Sam player support becomes embarrassing!

West Ham players appearing regularly in the media singing the praises of their manager and “hoping he stays ” is predictable and embarrassing” in equal parts.

Andy-Carroll-West-Ham_3126805Stewart Downing is the latest declaring: ““Hopefully he stays. We want him here. The players love playing for him. He’s a really good manager to play for.

“The manager has said it will be sorted at the end of the season so we have to get on with it and win games.

“The only way to put the uncertainty to bed is to win games because that puts him in a better position.

DowningNice words Stewart – shame about the actions!


This followed quotes from Andy Carroll declaring how much the manager was loved by the squad in which he said: “Everyone loves him, everyone loves the training and the routine we are in. I am sure all the lads want him to stay next season.

“The manager is strong enough to deal with that (run) and I think so are all the players. It is just unlucky the way the games have been going.”

Downing reckons the team needs to win to help him keep his job…Carroll appears to believe we are merely unlucky after another four games without a win.

All the proclamations of love and undying loyalty to the manager thus become almost entirely meaningless as the shocking run of results continues.

Sam no doubt needs someone to love him but the truth is we are showing relegation form and relegated managers generally get the sack.

Just felt a little reality check was needed!


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29 comments on “Sam player support becomes embarrassing!

  1. Havnt noticed Amalifitano,Nene or Zarate come out in support of our illustrious leader,im sure they have a totally different take on things.Sams agent keeps the spin wheel turning.Do all these guys have Curtis as their agent as well 😉

    • Let me guess, are they all SA signings, with Curtis as the agent per chance?

      • Haha,well Adrian,Nolan & Carroll i believe,but i saw an article about his interest in west ham players.He has links to many of them apparently.JOB,Demel,Jussi,Tomkins that i can remember plus the ones above.Only one i didnt see that was involved with him was Downing,but that has probably changed now.This was about 1yr ago i read about it.Really should be no surprise these are the most vociferous ones in the press & media.

  2. Ok, each player who supports BFS loses my respect. I’m serious about that.
    Whoever supports BFS is against the fans (the majority).


  3. It is embarressing because all these guys wont give a damn in a few months when he has gone.They will be heaping the same praise on the new manager 😉

  4. what a load of clap trap you speak Downing you Nolan &Carroll might want him to stay but as you play & don’t pay to watch this dross you might change your mind are you afraid a new manager might not want you at the club as you always get a game even though your an underachiever. BFS OUT & take Nolan O’Brien Cole Demel Carroll & Downing with you there love you at Mackem land

  5. If they start slagging the manager off they may get dropped, they will be seen as a troublemaker that may upset the dressing room to future managers. They may not find it as easy to find a new club. I’m sure if you thought your boss was awful at work you wouldn’t go the papers and slag him off over social media.

  6. ok dusty85, I agree, but the question is: did they answer to specific questions about Allardyce’s future or not? If it’s their own initiative it’s a shame. The could just ignore it for rispects for fans. And if those were specific questions they should be as general as possible. For example “Allardyce done a good job, but allow the owners to take the decisions”. That is a significant difference.

    • *did not done sorry

    • I agree, but if they were asked specifically and still gave vague answers the media can twist the words or loosely link things together. Q: what do you think of BFS? A: He is a good manager and is well repected at the club and the football world. Q: Do you want him to stay at the club? A: Any club would love to have a good and well respected manager at their club. Media: They want him to stay. Even though they didn’t say it specifically.

  7. Downing you are a idiot you nearly got your England spot back when you played in the new formation BFS was forced to play because Nolan and Carroll were injured as soon as he went back to Kick and chase and you became a orthodox winger and your England place went up in smoke,
    Never mind your worth about 5 mil so you can join BFS ,Nolan and Carroll at Sunderland,
    Come on Nolan its your turn back your Dad and slag Valencia while your at it,
    Good subject Hugh stuck to it rigidly

  8. They don’t have to praise or slag. They can easily say nothing

  9. I don’t know which was the original question, but if the journlist asked them “What do you think about your manager situation?” I think they cannot turn a blind eye to this… The problem are their words, indipendently of the question.

