Sam’s a busted flush – call the cab Daves!

sam-allardyceI’ve been attacked many times on forums as a Sam hater! In fact I hate nobody – far too strong a word.

So before writing this piece I went back through the various pieces I have written on the manager this season to decide whether that’s justified as a perception.

To be honest I couldn’t have been a lot fairer; there have been times when I’ve praised him to the skies, others – notably at the start of the season – when I said we all needed to reserve judgement and others when I’ve gone for the throat after particularly poor performances.

The truth is I am not a fan of Sam Allardyce as a manager or a man. He has down the years made a practice of filling his teams with journeymen pros as he has adopted a “survive at all costs” approach.

It’s why very few kids have emerged from his set-ups as he has fulfilled the objective of becoming, by and large, an eight, nine or tenth placed manager – with of course the odd exception.

As a man I find him arrogant, stubborn and an excuse finder for defeat but ready to glory in his self-given Allerdici title when it all goes right. Not good.

Whichever way you want to call it – Sam Allardyce is not a winner -never has been over the 20 years or so he’s managed.

I gave my knee jerk reaction to the events at the Boleyn earlier this afternoon but the facts are that today we were appalling – again showing the unacceptable face of a side which has lost the knowledge of how to win.

Here’s the League record since Christmas:


Played 10 Won 1 Drawn 5 Lost 4 Pts 8

That simply is not good enough, nor is it acceptable to remind us that we played very well against  the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Spurs because the playing well yielded one point from nine.

This afternoon we have slipped into ninth place with Chelsea and Arsenal on the horizon. The bright new dawn has turned into a dank, dreary evening and the only person you can point a finger at is the boss simply because he’s the bloke in charge. He has to make things happen.

If he doesn’t, he has to go and I believe he is now a busted flush with nothing left to offer West Ham United.

The owners got it right when appointing a man who is a survivalist, handed him the biggest transfer kitty of any Championship club but even then were forced to sweat it out as he got us up via the play offs when it should have been automatic.

But I believe they will get it completely wrong if they decide to let him stay because winning  things is simply not in his pedigree or it seems his nature – 4-0 defeat at West Brom. Blimey!

We need far far more than Sam has produced in his career when we move into our new home with all the high ambition the club has placed on that.

Don’t ask me who the next boss should be. I don’t know who is available or indeed wants the job so any name I put forward would be pointless  anyway.

What I do know is there are many who can keep teams in the Premier League and some – like Pards ( remember) who can take us much closer to a trophy than Sam Allardyce has managed.

So Daves, it’s time to be brave. Thank him for his services, shake his hand and watch him head for Hull, Queens Park Rangers or even one of those foreign clubs which he thinks his could manage with ease.

Bye Sam – it really is time to call the cab!



About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

23 comments on “Sam’s a busted flush – call the cab Daves!

  1. Well said to sum up get rid

  2. Hugh you exactly wrote what we (BFS Brigade) have always tried to explain. We have been called parasites, clueless about football, without memory, “the minority of fans”, etc. Welcome to our brigade 😉 thanks.

  3. Once again it is not Sam’s fault, according to Sam, never takes the blame when it goes wrong , get rid now , maybe Sunderland or one of the other bottom teams can use him, good riddance, he has completely ruined my Year. It was full of optimism before xmas but now, my god we are so awful and I am so saddened .

    Put him on gardening leave and get someone in to gel with the team before next season.


  4. Spot on Hugh.Dont gave a damn what the pro Sam guys say.Its time to have a parting of the ways in a drama free manner in the summer.Probably be called a parasite now for agreeing with you.Oh yeah sorry,a parasite who knows nothing about football,thats the term for people who are against King Samuel of Dudleys reign over us 😉

  5. hes got to go now

  6. There are simply 3 million reasons why he must go!

  7. About a month ago I wrote on this site after we luckily beat Leicester, 47 points was the most we would muster, we had 33 then, ten games later 39….. will we get another 8 ? not on todays performance. The long ball had reared its ugly head again, and we looked short of ideas and creativity. Bring Back the Valencia Sahko partnership we all cried….well we have had that for the last few games, in which we have managed to snatch draws out of the mouth of victory in ‘extra’ extra time twice, and have been comprehensively beaten twice.
    So is it really all down to BFS ?
    Song has been more productive in the media, talking about what he may do in the summer, than he has been on the field for weeks.
    Reid has flattered to deceive both literally and on and off the pitch. Downing’s early season form has completely disappeared. I am no fan of Allardyce, but we couldn’t blame Nolan today, or long balls pumped up to Carroll.
    He fielded the team everyone has been bleating on about today, and we succumb to a team that can only score from set pieces not once, not twice but ‘3’ times.
    Its time we all took our heads out of the sand and realise this team is still several players short of one good enough to challenge for European places. We simply are not a top 6 team. If we qualify for Europe by default (Fair play position) we will probably get relegated next season as one game a week is too much for us little own 2.

