Sakho update as problems pile up

diafra-sakho-542296Andy Carroll’s injury has left the Hammers with a serious striker crisis for the match against Everton as the selection problems pile up .

We have learned within the last few minutes that Diafra Sakho cannot be used for more than 30 minutes in tomorrow’s game against Everton.

With so little match action behind him, the advice of the medical team is that half an hour maximum will be the limit for the club’s Senegal striker.

It leaves the Irons looking incredibly lightweight up front where only Jonathon Calieri, Ashley Fletcher and Andrew Ayew will be available. It has left Slaven Bilic with little option than to opt for a highly defensive formation.

The inclusion of Ayew as a central striker is highly questionable but it seems likely Β the Ghana international may be called on to fill the role.

We were told: “Sakho will not be available to play 90 minutes – 30 is the limit for him.”

There is a view that Carroll’s continuing injury problems came as a result of him playing out 90 minutes against Arsenal and the club are unlikely to repeat the same mistake with Sakho.

Manager Slaven Bilic also has a problem at right back where Sam Byram is suspended and seems likely to draft in Havard NordveitΒ rather than pull Cheik Kouyate back from midfield.

He also has to decide whether to persist with error prone Darren Randolph between the stick or wherther to give Adrian a recall.


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36 comments on “Sakho update as problems pile up

  1. Not un-expected considering he has missed a year apart for 1.5 games which were 4 months ago.
    If he had played 30 minutes against Sunderland, then he would be playing more tomorrow.
    He is a silly child who needs to grow up. If his back problem is now fixed it will have been because of the club, not his own advisors who stopped him having the operation last season.
    He has a lot to prove and is not doing very well.

    • So if that’s the case, and he is still not fit to start, was the strop about not starting a complete non story? I mean he got a good slagging for that but if he didn’t travel because he was injured then he got harshly treated by the fans no?

  2. Ayew central striker for me all day long. He will do the job.

  3. Yeah I would go with Ayew. He has been quietly picking up goals. But main aim tomorrow-don’t lose! Surely at home we can grind out a point-how embarrassing to be saying this, but if Swansea get their fingers out in last 5 games we are still in trouble. I will be watching Swansea’s results in next two- home to Watford ( nothing to play for) & Man U away. Two defeats & we are sorted, but the Watford one looks a problem.

  4. Dunno about Ayew centrally, better at coming off the wing or arriving late than leading the line. The pile of dung is the fact that they knew pre-season about Sakho, even tried to sell him, they had plenty of data to suggest how much we could count on Carroll and yet they failed miserably to find appropriate striker support. I would give Fletcher a go personally with Lanzini just in behind.

    • I don’t know why Fletcher was not given more game-time before. I thought he made some good progress.

  5. Depressing forward line options we have,sicknotes and freebies.
    At least we get to watch a proper forward in Lukaku tomorrow,well apart from Sean who is off to watch his new team Spuds at Wembley πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Yeah I read Sean’s article about the Spuds Rads, was a good read sad but depressingly true, if we sort the fitness and training out so every player has a plan going onto the pitch we could very easilly be as good as or better than them, most of their players looked average before Pochettino got hold of them.

      • Curiosity got the better of me with John on about it yesterday 32πŸ˜‰
        Tbh i couldnt give a flying about what The Spuds do.I just hope Sean has learnt all the words to Ossies Dream for tomorrow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. The article says Carroll played 90 minutes v Arsenal but I thought Sakho played most of the second half as a sub for Carroll? (I was there )

  7. Ayew is getting into his stride and would seem the right choice given we have few options .
    There is definitely something amiss with our training and medical staff though . Could be that Sakho was pre-judged by lots of people and the stories are a bit out of tilt . As for Carroll all we can do is hope he gets fully fit over the close season . Certainly don’t want to lose him given our transfer habits . Reckon we’ll see a fair bit more of Fletcher next season .
    We’re not out of the woods yet ; as Hammer64 says , Swansea are our main concern at the moment . We have certainly been stretching the elastic band though and must hope it doesn’t snap during the run in . We must play the Alladyce way from now untill the end . The idea being not to lose . If we can get a couple of points then all well and good . Everton will come confident of a win against a West Ham in total disarray . Another dodgy and nervy game to look forward to .

  8. What are some of you worried about Swansea for ffs.With GD we are 10pts clear of them.Their Clement mini revival finished weeks ago.They have won 8 of 33 games all season what the f*ck makes you think they are suddenly going to win 4 of the last 5.
    And then you have Hull,Bournemouth who have more chance of going down than us.
    We aint going anywhere near going down.I bet whoever finishes 18th doesnt even reach the pts we have now.

