‘Sam’s a stubborn man who has changed at last”


LeroyClaretandHugh’s top columnist Leroy Rosenior shared the Premier League TV studio with Hammers boss Sam Allardyce yesterday (Sun) and told us tonight: “It’s a long time since I’ve seen him as relaxed and chilled.”

Top pundit Lee – declaring Saturday’s win over Liverpool as being “absolutely sensational” –  said: “I made a point of going over and congratulating him.

“He thanked me and we had a chat. He was very chilled and looking v at peace with the world. It’s the best I’ve seen him for a while.”

Leroy, has several answers as to why it had taken the manager three years to come to a point where he could switch from one up to ‘total football.’

Never one to pull his punches Leroy – speaking exclusively to CandH – said: “He’s a stubborn man at times. He may well be one of those who when people insist he does it their way he digs his heels in and does the opposite.

“There’s been an awful lot of pressure on him from the fans who I think have won the day. They created the pressure which made the board act and Sam has responded well.

“This is a team that can really go places. I’m pleased for everybody involved with the club that it’s going so well. Things are looking very promising indeed.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Owl says:

    There isn’t a Top tier manager who ISN’T stubborn. But a decent transfer budget always helps!!!
    At a sideways glance, the Man U supporters probably wanted big name stars and LVG gave them those players but I always thought you needed to build a team from the back upon solid foundations.
    Big Sam has spent the transfer money and I can say that I’m impressed even at this early stage. Credit given where it’s due and all of that!


  • CaliHammer says:

    I’ll believe it when Nolan is back. I think his injury is a blessing in disguise, but not sure if Big Sam will see it. Once Nolan is back I’d be surprised if Big Sam didn’t go back to 1 up top…

    • exsoulie says:

      This is my worry and i hope he gets the same stick as Pardew if sam takes us back to the stone age football i saw last season.But give credit where its due and if sam sticks with KN and AC when both are fit,then vent your anger at the 2 davids and not the team.After all they are the ones who can change things.

  • rugbyirons says:

    The Davids bought the players in,and Sam wouldn’t play them.hull forced his hand and now the players are doing the stuff.what exactly do you people think Sam is doing any different?

    • exsoulie says:

      I dont know or care about his methods,but if the team carry on playing like they did saturday,he will no doubt keep his job.i am not for or against sam but i get the feeling that even if we win a cup or finnish in the top 6,some fans would still want him out.My thoughts on appointing managers-give them an initial short term contract-2 years max,and see how things turn out.look how much it cost man utd to get rid of moyes, 3 million to get of bfs,i can understand why the 2davids have stuck with him for now but I dont think sams contract will be extended next season.

    • baddowhammer says:

      Watch the football?

  • Owl says:

    WHY have a manager when you have chairmen that can scout, purchase, dictate team play & use substitutions as required???

    But maybe some of our supporters are deluded enough to believe this ACTUALLY happens!

    Get real!

  • Michael Miller says:

    Yes, that’s the feeling I have that David Sullivan (and his advisors) were behind the new players and that BFS hand has been forced by the injuries to Carroll and Nolan to play them!

    A bit uncharitable to BFS maybe, but we had to sit through the dross he put out last season and know what he’s all about.

  • Owl says:

    Short memories???

    I can CLEARLY remember WHERE we were before the two Davids & Big Sam was brought in.
    We were on the edge of a financial precipice & drifting from one disaster to another, West Ham as we knew it were looking like going under….Big Style!

    Upon relegation we bled the players who should’ve stayed to get this club back up, this club under Big Sam had to fashion a plan to get us up in the first season otherwise there was a real possibility of this club not coming back for some time. Promotion achieved in the first season….TICK!
    Still no real transfer budget, OVERACHIEVED, stayed up…..TICK!
    Notoriously difficult second season, No real transfer budget but enough for a marque signing, backfired through injury. Struggled…..but stayed up…..TICK!
    Third Season, FUNDS available, players signed…..Early days but looks good so far (could be a double TICK!).
    WHAT is it that some of our finest don’t understand about that @$%!?

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