Sam’s D-Day close – abuse won’t change a thing

DG_Image_Library_232-1_Crop_400x400Could there be a more dreary, disruptive and disappointing climax to a season gone badly wrong?

Tomorrow it’s rock-bottom Burnley at the Boleyn for a game in which there’s little interest or enthusiasm – it should all have been so different.

Over recent days we have seen our co chairman DG abused on Twitter because he claimed injuries contributed towards a lack lustre performance at QPR before later declaring himself “tired” of abuse directed at the club with one follower calling it a “joke.”

Meanwhile the team’s general form and results is nothing less than appalling with the managerial situation remaining entirely at the forefront of most people’s minds.

It’s all so West Ham. You don’t need a time machine to revisit Hammers history…2014-15 is a repeat of 2013-14.

Little or nothing, including the League position, has changed and once again we await an end of season review with not a day going by and  the managerial situation not being discussed,

In a word West Ham is once again in a “mess” with fans demanding answers, not getting any and thus venting their spleen all over Twitter at David Gold or any other handy target.

There sole reason for this is the the Sam Allardyce situation.

Once David Gold had described himself of “tired” of  Twitter abuse and later said if he and David Sullivan weren’t wanted they could leave, the real issue emerged.

A huge number tweeted that it was all about the manager. One claimed that if DG wanted an end to the Twitter twatter  he should get rid of him like NOW …it was a theme rapidly taken up by many others.

None of it was about DG – it was about the manager and it always will be until the matter is sorted. DG will understand that as he nurses the hurt inflicted by non-thinking keyboard warriors

The Davids are friends to this site and we know they both read it with DG often being good enough to grant us interviews. The know how the fans feel – trust me on this!

David Sullivan made his position clear back in November during a question and answer session with us. Here’s a reminder of what was said:

CandH: There seems to be a constant war between the pro and anti Sam brigades. Do you have a message for them?

DS: People are entitled to their opinions. We live in a democracy. I’d say ‘judge him over the season.’

Most will feel we are now in a position to do that despite four games being left.

The reality is  there has been little or no progress either in league position (that may change for better or worse!), the atmosphere within the club is as grim as ever, and the type of football for the second half of the season is where we were this time last year despite demands for something much better by fans and board alike last summer.

Within a few weeks the manager’s fate will be revealed. Until then however, let’s lay off the co chairmen because effing and blinding on social networks will make not a blind bit of difference to anything.

I have believed for a long time that a new manager will be installed this summer and I think that will be good for West Ham United and Sam Allardyce.

Despite a bright start we are again in the pack of also rans. It’s been like backing a horse and watching it run a great first mile before fading into the no hope category long before the end.

David Sullivan has been in the racing industry as well as football for 25 years – he will get it!





About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

61 comments on “Sam’s D-Day close – abuse won’t change a thing

  1. Hugh you are a believer in people’s honesty,
    Life quite often is not like that and business is even worse,I know you believe BFS will go and have had enough of the BFS talk taking over every article but as you have wrote it is the only thing true and part time fans want an answer on,
    Sorry I don’t trust anyone I think I will wait until it happens,
    I will just sit in the back ground and wait for the true fans to release the news,

  2. Boleyn you are returning to Wetpants.com then as you are stupid enough to say this is an Anti Sam site,Sorry Very Anti Sam site,
    Hugh has a individuals right to his opinion but as for the rest of us we have made our own minds up,
    Anti BFatS is my choice not anyone else’s and that is a full time view,
    And I have reason for that which I have made quite clear,
    You where having a good day today and then you reached climax time and lost it
    Bye bye

  3. Ofc im anti sam,why the hell wouldnt i be,the man is thief & a fraudster,robbing us of 3m a year impersonating a Premier League manager.He should be bought before the beak & charged for impersonating a manager 😉

  4. You are anti sam & anti gold though aint ya Boleyn.Youre a man on a double mission 😀

  5. So DG read this site? wow! Please Mr Gold I want the fat man out! Thanks… Lol
    And Sam if you read this site too I tell you “You are just a fool”… Lol


  6. It seems clear to me that if they can find a better manager they will but if not then hippohead gets another year or two.so enough with all the anti sam if a better manager wants the job then great if not then who better than hippohead

  7. Ffs,i was only joking.Dont start putting me in my place as well,lol 😀

  8. Hahaha,classic Bangkok.Enough of the anti sam & then you call him hippohead 😀

  9. Boleyn if you read my comments you wi lol read I was at our ground in the 60,s and unless my mother used to go to the ground when she was pregnant and had a 50 year pregnancy
    Your numbers don’t add up as usual,
    So you did not write this is a very anti Sam site,you did not write that unless you did not go to every home game this season you are not a proper fan
    With youthful eyes I must be reading something wrong,
    Sorry I spelt wetpants.com wrong but never posting there you would know that,
    But unfortunately you write like people who like that site,
    And yes I like a drink but can’t remember he last time it affected my judgement,
    In fact I am going for a beer now
    Bye bye

    • Nope another one of your posts that has gone right over my head.

