Sam wants 10 weeks for team to gel but look at Koeman


KoemanSam Allardyce asked  all Hammers fans to show a little patience earlier this week!

He reckons his new players need time to bed in and at one stage claimed that we should know where we are in about ten weeks.

We’ve all heard his many excuses after games but making them beforehand and suggesting we should hold until the end of November before judging is pushing it a bit even by his standards.

Among the stuff he trotted out was: “Fans expect to see the best from the new players from day one. But it’s hard to integrate players, especially foreign players.

He then droned on about taking the player’s family into account and needing to make sure they were all happy.”

He then claimed the euphoria surrounding the transfer window acts as a distraction” before adding carefully:  “But we can’t use that as too much of an excuse.” So it is some sort of excuse then Sam?

In fact it’s worst than that: It’s a load of old b……s as the rise and rise of Southampton under new boss Ronald Koeman shows.

Koeman barely has his feet under the table at St Mary’s yet managed three against us in winning and four against Newcastle today. They are  now flying high.

Making Allardyce’s point even more ridiculous is that  Koeman is building a new team after the departures of key players like Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana.

There was no pleading for time to adjust – no calls for patience – just a determination to get on with and build a quality footballing side that wins games.

Sam Allardyce is one of the highest paid managers in world football and perhaps needs to stop talking for long enough to realise that.

We are not interested in cries for patience – we’ve shown enough under his management.

Results are all that matter so get on with it mate or to use a well worn journalistic expression: Make your excuses and leave!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • philtheiron says:

    Not sure I totally agree with you mate, although I take your point about koeman and Southampton.
    But IMO on the whole new players do need time to settle in. For example I think it has been clear to everybody that Valencia wasn’t match fit and will need time to get fully up and running.
    I also believe that BS was saying to want us to be world beaters after one or two games is a little unrealistic and that it would be better to judge the team after a longer period of time, after ten games would definitely be a better time in which to make a more balanced judgement.
    On the whole most fans are happy with the clubs transfer dealings and can see some progress being made.
    I also believe this feeling will remain as long as the progress is maintained. Starting at hull! COYI!

  • nwakeling says:

    This is spot on

  • rugbyirons says:

    Disgrace.Leave Sam .Why should you have until the end of November?if you can’t do the job in hand leave like anyone else would (have to).

  • Michael Miller says:

    Let’s hope the Dave’s are as tired of his BS as the fans are – the man is living on borrowed time – time to go now!

  • markro says:

    Having based his game on not conceding with the mantra, “If you don’t concede, you’ll win more games than you lose,” he is in real trouble. It is also a fallacy – you could draw all your games 0:0.
    The Davids have demanded more attacking, more attractive football, but those concepts are alien to Allardyce. He simply does not know how to integrate, or deal with, flair players.

    Here’s one that follows your logic, Sam – “If you don’t score, you’ll lose more games than you win.”

    You cannot win unless you score. Period!

  • merrittholmes says:

    Southampton are an exception…I’m as surprised as everyone else how well they have got themselves in order. if you look across the premiership, there are clubs that are not playing as well as last season or at least struggling to find consistent form due to new players.

    I think Sam has a point. Crystal Palace showed we have a lot of promise. We just need to build some consistency. Can we PLEASE just try to lay off the manager and get behind our team. we are only 3 games in and deserved to win 2 of them, so why be so negative.


  • Roman says:

    I believe BFS “conned” the owners and board to extend his tenure with the Irons.He doesn’t have a plan B and is only playing everyone for “mugs” asking for 10 weeks to prove his point.I agree with rugbyirons.Time to leave Sam.

  • conkerpot says:

    He says that every season about after the first ten games and he’s probably right to be honest. He’s right about foreigners taking time to settle in the premier league. It took Carlos tevez a while before he started firing on all cylinders. Dicanio was much better for us than he was at Wigan. Look at all the foreigners in tottenham a team last year. Too many all at once was the opinion. You certainly can’t judge a team after 3 games can you?

  • JP2101 says:

    You have to remember as well that when us and Newcastle played against Southampton, we were both really poor on the day, I’m not trying to take anything away from Southampton, I just believe both us and Newcastle pretty much handed the game to them (especially Newcastle with that dreadful defending!).

    You also said at the end that results are all that matter, yet most of the time people are complaining about the way we are playing, whether we get any kind of result or not. I just want to support the manager and the team every week! COYI!

  • COYI says:

    Hi guys this is the first time I have ever posted anything, although I follow West Ham sites every day I have had to break my silence because I need to ask the question,if Valencia is not match fit how can he play for his country twice in one week???

  • Conkerpot. I’m not sure PDC played for Wigan 🙂

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