Samba Stutters at West Ham

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The Premier League is experiencing a surge of Brazilian talent, with 34 players currently gracing the English top flight. This influx surpasses traditional powerhouses like France and Spain. However, West Ham United, apart from a few exceptions, hasn’t quite mastered the art of integrating Brazilians – or South American players in general – into their squad.

While the Premier League sees Brazilians flourishing, West Ham’s track record with these players is less than impressive.
Only Manuel Lanzini has surpassed the 100-appearance mark among 22 South American players who donned the West Ham shirt.
Carlos Tevez, a world-class talent, had a frustratingly brief stay and Carlos Sanchez’s stint was a forgettable one. Although undeniably great players, veterans like Pablo Zabaleta and Nobby Solano arrived well past their prime.

The full list of South American players to feature in at least one first team game in our colours is shown below. There has yet to be a Bolivian or Venezuelan Hammer:

Argentina (Lanzini, Zabaleta, Tevez, Zarate, Calleri, Scaloni, Mascherano, Tarrico)
Brazil (Paqueta, Anderson, Ilan, Nene)
Chile (Margas, Jimenez)
Colombia (Sanchez, Armero)
Paraguay (Balbuena, Montenegro)
Uruguay (Poyet, Lopez)
Ecuador (Valencia)
Peru (Solano)

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