Sam thinks it’s all over- it is NOW!


article-0-004E0C7D00000258-971_468x322West Ham sources received former Sam Allardyce assistant Phil Brown’s:  “They’re crazy to let him go” outburst on talkSport in stunned silence before waves of laughter broke out.

The Southend boss and former Allardyce assistant at Bolton had said: ““I think it’s crazy that West Ham are letting him go. He’s one of our top English managers,” 

After finally letting the at out of the bag, Brown added: “A lot of people have pigeon-holed him as a survival manager which is ludicrous. He’s got promotion from the Championship and not only survived but taken them into the top half.

“He came to West Ham to do a job  and nobody can say he hasn’t.”

However, ClaretandHugh’s top contact inside the club laughed:  “Crazy to keep Sam?…crazy?”

“No I’m afraid Mr Brown needs to understand we’d be crazy to keep him – three win in 20 games!  It is safe for you to write that it’s over.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Sam thinks it’s all over- it is NOW!

  1. ahah… Sorry but I don’t know this idiot… Who is he? Masked Little Kev ?

  2. So if he isnt a survival specialist what is he?A trophy winning manager?A middle of the road manager?.Whatever he is isnt anything to shout from the roof tops about.Just an average middle od the road manager.No trophies of any significance,no big clubs on your CV(no newcastle or us doesnt count),No international management,maybe Leichtenstein might take you one day.Just a self promoting geezer who can talk the talk but cant walk the walk.Most flexible,most sophisticated,Houdini.Nah just a mediocre manager with limited ability.Sorry Sammerettes,dont cry 😉

  3. If he’s your top source Hugh then I trust it to be true and as close as we’ll get to official confirmation before Monday,the champagnes been on ice so long it’s frozen the wait has been terrible but now finally we see bright light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. I have finally officially realized that we have some real tossers support our team.People who still want or think Sam is the man for the job.Yeah,lets all have a love in,declare what a star he is.Give him an mbe for not winning an away game in 5.5 months.Knight him for beating Burnley,Sunderland & Hull in the last 20 games.We were on the up with Sam,he had us moving in the right direction.What an absolute load of rot.**** me gently we have some easily pleased fans.We play lame football,football for the conisseur if your sleep deprived.How can such a middle of the road manager leave some fans so petrified about his depature.It is incredible.

  5. I have been celebrating since April and now I am off to carry on,
    Matte Little Kev won’t be on til 11 when mum falls a sleep and spoonie has passed out
    BFS IS PACKING HIS MANKINI hope he is going to Costa del sol,

  6. It’s been a bad Five Months for Our Club, and rarely has Sam looked interested, there will be no shedding of tears, and he will not be remembered with the Greats we have had!

  7. Good riddance,we can move on with a new manager,one who will try to form a bond with the fans.Something The Sophisticated One never did or never tried to do.I detest people who say he is harshly treated by fans,like they are the saintly fans of west ham.This guy doeant give a flying **** about us as fans,why should we be so misty eyed about him going.I go to nearly every game home/away.I have rarely if ever that comes to mind seen him gives us any sort of meaningful acknowledgement.Certainly not in post match interviews.When has he ever said sorry to the fans or thanks for travelling sorry we let you down or didnt do the business.Always too busy blaming someone else or making excuses.So no i dont feel bad about being harsh to him & some little weasels on forums aint going to make me feel bad about it

  8. Lol,well most of wetpants will want the new manager to fail anyway.No one can emulate or improve on Hippo.They are all Bilic experts now.Oh how great it must be to be an expert on all things football.Thnk i need to sign up & join the elite crew.I need some wise words from pretentious know it alls.

  9. I didn’t know 11th place was top half. Maybe Brown did a different type of Mathis at his school.
    Still, once again I say, there’s still the other critical factor of this saga to belayed out yet. Will we get the manager we all hope for, or will we just get another Sam?

  10. Lo,there is only one sam thank god.We will be fine unless you listen to the doom & gloom merchants who have us down already if Allarsdce goes;)

  11. Ahah… Sorry canchaz but you make me smile… Every time you seem to be a wise preacher “Be careful, are we sure Sam will go? Are we sure his successor is good enough? Consider it carefully…” Lol… Don’t worry, I’m not a magician, but when you hit the bottom you can only just make it back up. Are you an hidden Sam lover? Lol .. I’m saying it friendly 🙂
    Bubs, hot news: Sam decided his holiday destination: Valencia.. Lol

  12. Bye bye Samuel,its been a pleasure being a fan in your time with us.I cant tell you how much i appreciate the close bond you formed with us both home & away.Always first to thank us for our support & to acknowledge our existance.Thankyou sir you have been a privilage to go round the country with.Tosspot 😉

  13. I’m quite excited… Soon kev will come here… He’s finishing his 7th beer… Lol

  14. Haha,yeah i like Kevins visits,lol,maybe spoons as well.They are twins i think 😉

  15. They are probably sulking in the corner of a pub,sharing a beer,lol

  16. Lol… It was a rough day for Sam… He needs to hear a friendly voice… Lol

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