      So because I know of the site WHTID your logic is I must post there?

      I know of Hobnob, Oatcake, WATID, OTIB, Toffeeweb, Saintsweb, A&P plus many other sites that football fans have, does not mean I Post on them.

      You may not be 8 or 9 years old but you sure act and post like one. Just not as clever.

      From now on Bubs, you ignore me and I will do likewise back.

      Ps I am sure if Hugh has any issue with my original post on this article he will either reply back and have a sensible debate or he will throw his toys out of the pram and ban me. I would hope Hugh would not be that childish.

  10. Rads can you pass a message to Bolleyn as he is sulking and won’t talk to me,
    I can’t ignore him he is to much fun,
    Not a bad shopping list I like hobnobs but no tena ladies ?
    Speak later Rads off to the bar

  11. God you are a pathetic little troll.

  12. Bubs is a good guy Boleyn,you seem like a decent bloke as well but knock it on the head with Bubs pls.If you can would be appreciated.He is no troll,been here for as long as i can remember & until in the last few days when it has all kicked off only ever wanted a bit of fun,nothing heavy 😉

  13. You like popping at grandads do you Boleyn,you f*cking bully 😀

  14. Well said.

  15. Thanks Rad but troll and cretin as well as not a true supporter and only 8 years old,
    With the season we have had this year if you can’t laugh you would cry,
    Relax Boleyn leave Hugh and the good guys alone and go after the person who is causing your anger BFS
    Rads those new shirts are shocking after what we were talking about yesterday how could they come up with those

  16. Woah woah hold on just a minute. Don’t dare ask me to knock it on the head when he is the one causing all the trouble. He is the one who has started throwing the insults around and claiming my time here is short, demanding I leave. All because I have a different opinion.

    Get the fck away with that crap here and now.

    Who was it that asked for him to ignore me and I will do the same back. That was me, not him. He cant even do that, instead he tries to get another poster (rads) involved. Poor darts that.

    He may be a good guy to you, to me his a pathetic know nothing little troll.

    I am happy to ignore the daft plank that is Bubs, I want to, I asked him to do just that. But if you are going to ask me to do that then you better ask him as well.

    Not me who started this crap with him. Not my fault he has a hard time understanding basic English. But if he wants to continue throwing insults and stalking me then I will give it to him back.

    • Woah woah,i asked you nicely,you cant understand that boleyn.im sorry you cant understand someone asking you something nicely 😉

    • Hahaha,you really think he asked me to get involved,jeez,as i said i asked you nicely.If you want a row with me as well fair enough.But i aint the one looking for it 😉

  17. Right Boleyn.You were here the other night blaming Gold for helping to save the club and calling those of us who believed he and DS had done so of falling for the propoganda and whatever without explaining what you meant.giving a reason why. All Gold said was there were injuries (unwisely in my view) before saying he was tired of the club he part owns bein called a joke. How exactly does that have anything to do with BFS except in your obsessed Allardyce mind. Yes I am anti Alardyce and proud of it. Thos is an anti Allardyce site because he has been the most divisive manager in our history and he should go for that reason alone. What precisely is the get out of jail card you are talking about. DGhas said nothing of any consequence and been leapt on. Wrong. As for you – just leaping in to have a pop at anything and everyone. and making it personal. You don,t like me or the site go. Your call.

  18. Ehi boleyn, relax, here we like to take it easy… I don’t go to the boleyn, I hope I can express my opinion… Lol anyway I tell you one thing: I’ve been a season ticket holder for Milan for 12 years, now I don’t go to stadiums. But believe me, but I understand things from my cauch too… Lol

  19. I said if you could pls! I didnt order you.Dont go getting heavy with me Boleyn,it will get you nowhere i promise you 😉

  20. Sorry getting used to a new laptop keyboard…apologise for lack of normal articulation. We still have no reason from Boleyn why he dislikes two of them and not the other.

  21. How ironic that this now lengthy post is headlined ‘…Abuse won’t change a thing’

  22. Lol,love it,irony for sure 😉

  23. I got as far as bloody fool. I do not take insults or abuse Troll – ur history. Bye

  24. Idom’t need you or anyone else t defendme. I’ll own whatever I like and say whatever I like. Don’t like it and come back with abuse. Go and cry on another site thatt I am an egotisticl *******. Am I bovvered?????

  25. Attitude stinks . Np answers to valid qustions just more abuse u ain’t required in my front room. Bye

  26. Got to love a friday night of peace & harmony,cant beat it 😀

  27. I think what people fail to realize on sites like these is that they don’t have unconditional rights. Hugh does this for free and makes a few pennies out of the adds and links we might click on from time to time. A lot of effort goes into providing us all with the information and entertainment we garner from this.

    It’s not too much to live by whatever rules Hugh wants to set; it’s his site. I have no agenda here I just always find it amazing that people think they can get something for free then ***** and moan in such a destructive manner.

  28. Just get on the ganja lads,might stop you being so stressed & argumentative 😀

  29. Any views u like lads but if someone comes into your front room and calls you a retarded CU next Tuesday and all the rest of it he might be asked to leave.

