Sakho: Why Palace game is special for me!


Diafra-Sakho-008Diafra Sakho has quickly learned the excitement of London derbies but tomorrow’s game against Palace is especially important to him.

He said: “”I am really looking forward to our game on Saturday against Crystal Palace, I look forward to every game but particularly at home, playing in front of our fans.

“The game against Crystal Palace away at the start of the season was my first game for the club so it was special for me, we won as well which makes it better.

“Every derby is special for the fans, and for the players also. I’m quickly learning how important London derbies are, and after Palace we’ve got two more against Chelsea and Arsenal.

“They are all big matches, but honestly, I never get fazed by any match. The Chelsea game next week is huge for everyone. A Wednesday evening game under the lights at the Boleyn Ground is something to look forward to. But, we will only focus on the Chelsea after Crystal Palace.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    He has learnt very fast how important local derbies are to us as well,
    Let’s hope Valencia and him start and BFS not have a senior moment and think they are fatigued and chooses Cole and Nolan telling us the other 2 can be fresh for Wed,

  • conkerpot says:

    Yes come on sakho son. Show us how special it is by smashing a few goals in for us.

  • Bangkokbill says:

    Well i for one am looking forward to this game,a game we should win a game we have to win,a game in whitch hippo head has to pick the best team and bench,a game where nolan comes on from the bench to settle things down,a game when nene comes on and scores from a free kick,a game to relish,a game to remember.
    then i woke up and buisness as usuall COYI

  • conkerpot says:

    Someone from Bangkok calling big Sam hippo head and saying they would like to see Nolan playing. this has to be a set up. I think I am being baited.

  • conkerpot says:

    Meanwhile in other news … Former West Ham United captain, Steve Lomas, just one of a host of former West Ham players to state their backing for big Sam, speaking recently on the premier league preview show, said, “for me he deserves a new contract it’s as simple as that.” “Even the most ardent of West Ham fan who doesn’t want sam, have got to hold their hands up and say, listen … this mans done a good job. Give him the respect he deserves.” Again, on the subject of a new contract he went onto say, “For me, big Sam deserves at least a two year contract with what he has done at West Ham.” This news brought to you by conkerpot your underground news correspondent. Bringing you the stories they didn’t want you to hear.

  • Sam should be knighted says:

    Thanks for the latest news conkerpot.Good you keep us informed on the up to date pro Sam gossip.Hippo head will be delighted to hear this when you phone him 🙂

  • mattefumi69 says:

    AHahahahahahahahahahaha… I’m dying, I can’t stop laughing… I’ve tears in my eyes… Ahahaha…

  • conkerpot says:

    I don’t know what’s so funny. This is a serious news item from a roving reporter.

  • bubs says:

    Conker you weren’t in Benadorm were you there’s rumours out here there’s posters on lampposts of a very large person looking for a job,
    But there is also a zoo nearby might just be a new attraction and I explained if it was BFS it would not very entertaining so don’t go.
    If it was you call next time we hang out with a bottle of beer I won’t make you watch the football in case you have a bad heart and can’t take the excitement,

  • conkerpot for fifa president says:

    Great article conker.Thanks for your input.You are a man of real integrity & balance.Our great club can only move onwards & upwards with guys like you who can see the whole picture through a visionaries eyes 😀

  • mattefumi69 says:

    sorry conker, but the moment is so funny because when I read your wonferful scoop you had from your top secret sources, I imagine you in the bedroom, in your pajamas, a fake microphone in your hand, standing on your bed announcing to the whole world BFS’s contract extension for at least 30 years… ahahhaha

  • TysonM says:

    I dont think conker has pyjamas.Probably he has a onesie with Sams face printed all over it & hippos ears on the hood of it 😉

  • bubs says:

    Or Tyson is it the one with little Kevin’s chasing Andy through the long grass ?
    Are you all going to the game today ?
    Wish I could be there but never mind it’s 26 degrees here and I will stand on the corner bottle in hand and watch,
    By the way spent along time trying to explain the long ball game last night but no they did not get it one of them did say he rembered seeing a game in black and white once which seemed like that but I told them BFS was probably playing then.

  • TysonM says:

    Yeah im going bubs,dont know about conker though.Remember Sams best mate said he was at the wba cup game until someone was kind enough to inform us that conker was actually commenting on here will the game was on so couldnt have been there,lol.Im not sure if our balanced roving reporter will be there but he will probably say he was even if he is shopping with the missus for a new Sam poster for their bedroom 😉

  • bubs says:

    Have a good day mate fingers crossed,just had a pinky blinder hair cut putting on my colours then grab me lucky heather ( nice girl heather one of twins her sister peg is alright to) walk pass the scrap pile jump in me transit and off down the bar,
    US gitanos have a good life out here,
    Matte you going to ?

  • conkerpot says:

    Message composed just before kickoff and sent via mobile phone and for the record I have the striped claret and blue dressing gown as modelled by Alex song in the Christmas catelogue.

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