Sam’s final 90 Boleyn minutes?

Kahn1Nigel Kahn (right) is probably Sam Allardyce’s longest and loudest long term critic.

Today (Thurs)  on the eve of what could  be the manager’s final appearance in the Boleyn dug-out for the visit of Everton, the guy known to some as ‘Nasty Nige’ gives his feelings as we all approach the the final home game of the season.

Last season I made a fool of myself when I trumpeted: “Sam is finished.”

I declared he was being sacked…that his time was up and asked Sam to sing “My Way” as a leaving song.

So today I wouldn’t be so foolish to say the same again …would I? Oh yes I would.

No matter how our final home game of the season turns out against Everton, it will be a great day – it’s the last time we will be managed by him at the Boleyn I aim to celebrate. It’s time to party.

It may seem strange to celebrate but since Christmas we ain’t had a lot to celebrate so that’s a good enough reason to do so.

Of course there is that nagging doubt that it all may not happen, He may get a new contract but I’m a gambling man, and the Press have long been proclaiming it.

The owners may be saying no decision until the end of the season but really, if they were dead set on keeping him, they would have tied home up long time ago.

Back at Christmas we were sitting in the top four, looking forward to an FA Cup run (cough) so they had ample opportunity to say: “Sam, here’s another two years.”

They didn’t and the season crashed and burned, the FA cup demise sealed his fate and since then it’s been mainly dross. Them sticking to the no contact until the end of the year actually means nocontract at all.

Mind you, I don’t think he would sign one anyway. If you were Sam and you read daily that every available manager is being lined up for your job, would you really take what they offered you knowing you were not only second best but probably seventh or eighth -.the fall back guy. I know I wouldn’t accept it, and probably be telling them to stick it where the s don’t shne.

However, I can see other clubs fighting to get him ;, Sunderland all day long would love him plus QPR and Fulham would hope he could do for them what he managed for us.

Us fans are often painted as being ungrateful in the way he has been treated, but he, while achieving everything the owners have asked of him, only has himself to blame.

Football is not like the business world where you can be blunt, direct and to the point to your staff because in the general workplace you have not got 35,000 fans to get along with as well.

He may think he doesn’t need to pander to us and that he only needs to do what his employers ask of him. But in this game 35,000 are looking on and when the social media crowd are added it’s probably around 60,000 may be even more.

Make little or no attempt when you are as disliked as he is, to change and win them round then those fans will make life difficult.

DG on Twitter is inundated day after day with ‘get him out’ tweets, articles are written which the club do monitor, urging the owners to sack him. Ultmately, the pressure tells , the outcome is inevitable and it’s time to wave goodbye.

The replacement list is fluctuates day by day with the apparent favourite being Rafa Benitez, who Sam claimed in a Sky interview a couple of seasons back was no better than him

That may be true, but, football is about trophies and when Rafa puts his on the table they look mighty impressive; Champions League, UEFA cup, FA cup, trophies in Spain as well.

Sams table is empty – he has won nothing, his promotions have only come via play offs so he’s not won a league title either. I will welcome any manager although my preference would require the club to change its current set up and I can’t see the owners handing back the transfer reigns to a De Boer or Rijkaard.

I must admit I don’t envy the owners making that decision, struggle next season and those who have backed Sam being quick to point out that never happened under their man!

On the other hand, if Europe does beckon, a word of warning. The last time we qualified for Europe via league placing resulted in us having to start in July, but come May Harry was gone and we stayed up by the skin of our teeth with 42 points, the same total as two later and that saw us go down.

This summer is the most important in the club’s history. Get the right manager, sprinkle in some class players then the top eight should beckon. Get the wrong man, a couple of gambles and the unthinkable could happen.

Who’d want to be an owner?

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30 comments on “Sam’s final 90 Boleyn minutes?