    I have binned him from coming into my front room. . I always do when the abuse starts.

    This should be fun

  30. So….. ;p Matty Taylor to score tomorrow?! Bet he does! Coyi!

  31. Anymore Boleyn Not Forever would only mean we would have to moderate. Sad git

  32. Hi lads grandads back,
    Sorry about the trouble but he was getting under everyone’s skin,
    And no sense of humour,thanks for your support that’s what I call the true westham way,
    Very angry young man and no control,sorry Hugh me and 647580 started this 4 hours ago,
    Well who is going for a win to morrow ?
    I think it will be 1-1 ,93rd min Nolan OG gives it away BFS brings him on in the 88min
    Only joking ( really )
    Rads,Tyson and Matte are the best and you Hugh

    • No ones about bubs,they are in their bunkers,rads is in his smoking ganja,mattes in his chewing gum,lol,they are waiting for the all clear alarm 😀

      • Oh no,i was wrong,Matte has come out of his 😉

      • Lol,i wasnt in any bunker Ty,dont give a damn about the guys who want a row,goes right over my head.F*ck ’em,if they start on me i will smack ’em over the head with me mega spliff,haha 😀

    • 93rd min Nolan OG gives it away BFS brings him on in the 88min.

      That’s funny 🙂

  33. 😉 bubs one of us

  34. Tyson are you going tomorrow or giving it a miss,
    You might bump into Hamburg,

    • Yeah im going bubs,god knows why,i am a sucker for punishment i think,lol,Hamburg is here in the country i think from what he said the other day 😉

  35. Have you lot actually heard yourself!
    I used to like reading this site to find out exiting news etc and find out what other fans think, but you have all killed it.
    ****ing grow up you’re boring!

  36. Jwood read the article at the top that’s the news ignore us i am just a cretin and troll,
    Not trying to spoil your read ( sorry )
    Is Bolyneforever a friend?

  37. I’m guessing those that offended Hugh have had their posts deleted? The thread now makes no sense whatsoever! Shame, it seems I missed a slugfest last night!

  38. I will not have the sitrassociated with the disgusting language and trolling behaviour of one individual. Thus the deletions Whug

  39. No offence DG but until you get rid of that “THING”!you will get it in the neck.

  40. That’s fair, no problem with that, just makes the thread hard to read the next morning lol! It looks like you are all talking to yourself. Perhaps so surprising to be fair!

  41. Opinions are opinions we can’t agree on everything but the common thread is that BFS has and continues the division between us as fans. I don’t go every week due to severe ill health but is my opinion not worth anything? Of course my opinion is worth something just like our friends from abroad ,those who like me can’t make it anymore due to health issues,those whose circumstances have changed. I admire you ST holders who go every week to watch that mediocrity and yes you maybe able to judge the atmosphere of the fans better but we are all fans of this great club, I’ve been one for 30 years that will never change, we will all have opinions,we might not agree on everything but let’s be honest the blame for mediocrity lies with the overpaid,egotistical, trophy less one dimensional oaf that is in charge

  42. There is no doubt in my mind the Sam is one of the most over rated, arrogant and deluded managers in the league, and my dislike for him encourages me to constantly look in the media for hints of his exit, I cannot wait for the day he is hone, but before you dig out DG read hid biography, he is more West Ham than 90% of fans will ever be !!

  43. That is a lot of fans from a cross section all of the same opinion,
    Wre the smoke there must be fire we all think the same and we are all loyal fans,
    This tag of Sam Hater or Sam Lover is just because there is a difference of opinion,
    But this war started because 2 other sites refused you the right of that opinion and when its regulars could not bully us into changing our opinion that came to this site to cause trouble,
    Now events are changing and there saint has turned into a sinner they come here again as changed people or to cause more trouble,
    Sorry to anyone on this site if I have caused offence but I will not be bullied and will fight back,
    This club and fellow fans are to important to me to ignore these idiots
    Back to today lets hope we can celebrate tonight

    • Ehi bubs, you’re probably the best here, don’t worry, just be always yourself.
      We’ve got a mission here. Lol


    • Some people just take things far,far too seriously,ffs,no disrespect Hugh when i say this,but its just a football forum.Not life or death.I dont come on here to get into some mass debate & arguement on the scale of a political scandal.Personally i think many people know little about our club but think they know everything with regards to the boardroom & general running of it as a bussiness.I guess that is what forums create,armchair chairmen & managers.Still who cares,im off to the match now,have fun Bubs,Matte.Try to keep out of trouble,lol,oh & btw,if this is ment to be an anti-sam site then god knows what you can call another one with a similiar name to this.It makes this one looks like childsplay with regards to hippohead,lol,have fun boys,time for a few pre-match sherbets 😉

  44. fat sam out

  45. @bubs nor do I but I ain’t gonna be abused buddy ! Simple

  46. Yes Hugh I understand,he far to far but I think he wanted you to ban him so he could have some sort of victory in his life,
    Enjoy the game Rads,Tyson,Hugh and the rest of you

  47. If that’s his idea of v ictory fine – happy to oblige

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