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Sakho transfer update

sakhoDiafra Sakho’s much speculated switch to Rennes has been dismissed as highly “highly unlikely” after the  news broke out on social media last night.

But ClaretandHugh had it confirmed the French Ligue One outfit had made a bid which was immediately snubbed and described as “ridiculously low.”

Rennes are showing a keen interest but given the offer and with no time to sign any sort of replacement anyway the club immediately responded with a “thanks but no thanks” to the French club.

Two respected journalists – Paul Brown and Alan Nixon – had broken the news on Twitter and  it was recognisable as having a ring of truth but the Hammers were quick respond when CandH approached their own top source at the club.

We were told: “Yes it is true that Rennes want him but the bid is not worth looking as it stands  and we would have no time to bring in a replacement anyway so we have rejected it.

We understand that nothing is ever done until the window slams shut but honestly, this deal is highly unlikely as things stand.”


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

22 comments on “Sakho transfer update

  1. Fonte & Sakho leaving? Come on give me a break. This squad is so thin you can’t see it if it turns sideways. I assume DS has several last minute deals lined up. If not he must be trying to push Bilic out the door. Great tactics! Then when the new man ( or woman sorry )comes in will be Jan panic buys again. I love a club with a long term plan…

  2. Fonte no loss but Sakho our best back up striker . We will be down to bare bones soon . Bilic and co are clueless . All a dastedly plan to keep Noble in the team I reckon …. !!COYI

  3. Be mad to let him go but wouldn’t be surprised we need him even if leaves on free next year tho no love lost btwn him and Bilic.
    And need Snodgrass replacement we could have Jota done in 24hrs otherwise why shipp out depth and pay part wages.

    Sahko supposedly at Rennes Airport


  4. Someone is wrong then….

    Diafra Sakho has arrived in Rennes ahead of move
    West Ham United striker Diafra Sakho has arrived in Rennes this morning ahead of a transfer, according to Ouest-France.

    When all is said and done, the deal is expected to reach a little above the €10m mark.
    August 30th, 2017

    More undoubtedly to follow.

  5. I don’t understand this at all – we need players in not out, I know Sakho has had a bad history with injuries but we’d at least have to have a direct replacement in place before even considering letting him go.

    Hernandez needs a partner up front to work off, he is a good second striker not the main man, that’s patently obvious – I’m at a complete loss to understand what’s going on!

    The players that have been brought in are an improvement in quality but there’s only been four bodies in and about six to eight going out. We need more players, the Squad is thin – a couple of injuries or suspensions and we’re in crisis – this needs to be addressed urgently!

  6. If he still wants out let him go
    If he wants to stay give him a chance alongside Hernandez not Ayew
    If he goes pay £13 Mil now and bring in Bony before Thursday
    Fonte should be allowed to go and bring back Burke or splash the cash on Sak ( Liverpool )
    We need a change now in the mentality of our squad
    This squad is dead in the water without change
    Without change we will need a new manager

  7. I wonder if we’re back to Bilic’s unshakeable faith in Carroll?

    Whilst a Carroll/Hernandez pairing could work well, how long could or possibly work before Carroll’s wheels fall off.

    I also believe that Bilic does not forgive easily and that once all the Sakho fuss had happened, there was never really a way back for him. Cheltenham was the shop window, then.

    Of even greater concern is who will want to come to us with the start we’ve had this season?

    • There’s no sense in relying on Carroll. If Sakho goes it’s for non-football reasons and we will be desperately light up top. Hernandez needs a partner, and it’s not Ayew. Martinez might be the answer but Bilic doesn’t seem to want to play youngsters, Rice being the exception (albeit out of position).

  8. As there are pictures of him at Rennes airport now, this seems to be happening. Surely we have someone else lined up…..

  9. Bilic seems to fall out with a lot of players , why ? , jumping ship is getting popular at West Ham . Time to change the bridge crew .

  10. Good luck sakho 😁. Get well away from this shower of doodoo,
    Best striker at the club , to let him go now and bring a player in who may be another zaza for all we know ! Shambles this , top to bottom , let,s pray something positive gives everybody a lift , team must be on its proverbial , something is drastically wrong in the club , were a laughing stock, embarrassing !!😤😤😤

  11. unless who ever comes in is as thick as s**t & looks at the table upside down well Mr G & S over to you to sign some players cos if we go down you won’t be getting 57 thousand at the cereal bowl next year & while your at it sack Bilic & the anthill mob he calls he’s backroom staff the club are a joke from owners to the crap on the park

  12. I am still inclined to believe Hugh’s source at the club. Maybe I ought to know better but I cannot believe we would sell one of our main strikers with no time to replace him (as the club source said himself). This could surely only happen if there was another brilliant deal linked to the sale. This seems unlikely or surely the club source would have referred to it. Unless he is not keeping you up to speed Hugh ( in which case a knee in the nads might be in order).

  13. Well, it looks like Sakho is indeed off.

    If that’s true I can only assume what I’ve always feared about this site.

    Last night, this site suggested there was a ring of truth to the transfer rumour. This morning, after making it sound as if they had a contact within the club, the rumour was dismissed.

    It’s now clear that C&Hs always-anonymous club sources are fabricated.

    All this site appears to do is report on other news reports. That’s fine within itself.

    What troubles me is the click bait approach taken and then, once the click bait is taken, the sheer amount of harmful and intrusive adware this site then infects your device with, without your permission and without any reference to it on the site. Judging by the quality of the site, I doubt the owner is even aware of what the site is doing to readers devices and their data.

    But hey, clicks mean money and that’s all that matters, right?

    This isn’t a fan site. This is a site set up to exploit and harm the fans. No more, no less.

    And before anyone provides the predictable and shallow statement of ‘no one is making you read it’ – don’t you worry. This site is now blacklisted on my machine after saying the sheer amount of data it is allowing 3rd party companies take without my permission and probably without the C&Hs knowledge or understanding.

  14. According to Sky sports he’s passed the medical. Need to see someone coming in.

  15. According to Sky, Sakho has passed a medical at Rennes and has just to agree personal terms. So C and H does appear to have got this story very wrong.
    On the more serious note of transfer, Tony Gale has just stated on Sky that out net spend over two seasons is £4 mil. If this is true then our board should be bloody well ashamed of itself. What was all this “We are coming for you” cr*p from Gold last season. Billericay Town have spent more on transfers than we have. Perhaps C and H insider at WHY can confirm if the £4 mil figure net spend is correct???

    • I think those figures are slightly misleading Kenny because they just take into account the transfer fee and not the wages or signing on fees etc, would be good for Sean to comment as he usually has some great facts from his foi requests. Hugh can you ask Sean to look into it pls ?

  16. We must be the only club this summer selling their better players off on the cheap ? Sakho was probably only played recently to prove he was fit enough to sell…

  17. Jan then ??

  18. Seans on his holidays.Sunning himself in Spain Lol
    Well we must all stop reading this now if Johny says so.I always thought it was spelt Johnny but i assume he knows how too spell his own name.Im mean Johny must be his real name right 😝

  19. Well thats 10 secs of my life i wont get back reading Johny Rottens rant 😂
    Wouldnt surprise me if Sak The Bak went back to France.Doesnt he have a young sprog there he was ment to be missing before.

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