  1. No comment it’s all there to read,but then he admits he is anti Sam but has the argument to back it up,
    Every team has its up and downs,when Ferguson resigned who thought there fans would end up with the last 2 years of rubbish where even we looked more adventurous then them
    but they had the paper work to back there system,
    Time to be bold,time for change,let’s Embark on a new adventure into the unknown,
    Because I can’t watch that crap any more
    Hope you are right Nige

  2. You never said a truer word!

  3. I do not buy in to this whole stay with Sam as he will keep you up, clearly the team is under performing and who is to say that it will not drag into next season and we go down (even Brian Clough – and can not believe mentioning such a great man in a post about BFS – was given extra time and clearly was out of sorts took Forest down so why not BFS?)

    This whole “image” about him leaving and then teams going down . . . could this be something to do with the fact that he left clubs with ageing, disgruntled players and suchlike and had an effect. Maybe if the owners had not insisted in change of policy on purchases we could have suffered the same fate, but not now I feel.

    Sam is a dinosaur, you are correct he has won nothing, he has the resources of one of the top 20 richest clubs in the world, the clubs payroll is well high in the premier league listings.

    He took Notts County down . . . and he was assistant Manager at West Brom with Brian Talbot and they took them down, and one relegation for West Ham had a team just above them . . . Bolton Managed by the dinosaur

    Greenwood, Lyall and Bonds would have all loved what BFS has had to spend on salaries and record signings, and yet with the lack of funds and mainly home grown talent they had to work with all of them did better than this odius, arrogant man.

    Bonds with no resources, the bond scheme and the club in turmoil took the club up twice at first time of asking, stabilising them before feeling the knife of Redknapp . . .

    Lyall won FA Cup, promotion by record points, league cup final (when it meant something) ECWC final and only went down (and we forget I think only Everton and Arsenal had been in the top tier longer than us) due to a shocking injury crisis, and in the days when the first team was about 16 players in the main . . .

    Greenwood gave us FA Cup, ECWC, backbone of England team (and the near post cross was his big play), league cup final and semi finals

    Plus great football or certainly the right philosophy . . .

    Does anybody think BFS will shed a tear when he leaves, no because he does not care about West Ham it is just a job.

    Lyall felt a dagger in his heart when he was sacked, Greenwood left to Manage England after being moved upstairs and Bonds (the man who was prepared to cut off a toe to continue playing for West Ham) bled West Ham

    The jokes over and thankfully (most) of the board seem to have smelt the coffee, let us hope they have the conviction to get rid

  4. We said JIMRSA,
    that’s the difference back your arguments up with facts,
    Not just some old balls about feeling safe,
    We need a backbone of westham people again with Dicks and Potts,we need to keep Teddy with the club,
    Start using the academy players and unite the fans,
    Only way the fans will reunite is the removal of BFS

  5. Lets just hope Saturday is his last day managing our team at UP.Cant wait to see the back of him,because unlike some i am not crapping myself about the team being relegated just because we change manager.Allardyce has built this reputation for being a manager you will stay up with.Whoopee,there are a shed loads of managers who can keep you up.It aint some badge of honour to wear with pride.Show me some trophies Hippo,then you can blow your own trumpet with any form of credibility!

  6. Good riddance to him.All this rubbish that we should be indebted to the guy.For what,he was paid 3 large to get us out of rhe championship,just about,with a squad which should have gone up automatically & would have probably gone up automatically with a better choice of manager.Kept us up for the first season,ok,fair play,but has since had us in the mire last season & apart from a few months early doors we have been crap for the rest of this season.Thats without taking into account all his stupid selections,subs,tactics,favourites,excuses & negative press conferences.The guy doesnt give a **** about us or this club.He got paid handsomely for four years of total mediocrity & when he leaves you will find out exactly what this turd thought of the fans & club.It aint going to be nice thats for sure.So all you folks who want to cheer & clap him saying thankyou then go for it.But i wouldnt **** on the guy if he was on fire.

