Sakho! Stick or twist – you speak out!

Diafra Sakho’s continuing absences from action for obscure reasons are causing more an more discussion among the fans.
Should we wait and hope that all will be well or take more drastic action – here the fans at ClaretandHugh’s Facebook have their say!
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O I like Sakho, but his number is up. We need a top class forward and by that, I don’t mean Defoe
O Defoe would b a good player Coming off the bench especially if it’s a free transfer, but yes Carroll and Sakho are not reliable enough so we need 1 or 2 top strikers for next season
O For two seasons we have not had one striker that had quality and was fit for the full term. The Sakho situation is just part of a larger mess. We do not have eleven players that could get into a top eight side.
O Sakho only ‘survives’, on big wages compared to mere mortals, because we are so desperate for fit forwards, let alone quality ones! How the Club haven’t proved that Sakho is in breach of contract and cut his pay is beyond me! He should be ‘laid off’, or its football equivalent
O If he wants to put himself in the shop window, he will be fit to play against both Spurs and Liverpool. But chances are he’ll overdo it and not be fit to travel to Burnley
O The oldest complaint in the book…..a dodgy back. He is a con artist. Remember he refused to travel to the States pre season.  Let him bleed some other club.
O Such a waste of talent.
O Get rid in the summer. Him and Carroll have got to go. To many so called injuries and not enough playing time between them.

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  • jonnyd says:

    Twist the entire forward line – Callieri, Carroll and Sakho. AND Valencia if he returns from Everton.
    I assume Arberola and Fergouli will follow Zaza and Tore. A case is also there to cash in on Snodgrass as he is well behind Ayew and Antonio in the wide berths. Then let’s invest properly up front and at RB.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Agree with investing properly in the front line but not sure who we could get to come to a mid table team.

    • schuauthing says:

      We’ve always been a mid table team and we’ve had plenty of good players come to us. Now it’s no different. Don’t be so naive.

  • GW says:

    Bin him and balsa boy and get them off the payroll 😀 Both are an utter waste of time.

  • Michael Miller says:

    Twist definitely – it’s exactly the same situation as Carroll. Bilic can’t rely on these guys and they’re no use to him or the Club!

    Callierri is useless which means we’ve been completely toothless for the major part of the Season – add this to the disasters that Zaza and Tore turned out to be, and it all means that someone’s judgement of a player is deeply flawed.

    Talk of maybe getting Sturridge in will only add insult to injury – literally, will they never learn!

  • claret says:

    Apart from some really dodgy buys mainly by Slav he also seems to have a problem managing difficult players he seeems to have a row then drop them even though the team is desperate for a win. So we all suffer from his inability to do his job I.E. ” manage” the team. Therefore he should be kept away from any transfer dealings & be made to step up & do his job by actually managing the situation and playing the best team, also he should not keep playing people out of position look at Antonio & Nordvelt who since he has played in his correct position has been the ok

  • jonnyd says:

    Can we bring Tony Martinez back for last 3 games now Oxfords season is finished?

  • Hammer64 says:

    Fan no 32-which mid table club are you thinking about mate? We are not finishing mid table by a long way unless there is a replay of ‘lasagnegate’ on Friday followed by a mass kidnap at the Liverpool hotel the next Saturday.

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