Sam: ‘it’s been an outstanding season for me!’


“Everybody in the worldΒ Sam-Allardyce1of football has very short memories,” Allardyce told Sky Sports

“It’s only what happened a couple of weeks ago or next week that matters. What happened four months ago is forgotten, whether that’s good, bad or indifferent. That’s football.

“I want to see it through, yes. That depends on a lot of anomalies in terms of negotiations – not just myself but those involved around me. And of course how we’re going to progress in terms of recruitment.

“I’ve never heard them say I’m not doing a good job. I’ll find out next week and then I can ask them why – see if they give me an honest answer.

“We’re 11th with 47 points so we’ve got to try and get that 50-point mark and hope it gets us to 10th.

“Even if it doesn’t it’s still been an outstanding season and for me an outstanding three years back in the Premier League. I’ve only had to worry about relegation for about six weeks in three seasons.”

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  • Tiddy says:

    What the claret and blue he’ll is this man on??? Outstanding would be 4th-6th great 6th-9th 10th average.
    50pts!!! we had 36 pts 5 months ago! before the dinosaur got HIS players in the team and we stopped passing through the midfield and just lumped it
    Please go Sam and so no more…

  • Green man says:

    The wa**ker is in complete denial. It’s been a good season for him coz he’s seen his shares in Wrigleys go up in value. Can’t be anything else. The arrogant **** has to be a total moron if he thinks that he can take us for the same. Lying to yourself is one thing but don’t try compounding it by blatantly lying to us too. You are an appalling manager and all this sh*te you keep trying to sell leads me to believe you’re an appalling human being too. Now do one you egomaniac. Good riddance.

  • mattefumi keeps the faith says:

    Dont worry pathetic hipposaurus, the fans haven’t very short memories… they perfectly remember your rubbish football you showed them for 4 years.
    Do you want an honest answer? Well, you have to go asap because your football is boring, losing and extinct and you are just an idiot. Are you satisfied now?


  • Rads says:

    Shows what standards he has set himself as a manager doesnt it.10th or 11th is a remarkable season for Harry Houdini.No away win in 5 months= Remarkable season,3 wins in 20= Remarkable season.Guy is just using his smoke & mirrors & of course his big mouth to big himself up,make himself sound better than we all know he is.Will make no difference Samasaurus,youre history!! πŸ˜‰

  • sibbo says:

    hes a deluded clown go you idiot

  • Robbie says:

    Big thanks for signing mattefumi let`s get as many signatures as we can!

  • Robbie says:

    Post this in other forums!
    Let`s get the votes.

  • Stuck On 99 Forever! says:

    Everything this fool says here really should show the board that he is not the man to take us forward.This is a clear indication of the middle or the road standards he sets himself.Keep chasing the 50pts,two months now he has been talking up the 50pt mark.Pathetic to say the least.

  • TysonM says:

    So tired of this man.I cant be bothered to read his crap anymore,it makes my eyes bleed πŸ˜‰

  • Quickdraw says:

    I still believe the egotist is building himself up to look hard done by when he’s shown the door. I’ve just signed the petition I was number 13! I hope that’s not a bad omen but until I hear otherwise I’m keeping the faith. Six days eight and a half hours to go

    • mattefumi keeps the faith says:

      Nice job Big Ben Quick… Tic tac tic tac tic tac… Lol πŸ™‚

      • Quickdraw says:

        Haha thanks Matte trouble is the seconds are ticking slower and slower. Glad to see you’re keeping the faith,I’m sure he’s just on a PR campaign for when he gets no new contract

  • Chickenrunner says:

    Will be a remarkable season for me when the mug gets hoofed out of the club.Geezer needs a good slap upside the head,might knock some sense into the self loving pig.

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Pls Davids,just get rid of this bigheaded mediocre fool.He must go,we are turning into a joke on the pitch.Im sick of it.

  • Twinkle Toes Nolan says:

    Im not given to swearing usually.But for you Sam i can make an exception.Pls just **** off!

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Bla,bla,bla,same sh*t,different day.His ridiculous words of wisedom are as boring as his football teams.Naff off Allerdici,you are not wanted πŸ˜‰

  • bubs says:

    Well fat man I am not from the world of football and do not have a short memory in 4 years you have had 6 months of good luck and we have has 3years of dire football,
    And if this is outstanding for you your standards are not good enough for our club,
    stop talking and start packing,
    The board now need to decide as Westham Fans has it been an outstanding year for you
    If it has DG and DS your standards are not good enough either,
    No more rubbish and trying to bull ****e us sort it out

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Of course it’s been an outstanding season for him, at least in terms of counting his wages. And we played some brilliant football first half of the season, debatable how much he had to do with it as he reverted to type second half of the season, but still.
    We were virtually safe at Christmas which can be classified as outstanding.
    We have seen great performances from new players like Cresswell, Kouyate and Sakho which is outstanding.
    We have filled the ground nearly every home game, outstanding, considering the football dished up there.
    So it’s been an outstanding season on many levels.
    Unfortunately Sam’s definition of outstanding might differ from what us fans think.

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