Sam’s situation unchanged despite Shearer

sam_allardyce_2093173cSam Allardyce’s situation at West Ham remains unchanged despite an attempted intervention by Alan Shearer.

The former England striker  believes the Irons will be making a big mistake if they get rid of Sam Allardyce in the summer.

Writing in the Sun he says: “It now looks increasingly likely Sam Allardyce will not have his contract renewed but West Ham fans need to be careful what they wish for.

“There are not many teams Big Sam has left that have gone on to bigger and better things — just look at the state of Bolton, Newcastle and Blackburn. Hammers fans need reminding the grass is not always greener.”

However, it no seems that the 60 year old’s chances of remaining in charge are receding with a source saying: “The situation remains unchanged as far as I know. The reports that the club are putting a list of candidates together remain correct.”


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13 comments on “Sam’s situation unchanged despite Shearer

  1. Perhaps Shearer would like to utilise his good offices to facilitate an invitation for Sam to return to Newcastle.

    • Hahaha sparrow, I seem to remember Shearer bleating on about how SA didn’t get the type of football Newcastle or their fans wanted when he was managing up there, he is probably worried that Mike Ashley might employ him again at Newcastle. I have never been impressed with Shearer outside of his role as striker, he like Michael Owen and any number of the ex pros with their monotone, sterile opinions, seem completely devoid of any personality or originality, aside from Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend he is the worst pundit on TV.

    • And take Carroll and Nolan with him.

  2. It was this Shearer article that sent me off on my rant earlier,lol.So fed up with these ex-pros banging on about keeping BFS like he is some world class manager.He will more than likely end his entire managerial career having won nothing.Does that really make him such an amazing manager!

  3. Maybe Mr Shearer would like to consider the fact that the teams BFS have left have been left in such a state that only he could manage them, ageing players, no youth coming through, because he won’t play them and a style of play no one else would countenance. The surprising thing is that three of the young players have signed new contracts, I wonder if they were told that Sam would not be there next year, so may get a chance?

  4. There are only two possibilities:

    1) Shearer fears that BFS could become the next Newcastle’s coach and so he tries to convince our owners he’s a wonderful manager.
    2) The man who said this isn’t Shearer but Conkerpot with a mask…

    I can’t find other logical explanations…

  5. It’s funny that all these BFS are not fans of our club,all these pundits change there minds so much over a season you wonder how they got the job,
    Yesterday I mentioned a list of TVs pundits that make my blood boil every time I put the TVs or Radio on,the problem was I never mentioned Shearer,
    I understand they have there opinion and someone has to do the job but how 2 people can watch the same as us non experts with the use of replays and get it so wrong so many times its rediculas,
    I am interested only in ex west ham personal like Trevor Brooking or Billy Bonds who have the right of a opinion in our club.

  6. why dont shearer ring ashley and tell him to get sam,shearer didnt want him at newcastle fans of w ham dont want him hes a turd rate manager

  7. Most of these so called experts & pundits just say crap like this because they dont want to offend each other or managers so there isnt any friction with them the next time they all meet up for a round of golf together.Its all bs.Problem is the that their arguement is that BFS is guaranteed to keep us in The Prem year in year out.He probably could,but maybe we as fans & a club want a little bit more than that now.Shearer was indeed a happy man the day Sam left Newcastle,but i guess they spout so much crap out in the media day in day out eventually they forget what they said before.A bit like The Sophisticated One saying he didnt know what the West Ham Way was but then being shown to have talked about it in the past 😉

  8. It makes me laugh the way these so called pundits spout nonsense as if they actually know something. Yes well if G&S decide to appoint a manager like Newcastle did Shearer, then I would rather keep SA too.

    However, I doubt that G&S are ever going to make the Grant mistake again. But did Shearer ever stop to wonder why Newcastle fans pressured their directors to get rid of him. It’s simple really. SA is toxic. He keeps his teams in the Premiership by boring fans to death with his constant attempts to nullify every game. He only wants to sign athletes almost irrespective of skills and, if it wasn’t for the board and Tony Henry’s efforts, we would not have made all the signings that the media give him credit for.

    SA’s signings are Maiga £5m; Diarra £2m; Jarvis £10.75m and umpteen strikers that never play. He is quite good with freebie signings though but WH have moved on and so does the need for a manager that wins rather than just survives.

  9. Slightly OT but I did actually enjoy Lee Dixon on the Citeh v Barca last night.Made a refreshing chaange not to hear the usual ex pro crap.

  10. Shearer – clearly a great player, well respected for it. As a pundit, he’s a **** like so many of them. When we were in 4th place earlier in the season he said on MotD, “where are all the Sam Out brigade now?”. We’re all still here Alan, we’ve been here all season and we’ll be here when BFS is long gone.

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