  10. They cant say nothing if someone in an interview or someone else in the media asks them can they.If they so ‘no comment’ they are screwed,if they say something against the manager they are screwed,what choice do they have but to back him.Some of them might do it through gritted teeth but i dont see they have much option 😉

  11. I know rads, but as I saw below they could answer something like this “Allardyce done a good job, but allow the owners to take the decisions”. Without being as*-kisser, they perfectly know what fans think about their manager. It is that simple,

  12. Your 100% correct no comment is very easy to say,
    But there are not many left,can’t remember Noble,Ried,Tomkins,O,Brien or Nolan but we still have 3 weeks 2 per week and that should cover it ( stats,stats )
    Mrs Brady had more luck getting votes for the Tory race today 500 small firms pity they weren’t sponsors for the club,
    Sorry went off subject

  13. But if they say no comment it looks stupid & they will be asked why they said it by the club.Easier for them to just play the game until he has gone.Apart from Nolan & Carroll who actually mean it for obvious reasons coz they are his pets & he always looks after them no matter what the situation.Ars*lickers the pair of them.

  14. ahahha… Ok, but Downing is like Carroll and Nolan, he’s the third son lol… Casually one of the favourites Sam’s player… Who’s next?
    Anyway, what a shame this situation… this is not fooball…


  15. Rads: I”d like a tenner for every time I’v e asked that question to players and bin told “Sorry mate,” You don’t slaughter anyone for not commenting. And these days the players are controlled by the media dept which plants stories and doesn’t allow a player annyhere near the media unless they say what they are told to.

  16. Well whatever they are all only playing the game because when the new manager comes in they will be telling the world what a fantastic boss he is,how his training is superb & great fun & how he has brought a new energy into the group,the usual crap that comes out.All except Nolan & Carroll who will be sulking or lineing their move up to Samasaurus next club.Sunderland could do with Carroll to go with Wickham if Allardyce ends up there.He would love to play both of them together up top,will be like fanatsy football for him having them both jumping up & down all match while Defoe sits on the bench till the 88th minute 😉

  17. As soon as I saw the lineup for Saturdays match my heart sunk again.What is wrong with this fat fool?.Does he pick the likes of Nolan and Jarvis ahead of Amalfitano and Nene just to **** us all off.With the team in mid table safety why the hell is he not picking a team that can cut loose instead of going back to his hoof ball.Quite simply fat Sams has thicker skin than a rhino and does not give a **** what we think or want.Cannot wait to see the back of him in the Summer cos his arrogance is breathtaking.

  18. Totally agree, I see Jarvis in the starting line up and just laughed as he is dog****. Having said that half the team still is!
    Jussi, O’brien, Demel, Jarvis, Nolan, Downing, Carroll, Cole and let’s not forget BFSamantha OUT!
    Play some youth and bring in a couple of decent players and I don’t mean 30 odd year old has beens or players that have had there day I.e Song!
    Let’s actually bring some quality in so the likes of cresswell, jenks,valencia and sakho can start playing again and we might see nene and amalfitano.
    But let’s not hold our breath aye!

    Let’s be hounest sam will probably stay and we will bring in a couple of half decent players that will see us through again, then they might make a change of manager when we are in the new ground and it’s then we will get relegated as it would have been left all a little too late.

  19. Lets face it…..whats not embarrassing about West Ham at the moment ?!! ( other than Adrian )

  20. Doesn’t look stupid at all – they choose not to comment End of really

  21. But the point is these aren’t questions they are being asked because the media has no access to them. Thus, it follows the quotes are being handed to the media via the club’s PR people who control that area

  22. The answer players always give is should they get caught unawares by the media is: You will have to talk to the club mate – not allowed to say anything without their permission” That’s why when they do talk every single quote is entirely anodyne

  23. The real question and feel free to join in.How long will it be until Burke declares he is a much better defender because of Allardyce.You know it’s a lie because Allardyce doesn’t get involved with any other team the the firsts. My guess is this weeks programme unless Brady tries in on in her column of lies in the Sun.

  24. If Burke is asked to talk to the press this season then the rubbish this club spouts about looking after the young players will be rubbished and if BFS uses him to try to save his job then he should be suspended immediately,
    There are years ahead for our young talented players to be chased by the press and after one game it’s not the right time,
    This club needs a coach not a manager and a person with the skills to talk to the press and public as the face of the club,
    Di Canio as coach Russell Brand as press officer

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