Sam’s contract pleas look a tad desperate

samallardyce-cropped_o5z7qav742vd1nm9ev6q0oyyrA couple of days ago a now infamous report claimed emphatically that Sam Allardyce has made up his mind  he would not be staying at Upton Park even if a new contract was offered!

The Daily Telegraph wrote: ““His future will  not be at West Ham and he has decided that he will leave the club even if they make a firm proposal to him in the next few weeks.”

The newspaper added: “Sources at West Ham have insisted that there was an approach made to Allardyce recently, with a new two-year deal potentially on offer, but it was declined.”
Hammers media officers immediately got busy and within a couple of hours stories were out saying: ‘No contract has been offered and therefore none has been refused.’
Today Sam – who apparently was definitely leaving – spent a  part of his press conference saying a contract needs to be offered quickly when the season ends and there’s much to sort out.
The possibility of a Europa Cup qualifying campaign is used as the reason for this given that time will be tight!
In the meantime it’s a fact that the Hammers are going hell for leather to get Rafa Benitez into the club and ClaretandHugh will hope to update you further on the hunt later in the day on other names in the frame.
Sam’s pleas for things to be settled quickly in the meantime are understandable – we get his concern – but such public proclamations begin to look a tad desperate.

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28 comments on “Sam’s contract pleas look a tad desperate

  1. Trust Our Owners have someone lined up and ready to sign a contract, then tell Sam after the last match in just over a weeks time, thanks and Bye!

  2. I’m confused,if he is definitely leaving why does a offer need to be offered quickly,
    This must be so confusing to non English people,
    Because it makes no sense to me if you are leaving DEFINITELY,you then say thanks for everything it’s been wonderful working here and the fans are great good bye,
    Anything else like Europe,transfers,The OS are nothing to do with him,
    So is he going or am I taking up tiddlywinks
    Please make the answer simple for me a person with a simple mind HUGH


  4. In ten days and one hour the fat man will shake hands with John Carver both managers who won’t be in charge of their respective United teams within days. Both undoubted geniuses will quickly find employment with top European clubs,one being a master tactician who blends science with football,the main science being not experimenting with silver in a cabinet,and the other the self proclaimed best coach in the premier league.
    In the meantime I will be studying the list of replacements and by now honestly not minding who is coming to my beloved club,although I still hope of de Boer.
    Keep the faith everyone only 14,460 minutes to go.

  5. Everything he does is desperate why shouldnt this be.Desperate team selections,desperate substiutions,desperate desire for his boy to get his 100th goal,desperate press conferences,desperate excuses,desperate style of play.He is Desperate Sam.

  6. If Bilic took over would we have to start sacrificing goats on Green St like the turks do before matches.Maybe he is superstitious & will want us to do it before games as well.Im sure Chicken would bite its head off no problems 😀

  7. ahahah… sorry, but every time a see one Sam’s photo I’m excited… I love this man… lol
    no no no no Sam, come on… don’t be pathetic, please don’t beg for a new contract, no. Come on, it really doesn’t suit you… you are a great manager, you have you pride, believe me you won’t have any trouble finding a new club, West Ham is not a big club, it wouldn’t allow you to add other trophies to your prestigious cabinet. You should manage clubs like Man Utd, Real Madrid, Juventus, that’s your dimension. Don’t cry Sam, you are and you’ll always be the most sophisticated manager I’ve ever seen.

  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of sacrificing,you do every week you go watch us play under BFS
    You give up 2 hours of your life,gives you blood pressure problems,makes you angry and feel like crap,
    Might be much easier just to sacrifice a goat ( make great curry )

  9. Hello everyone ; yep it’s me again , and very Happy with my name ,, Thanks .
    It has always been stated by both SAM Alladyce and the David’s that contract talks will be held after the ” end of season ” … All this media story inventing is a nonsense because no official decision has yet been made , or at the very least published … Naturally the David’s have reached a semi decision , but talks with Big Sam are still pending . ..
    West Ham have been pretty good considering the constant flow of injuries to key players .
    Not many managers would have coped with that ,, but Big Sam did .. And to say We are playing negative Football ( according to the Great Manager , Zola ) is to my mind , a case of not seeing because some Fans don’t want to . West Ham have played some good stuff .regardless of what some fans think . … If Big Sam is indeed to walk it could spell disaster for next season .. I say give Him the first 1/3 of next season and then review the situation .
    As He says ,, time is running out with a possible European adventure in the offing .
    Bilic is , for me , the only reasonable alternative if push comes to shove with Benitez a close second .

