Sam’s cash/injury logic a real stretch


sam-allardyceSam Allardyce appears to believe that players wage demands are having an effect on injury lists!

His argument is that as hard “as we try to prevent injuries, it is an impossibility because of the demand on the players – and that demand comes because the player wants ever more money to play for you, so it’s a vicious circle.”

That really is a  stretch to put it mildly and these new spins on an old tune always seem to arise when he suddenly has a bit of a problem in this area.

However, it doesn’t stop there and he  takes his logic several steps further declaring: “As hard as we try to prevent injuries, it is an impossibility because of the demand on the players – and that demand comes because the player wants ever more money to play for you,

“If the players’ demands came down then perhaps the demands to find more and more money wouldn’t be as great. Managing that situation is extremely difficult.

“Then there’s pre-season tours in America and elsewhere because the money is great and it’s a constant vicious circle that is putting them under risk of injury. The money they demand means that is the way it is.”

Now we would just point out a couple of things to the boss – the current injuries came whilst Sakho and Downing were on international duty! Can’t stop those games can we?

And the argument about pre-season tours is all a bit fragile. Teams do this to increase their value of their brands, of which player wages are just one element.

To be claiming the players are entirely responsible for that situation really is a bit rich and a bit off centre as far as we can see.

Sam sums it all up by using the words: “The money they demand means that the way it is.” No I don’t think it is. Players were getting injuries a long time before the Premier League came into being. It’s called par for the course in a contact game.

And there’s more than a little irony involved in this all coming from a manager who at the last count was the 13th best paid in world football!

Nor do we hear the same amount of injury ‘reasons’ from many -if any – other manager.

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  • MerryMichaelW says:

    Dear Hugh,

    You yourself are not entirely clear on your own logic here. Regretfully. 🙂

    While I sympathise with the wish to side with the players, it has now, surely to be accepted that the culture of greed and general stupidity about the context of the game amongst all players has to be challenged?

    In business, wages generally account for between a third and a half of all outgoings. In banks, it has become much more than that – and look where that has landed us!

    In football, wages … well, do the math, as they say. This simply cannot go on.

    All clubs now are servants of their sponsors. This is not just wrong – it is disasterous.

    So although BFS could have put his case better, I for one have a lot of sympathy.

    All the best, keep up the excellent work,

    • Nobody disagrees with player greed has to be confronted but to try tying that to injury crises is a real stretch for me. This I see nothing illogical in my point whatsoever Michael. As I wrote: Injuries have been a part of the game since it started so to argue that cash is a reason for them in any way is just plain daft.

  • MerryMichaelW says:

    PS I loved, and laughed heartily at, the photo on the genius article!

  • lmwhu says:

    Any excuse for a bit of Sam bashing eh.

  • No. Sorry forgot if we disagree with what Sam says we are Sam bashers. You have obviously missed the many positive things I’ve had to say about him recently and resort instead to the sad old cliches.

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