Sakho story: A confirmation

Diafra-Sakho-315346Knowing how easy it is to believe what you read in the tabloids let me confirm again that the ridiculous bid – reported dead straight in oneof them this morning  that the Hammers have received an £11 million bid from Sunderland for Diafra Sakho – is a piece of nonsense.

The bid was nowhere near £11 million as we reported last night but instead is based on an offer which included clauses that Sunderland would have to stay up for three seasons and that the striker would have to make a minimum of 30 appearances in each of them.

It is not our intention to knock newspapers that genuinely try to bring stories – they have more on hand than West Ham United and several do a great job –  but I need people who follow this site to know the backgroud as far as we can uncover it.

And the facts as wrtten here at CandH in that story are as relayed above. Please don’t be misled.


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8 comments on “Sakho story: A confirmation

  1. Why would Sakho want to go and play sky ball with Hippo,live in darkness and bleak weather,be further away from his loved ones he misses so much,
    Play second fiddle to The strikers that are already at the club,
    Makes no sense and it these players that are mentioned we are after are worth £25 to £40 million then Sak has got to be worth £20 million,
    If he had not been injured this season he would have started number1 and got his 15 plus goals,Valencia would have had a better season as well,
    Tell Hippo and Co to take a long trip or come back with double the money,

  2. That’s it bubs get your opinion in before the soggy ones descend on us again to try to start an arguement.

  3. Shame we didn’t get AC on the same basis-would have saved a fortune.Not sure he’s played 30 games since he’s been here let alone 30 a season!

  4. Only another two months of this transfer rumour rubbish & we can get back to watching football.Though I have a feeling it could feel more like two years than two months 😉

  5. Olde sammy boy didn’t want him at west ham so why would he want to go & join him a second time?? Another non story blown up into a headline news.

  6. There is probably no such thing as a straightforward player for cash exchange anymore.

    The agents/chairmen/managers/players are far too interested in weighting contracts with sell on %, appearance triggers, relegation/promotion triggers, release offer triggers and so on.

    Oh, for the days of deals that were done when they were done!

  7. You are right there Markro.Getting transfers sorted out these days seems more complicated than trying to get world peace.

  8. Thank’s noaksey1 that really gave me a belly laugh !!!

    To be very honest with all I’m just so happy that at last we seem to have a club that’s a strong top 10 premier side with real chances of winning some silverware ! COYIs

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