time towards the end of the season but he chose not to. Do we know better than Slav. Nah. As for Saks current tantrum, make him train with the under 18’s and if he refuses, stop paying his wages. Easy Peesy. Our owners do have faults as we all do but I would much rather they be running our great club than any of the other owners in the EPL. As for Ms Brady, she has done a fantastic job for our club and that you cannot deny.

    • The Board have done great for me. Lady Brady is a real tough cookie stands no s..t. Just look at what they have delivered since the Icelandic debacle. Its not easy buying players these days with all the red tape and agents demands. We have to be patient and trust in the powers that be and Slaven. The club can do without the tantrums Sakho is displaying especially when it’s disrupting pre-season, making life even more difficult. As much as it disappoints me I feel they should get shot asap, even if he is training with the kids he will continue to be a pain in the a..e

    • Read again brain of Britain , slowly ? Very very slowly ! I didn’t mention to buy British ???
      So you think bradys back up of the cut peoples benefits which was kicked out big time and promoting how west ham help the deprived in east London , makes her a nice person .
      And a great ambassadors for our club. Don’t make me laugh .
      Agreed the Dave’s have done a good job , but there’s always a problem when they open the gate ! go back to news now and check out Ladbrokes take on our summer ,
      Sums all this crap up !
      Its nice to talk , just don’t get personal , its my take and many others have the same take on it . If you don’t agree that’s fine , but don’t get personal with the brain dead ******** .
      It makes you sound like one of thatchers incomprehensives! ( Google it ) ?
      Its a catch 22 at the end of the day , bad behaviour on both sides of the fence , I agree with everyone and disagree with everyone , but I can guarantee I’m not staying up late , ?

  13. Why not say it as it is? Sacko is acting like a ****ing spoilt teenager! He’s been acting the **** for the last 6 months not because of what the board have said FFS

    • Exactly GW.But some fans who dont like the board on here like to twist situations so they can blame them for every ****ing thing that happens.

  14. Shame to see him acting like a moron, his team mates should give him a bit of the crazy gang treatment he is letting them down by not playing, If West Brom want to do a straight swap with Berahino that would seem to be the best way forward with this both clubs want to get shot of players and worst comes to worst Berahino can be sold on or in the best case scenario he fullfils his potential with us and we have another great attacking threat.

  15. Stan the man I’m not blaming the board im just saying they shouldn’t mention wot there doing to the world it’s like being in a job until someone else comes in & your sacked

    • Wasn’t on about you mate,stand down,its all good 😉

    • I get that Norfolk, but, the board are also trying to encourage fans to buy tickets, (preferably season tickets) with the expectation of giving the fans top class players. Its just PR, like the complete waste of time going to North America to promote overseas support.
      Sadly the hype as back fired and there is lots of eggs on faces.
      On the point of Lady Brady’s political input, Johnboy, without that, I question whether the OSS would be in our hands at all. And even possibly in the Spuds, that would have done East London the world of good wouldn’t it !

  16. your not my mate wind it in

    • I wouldn’t want to be with that sh#tty attitude either.You are making a habit of telling people to wind it in on here.Oh scary.It seems we are starting to get some real charmers on here recently.God bless the new app!

    • You ****er Norfolk Hammer.The fella just said to you he wasn’t talking about you.Why start all that “you ain’t my mate” ****.Go **** off down the pub if you want an argument

    • I thought we were all mates (on the same side) on this site….we are Irons fans are we not ? we all want the best for our club do we not ? I don’t agree with slating each other off, we all have different opinions, but we should be discussing and commenting not insulting. Enough.

  17. Tone wots it to do with you why don’t you **** off & this **** site

    • Ahh diddums,dont you like people not agreeing with you.Its a **** site now is it because people tell you you are a ****er because your attitude stinks.Great,go on jog on,who needs you on here anyway.Wont have to read you telling people to wind it in will we!!

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