  7. All of the above is spot on, however I may have spotted BFS major flaw,Nigel says “He may think he doesn’t need to pander to us” this was the problem he thought he had to be a panda to us sitting around doing bugger all apart from chewing on his bamboo flavoured chewing gum.
    It’s also good to finally see a mention of my preferred choice de Boer with his league winning,academy running and World Cup and champions league participating CV. Sadly he doesn’t appear to be in the frame.
    Back to the genius 14,610 minutes of pain until that final whistle blows in geordie land.

  8. Ahhh,its good to see it drop down with ever thousand that becomes less.Seems maybe he is a panda then,not a wallowing clueless hippo.Very confusing,might need David Attenborough to sort this one out 😉

  9. Boasting that you have never taken a club down is the cry of a negative man. It basically says mediocrity is the goal and success is beyond us. His body language (arms folded chewing gum) is defensive and his talk negative (respect the point). Nothing he does suggests taking it to the opposition or yearning success. He is a bad influence on everyone around him and the sooner he’s gone the better.

  10. Lol,well he has nothing else to boast about,a season in europe with bolton,lost league cup final.That about covers anything of note in his 23 or 24yrs in management.Full trophy cabinet for sure 😀

  11. we dont care about hippo he dont care about us all we care about is West Ham FC

  12. See Allardyce is all over the media this afternoon saying contract negotiations need to be sorted out quickly 😉

  13. Haha,probably,just saw it on the internet,many reports about it,sky sports,newspapers,the normal outlets 😉

  14. Hmmm,seems the rabid dogs have been muzzled today,haha,either that or at the vets getting your jabs 😀

  15. I heard they had actually gone to a local uni to take a crash course in being able to debate & pontificate to a high enough standard to allow them to enter other forums with the muzzles off,lol.They just have to remember to take a dry pair of pants with them for the trip home.

  16. Dont go down that road,lol,dont think the lads here particularly want to read about politics or who shat in what toilet in a hotel.Give me Irons news,thats what i want.

  17. One final thing that baffles me is their comment about this site only having 10 contributors with regards to posting,it is so dumb.I say this because if you go there it is always the same friggin 10 or 15 on there chewing the fat.Also unless im wrong,maybe Hugh Southon can correct me,is this not the most visited independant west ham site on the web? Seems they have some facts distorted to suit their agenda in this case.Just saying.

  18. Usain have seen your brother not very fast ,
    They even made him captain it’s not the numbers but it’s a cult and you must follow there leaders or they will turn,
    It’s a bit like the monies but not sure if they do mass marriages,
    Will you banjo take Ro to be ( no I can’t )
    Sorry I will defeat that
    2 weeks to go and we can be friends again ?

    • ahahah.. Come on Usain, don’t be frustrated, you can alaways follow Sam and his sons somewhere else… life goes on… lol

      • Did you actually read my comment Mattefumi? I was contradicting what the muppets said on WHTID! Why should i follow Sam,i want him gone,have done for about 2 years!

        • Who needs allies when enemies are safer Usain.Seems you defend this site & still get told to **** off with Sam,lmao

        • ahaahah… sorry Usain, I read “your comment”, not “their comments”… I’m sorry. 😉

  19. Dont worry Usain,he is Italian,they are very excitable.Matte is like Di Canio on steroids,lol 😀

  20. ahahahah…. Sorry Usain, but I see Sam lovers everywhere… lol You are welcome!

  21. Got to watch Dnipro v Napoli tonight,i am now on Rafa watch.I must compile a stats pack ready for debating later,lol 😉

    • ahahah… thanks Rads, this evening I’m tired, thank you so much for covering for me…lol Then I’m sure it will not be easy confronting Rolfe, his stats never lie… lol

  22. Anyway, I feel so bad for Usain, I hope you realized my mistake mate… sometimes I’m a troll… lol

  23. I will leave the mass debating to others 😀

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