  9. So the China Doll gets injured by miskicking a ball now? What’s next strained arm muscles from tying his laces, whiplash from putting up his bun, ruptured eye socket putting on his mascara πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Its all ok GW,Kev managed to get Hippo Heads name in to his comment so he is feeling all warm & fuzzy now πŸ˜‚

      • Yeah all is good in the world Rads now that Kev has got his beloved’s name out thereπŸ˜€πŸ˜€Thank god for Sammy and all of his 18 forwards that he signed so we can fall back on them this weekend eh? Oh yeah that’s right he blew millions and most of them have f**ked off or spend there time on there arse doing nothingπŸ˜€ But let’s play Sammy’s way he is a Demi god after all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • Dont talk badly of Dung Bettle GW you will have The Arrogant Ones telling you you aint a true fan from their soap box elsewhere while telling everyone they are the ultimate fans πŸ˜‚

          • Sorry Rads I will change my statement as I don’t want to be tarnished as a bad fan πŸ˜€ Sam oversaw the greatest time in our history, single handily saved us whilst not taking any kind of wage, left Slav a squad of world class players who could all walk into Real Madrid’s 1st team, delivered us the greatest forward that has ever existed and who leaps like a beautiful fresh water salmon when on the pitch and delivered us a magical 48 points in one of our most exciting seasons. All hail the great Allerdici πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • I’d be very happy with 48 points now

      • Talking about surviving this season , GW & others ( name too long to write ) . If we can play a successful defensive game we will be ok .
        Don’t think for a min I want Alladyce football but , it can be our answer . Bilic is too stubborn to see it . If only for the last few games left . Would rather finish 17th than 1st in the Championship .
        Feeling warm and fuzzy ; don’t think so . Seen us suffer too often and too easily .
        Have a giggle if you want , Football is what we are talking about and , if that means playing Stacking Team Buses then so be it . Needs must when needs must .
        We are being predicted to lose by an average of three goals amongst pundits .
        Let’s prove them all wrong ffs . Lakuku will start his losing run beginning tomorrow .
        Boiling Oil from the battlements and archers at the ready .
        For West Ham & St George . Come on you Hammers .

        • Oh Kevin i love the last couple of lines.Get your bow finger ready to launch those arrows from your long bow lol

  10. Here comes Radai the voice of optimism again! You are dead right mate. In a sane world there is no reason to expect Swansea to lose only one out of five. They lose two their max is 37. Three wins & a draw and we lose all five would do them. Can’t happen. I was an optimist at school. All the teachers said I was doing nothing & would mess up. I said they were miserable old pessimists & told the old man nothing to worry about. Let’s just say you know now why I turned into a miserable old pessimist!

    • Lol 64 πŸ˜€
      Ok then if it makes you feel more comfortable i predict we will lose our last 5 games starting tomorrow with a 6-0 humping from Everton.Swansea will then relegate with a goal in the 96th minute of the last game of the season.
      Do you feel better now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. That’s brilliant doctor thank you. if that happens I will be justified in staying a miserable old git for ever. Result!

    I remember back in 2007 before we had started our Great Escape. The bookies were offering ridiculous odds on us to go down. Can’t remember details but we must have been on under 20pts with 9 games left. A guy came on a site like this & predicted we would stay up. He even set out how we would get the points ( and we had quite a nasty run in). I think I just about managed to avoid calling him a complete lunatic-although that’s what I thought! Of course he turned out right as we won 7 from 9 ( I think) including 1-0 away to Man U in the last game.

  12. Like John, I can’t understand last weeks story about him having a strop. Why would Sakho get all bent out of shape and refuse to be on the bench if he was only fit enough to play 30 minutes. No player would expect to be in the starting line-up if they were only capable of 30 minutes. There must be more going on than is being reported. ‘Alternative Facts’?

    • Yep I demand clarity. Seems like people have it in for him at the moment. I’m tired of him, and Carrol too, but if he is injured and the refusing to travel story is made up then that don’t help.

    • Too many secret squirrels . Probably not a word of fact in any media report and or fantasy .
      Sakho & Carroll will be Hammers next season , even if Bilic might not be . There is light at the end of any tunnel . All we have to do is keep the light burning bright . We are having a turgid time of it but , we will come through , no doubt about it .

    • Missing the pnt -m he disagrees that he is only fit for 30mins. Thus the strop. Over analysing buddy

  13. We will be ok . Just about get away with it by the skin of our teeth . But get away with it we will . Toffees were made for chewing anyway . Especially Dutch ones .
    I predict : West Ham 2 0 Dutch Toffees . Wow , what price now pundits .
    An Everton sending off and a penalty to start . ( Lanzini ) About time the refs gave us something wouldn’t you say ?! . Fletcher off the bench to score the winner .
    Oh yeh .

  14. Kev, mate, if you predict 2-0 and Fletcher to score the second goal, how is that the winner since you have Everton not scoring at all?

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