  10. So you give him the first 1/3 of the season & he doesnt cut it.Then what happens,alternative managers have new clubs by then.The signings will be in place of which some will presumably be Allardyces.You then have to sack a manager with a new one or two year contract which will mean a huge compensation/pay off of some sort for his contract.Yeah great plan KN.Also trying to work out how he has coped with all these injuries you say he did cope with.Is 3 wins in 19 copeing well.Anyway i have indulged you because its funny.Keep the wind-up posts coming Nolan.

  11. Ahhhh,bless him,Sams little soldier Kevin still fighting the good fight for dad.Got to admire their bond & true love,lol.Come on Lil Kev,keep the posts coming 😀

  12. Good stuff KN is back,always value for a good wind up post.Love it,he has been sent from Hippo to fight one final round.Typical Sam,sends someone else to do his dirty work,lol 😀

  13. Kevin please explain to me what I missed and be specific please name the game and the great move or goal or build up since Xmas,
    As you have thrown my eye sight in to the mix I will do my best to go back and review those incidents then I will way them up against the dross for the other 87 mins and if you are right I will change my argument and even apologies to BFS personally,
    I don’t expect I will here from you again for a little while
    Maybe grandad could take you to another game soon,

  14. He’s enjoying himself bubs,let him stay in his smiley happy Sammie world,he is doing no one any harm there.Aint like he has mentioned rabid dogs or morons,yet!! Probably part of Billy Bellend & the RodentHammer crew though 😉

  15. Nice , bubs ; don’t worry , you are sure to hear from me again in a few weeks . Or maybe even tomorrow . Great to see so many fans being greatful for us still being in the Prem .
    Just what exactly did you expect from this season ?? .
    If Big Sam is still Manager in a Months time I’ll laugh my socks off at the lot of you .

  16. Lmao,yep definately from another site on a windup,aint no disputing that,funny.Once you get one escapes they all get let loose until the nurses & security round them up again!Hope he doesnt wet his pants while laughing his socks off,it could start to look ugly.

  17. Kevin you forgot your dates and games go back and ask for the stats at wetpants.com
    Don’t leave more than 2 weeks because after that it will all be history and you will probably be going to Fulham with grandad to watch the great one destroy another club,
    The good thing is you will know most of the players
    Uncle Kevin cousin Joey,cousin Matt aunty Andy
    Good luck with that
    Tying to be nice Hugh

  18. Ahaha… I love your words Kevin… In your first message “letal”, now “disaster”… Lol, the next one? Fatal? Lol
    Sam please don’t go, we could die without you… Lol

  19. Bwahaha,you obviously got what you expected then Kevin,bland football & a load of pony since xmas.How much are ya getting paid for coming on here to build Sammy boy up? 2p a letter or is it £1 a comment? bit of pocket money from Uncle Sam.

  20. He said ‘fatal’ in his first post today i believe i read.

  21. Ahah.. Maybe fatal… Lol

  22. I reckon its Hugh on the p*ss take,giving his rabid dogs there equivalent of raw meat,a bit of sam loving from a geezer to feed to his pack of hounds,lol 😀

  23. He must go Matte mum just shouted lights out and turn that computer off or grandad will come and visit you,
    Nice to see you stayed Usain,Matte is like me we just get confused at time it’s a time zone thing,and it’s very hot on the med at the moment,
    Matte Napoli are just going out so Rafa might make a decision tomorrow,
    But then the Spuds will probably want him as well

  24. Ahaah… Yes bubs, I cross my fingers…

  25. Of course i stayed.No probs there guys.

  26. You won’t be laughing at the lot of us Kevin. There are many, like me, who believe the club will go nowhere if he stays but at the same time are under no illusions about the possibility he will still be in his chair next season. In fact I posted only this morning that I certainly wouldn’t bet the bank on his departure

  27. Dont be so bleeding pesermistic canchaz.Hippo is gone.

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