  8. HUGH you get my vote I have said it all before so there’s no point saying it again now the BFS must go gang must grow and this time we have to see it through no results from here on in will make me change my mind,
    Come on conker tell us some real facts why you would pay hard earn’t Money watching this crap ?

  9. Conker has gone – it got too personal and spiteful.

  10. Its incredible as i said before.We dont like Sam & want rid of the arrogant tool & we get told we are bfs brigade talking nonsense but these people who tell us this find it fine to tear the team apart or individual players.With the exception of Nolan we never attack the players,ffs,nothing like taking the high ground when it suits them!

  11. Not personal or spiteful HUGH the truth always hurt, he knows there is nothing he can say that would sway a neutral person let alone the faithful,as I have said many times I don’t care who is our manager I want to watch entertainment,
    Would you pay for crap beer or go and watch crap movies or stay at a crap hotel Ect ect then why should we pay for this crap.
    We are not BFS,s play things we are loyal fans who deserve to be treated with respect we are not idiots and be strung along with flannel week in week out,if the likes of conker are that shallow then he should find a forum that like BFS ( good luck with that )
    Last night when I left this site we had all had a laugh and we’re happy to night we are down ****ed off and angry it us that should be running off but no we are fighting for our club.

  12. Dont get me wrong,as a collective we were worse than poor today,but to now start blaming the players is crazy as far as the season goes.Is it the players who take it on themselves to defend deeper & deeper when we have a one goal lead.I doubt it,but if that is the case than Sam ahould be telling them to defend further up the pitch.Though we know it is Sam getting them to defend deeper & bring the other team on to us.Is it the players who have made stupid substitutions when a goal up.taking off attacking players for defensive minded players with 20mins or more to go.How many points have we dropped by sitting on a goal lead this season!.If it is the players fault now for our downturn in fortunes not the managers fault as some say, then why be concerned about Sam being our manager next year, because if you are going to blame the players to protect your god Sam then whoever manages this group of players is not going to be good enough.How the hell can players not wonder what to do when you have a manager who famously said when 1-0 at home to wba that we only drew because we were tryng to hard for a second goal.What manager with any common sense even makes a remark like that.1-0 at home to a then team in the bottom 4 or 5 & he aint happen we were trying to score a second goal.What a load of four stars(swear filter prevents me from saying what i want to) lol 🙂

  13. Conker has gone??? Where? But I understand that… Sometimes life of a reporter is hard, always around the world in search of a scoop… I’d like reading an article in his memory hoping he comes back soon.

  14. Hahaha,he has been blocked by Hugh,there will be no more flowerpot until he makes a new account & reappears as someone else 😉

  15. Ahahah… Ok, I’ll never forget him…

  16. I know you will miss him Matte,he entertained you 😉

  17. Ahahah… Yes, a lot…

  18. Ops… I’ve just read his last post, now I understand why he has been blocked…

  19. What did you think of Nene today ?
    Looks a good back up would do well in behind Sakho and Valencia if Downing is not doing it,and Noble and Kouyate were all right Song stinker again,BFS should have brought Ginge on at half time pushed Tomkins into Songs role and binned Song,in my opinion?
    Could not believe BFS just sat there chewing no emotion reminded me of Grant,
    That’s the deference Pulis would have been screaming at his players,
    2 Daves must make a move before we drop down to 11th which is only 2 weeks away.

  20. After that performance and every other performance since Christmas, and the club have the cheek to hold its loyal season ticket holders to ransom if they don’t pay deposit 17th April and season ticket by 31st May. MR Chairman if you are reading this please reply.
    Also why won’t song head a ball.

  21. We are dropping like a stone.. we were 4th for most of December and have only won 1 game since the 20th Dec & with Chelsea ans Arsenal this week I think itll be 1 win in 12 matches and we will be 10th. not a good

    Sam sucked all the momentum and confidence from our play during the Christmas period and the awful tactics for the Chelsea & Liverpool away games was unacceptable for me. We have never recovered our form & now his is picking the right sort of team and formation the players are in a slump … a slump he caused

    We will limp to the end of the season and finish either 9th 10th or 11th. Such a shame after a wonderful start

  22. they dont want to play for him they need a new manager

  23. We were rubbish … AGAIN . Song and Noble in midfield must fill the opposition with joy . They were awful . Reid is looking for end of season and Tomkins is not good enough . Cresswell is not as good as some people think and today was a stinker ….. and what did the lump of lard do .???? Sweet f a. … He is clueless and blames everyone but himself … Last week it was Cole on to play in midfield . Thank God he got injured .

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