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Sam…three Hammers…and England!

AndyCarrollWestHam_2821401Well it seems the Sam for England bandwagon is rolling in a big way with both David Gold and now David Sullivan weighing in to give him their support.

DS has chosen to explain that he will do a decent job etc in the morning press and DG gave him a vocal ‘Yes’ for the job yesterday.

I’m more interested in what it may mean for the Hammers and have come to the conclusion that the bloke may resort to the route we have all sought for a long time – THREE aaroncresswell-e1444287834803HAMMERS.

Should he land the job it’s more or less a given that Andy Carroll will be one of the first names on the team sheet as he did have us break our trnfer record at the time to buy the Geordie.

And I believe Aaron Cresswell – as one of his best Upton Park signings – will get the gig and that  brings us to the big one …Irons skipper Mark Noble.

Nobes – having made around 150 appearances under the former manager – may at last find his time come. The bloke loved him to bits even though in my view he used him nothing like as well as Slav managed last season.

6MarkNobleThe new boss gave  him a more forward role with good holding players behind him and it worked an absolute treat with the skipper having a fantastic season by and large.

In that sort of role I could see him doing a decent job for the Three Lions.

But it wouldn’t happen if  Sam decides he wants him to get forward and back as he did in his day with us. Mark just doesn’t have the pace.

Anyway a return to Three Hammers would have to be a good thing even though like many I have serious capability issues over him as an England manager.

But no, I ain’t going there again!



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Sam…three Hammers…and England!

  1. I’ve just took the neck brace off , and stopped the anti – deprescents ,
    Added the deep joy at Woy being sacked as predicted then this happens ,
    WHERES ME PILLS AND BRACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    There coming to take me away as I write !

  2. Hugh, I have no such worries about his capability. We either want to try and emulate the Spanish or Germans as a national side, or we want to play to our strengths and stand a chance of actually winning things.

    Sam has only ever had lower league teams to manage. We have no idea how well he would do with the kind of players he would have at his disposal if he were England manager. He doesn’t take any cr4p and, regardless of our thoughts on the way he sets teams up, seems to have no problem garnering respect and loyalty from players.

    His attributes were perhaps wrong for an aspiring West Ham team – I too wanted him gone by the end – but I think he deserves a chance as England boss. It couldn’t get any worse, could it?

  3. PS By “lower league” I mean teams in the lower half of the Premier League…

  4. He only knows one style of football and that’s boring dull defensive respect the point football,
    The last season he had a good run with us was because he had no choice but to play differently because of injuries,
    We were playing brilliantly because players were allowed to play,then the injured returned and so did the old ways,
    Exit Boring Sam,
    Our country deserves better,we played boring football with no confidence,because Woy did the same as Hippo,
    Stick with the rubbish of Liverpoor and Spuds and don’t bring in the young inspirational players that are being allowed to play with many different clubs,
    Only one manager can take us into a new exciting era and that’s Howe and not with boring Neville by his side,
    Let’s approach someone different like Beckham to learn alongside Howe,
    No more going backwards

  5. Yes bubs , spot on , except the Beckham bit ?
    Sorry Sammy lurve but you just don’t understand mate , I thought all the hippo crap was put to bed after last season ?
    Like a hippo it keeps raising its head !!!! Move on old boy its done and dusted .

  6. I don’t understand how this will work.The FA will surely want a young crop of players in the squad/team but historically BFS has filled his teams with older players,been there done it types.I read one report that said he would be keen on asking Frank Jr to come out of retirement lol

  7. At least Kevin Nolan will now get his England debut…

  8. Samuel England manager? It’s like giving a child a Ferrari and ask him to win a race… he doesn’t even know how to start the engine… lol 😀

  9. I do actually think he would be OK as England manager, we have nowhere near the quality the press would have us believe , the closest to a world class player and he is some distance off is Rooney apart from that we are 2nd division when it comes to Internationals so why not a man that makes 2nd division players play hard. It will be boring and negative but probably he will get better results in competitions than his lauded predecessors.

  10. Sam Allardyce took all the enjoyment and hunger for the game out of me at my club. I fell out of love with the game and was so pleased when the board stopped me being so bored and let the man go.
    I’ll never watch England until he’s sent packing if he gets the job I’d love to eat humble pie but after the dross served in his time in charge I very much doubt that will happen. Total backwards step by the FA if this happens.

  11. Because 32 we have players that are not 2 be class but Woy did not want to play them,
    Hippo could not get any decent player to raise his game,
    We need to forget the old guard and give youth a chance,
    Why win the pre league contest to only look total rubbish in the Finals,
    We have had easy qualifying in recent years but still look ordinary,
    Howe is the only English Manager who is world class and English,
    He took 2 nd class players and produced 1st class entertaining teams,he is still learning but has the ability to get the best out of our young players,
    Some need to get over BFS he did nothing for our club and nearly destroyed our academy,
    If Howe is not any good then we should be looking to a non English Manager,

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