Sam/Sullivan grapevine on Awards Night

SSam Allardyce and David Sullivan watchers were hard at work last night trying to glean clues to the likely future of the manager as the Hammers awards ceremony went ahead at London’s Hilton Hotel.

The general mood and gossip around the tables was that Allardyce was on his way to Sunderland and it was noted that when the formal event was over, he, Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan appeared to have left the building relatively quickly.

The manager had not been involved in last night’s ceremony in an formal way either from the floor or the stage and was not mentioned publicly at any stage

Of more significance possibly was that Sullivan  – unlike last year – failed to give a speech or summing up of the season.

However, despite all of that, one punter decided to splash out £5,000 in a charity auction in order to enjoy  pub lunch with Mr Allardyce.

Here are the full list of winners from the event:

Goal of the Season Award:  The winner is Enner Valencia for his goal against Hull.

The Dylan Tombides award:  The winner is Reece Oxford.

The Young Hammer of the year award: The winner is Reece Burke.  

Signing of the season award: The Winner is Aaron Cresswell.

West Ham top scorer award: The Winner with 12 goals is Diafra Sakho.

Best Individual Performance of the season award: The Winner is Chiek Kouyate v Manchester United.

Best Team Performance of the Season Award: The Winner is West Ham United 2-1 Manchester City.

Players’ player of the season award: The Winner is Aaron Cresswell.

Save of the Season award: The winner is Adrian with his save from Oscar’s free-kick at Chelsea away.

Hammers Lifetime Achievement Award: The winner is Martin Peters MBE.

The Hammer of the year award 2015: The winner is Aaron Cresswell to achieve his well deserved hat trick of awards tonight.


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68 comments on “Sam/Sullivan grapevine on Awards Night

  1. Who the f*ck would want to pay 5k for lunch with Hippohead.I hope Sam can find a baby sitter for little Kev & baby Andy for that afternoon 😉

  2. Ahah… BFS starts up the engine of your school bus and takes attendance “kev, andy, joey, matt, guy… Let’s go, destination Sunderland!”


  3. Guys, I understand that there is a big opinion out there to change the manager and move on from Sam Allardyce and most points are understandable and valid in regard to more positive football but lets also not forget that from when he took over to now, we are in a much better position. We were a compete disaster on the football front after Grant and through some difficult circumstances, we are now an established Premier League team again. So we have to give credit to Allardyce for that rather than constantly slag him off.

    For me, Allardyce has done what he was asked to do and did it very well and helped put us in a position to move one. Nolan has been a great captain and contributed in particular in the first 2 seasons with goals and leadership and Carroll has been a bit unfortunate but has looked good when playing and fit and should still have a lot to offer.

    No need to slag them off, maybe time to move on in some respects but we should also respect the work done these last 4 seasons.

    • There’s a lot division between us fans regarding the manager but nowhere near the scale of hate towards him as former clubs such as Blackburn and Newcastle that would force the owners to part company with

  4. Sorry, I’ve no respect for him, he has no respect for us. He has been paid £3 mil. each year for this crap..


    • Well that’s your opinion I suppose but if you cannot see the good he’s done then you’ve no idea

  5. Thanks for your input COYI but i was just being lighthearted,unlike some who take things far too seriously.I did have respect for Nolan,he was the force behind getting us up from rhe championship in many respects.But Allardyce,he has been at the club two seasons too long already,infact in many respects he has probably hindered our progress with his negative fooball,stubborness to play his favourites to the detriment of the team or performances in many ways.His ability to ignore players who are not part of his Curtis clan or are Sullivan signings such as Zarate or Nene.He is not the great positve influence some seem to have seen him as.Nolan,yeah he was great for us for three years.Has Allardyce been,not in my opinion.

    • Hey I know you were being lighthearted, my post was more in response to the constant slagging of Allardyce and Nolan that we see on this site daily. Just felt I had to put forward the case that we are now in a position where another manager can come in and move this club further forward on the playing side but that would maybe not have been the case has Allardyce not put in the solid groundwork to this point. So if he goes we should thank him for a job well done and move on and not slag him off.

      • I agree that sam was brought in to get us back into the premier league & Nolan came & did us proud. Well done. Now is the time to part ways. Thanks now ta ta. This season & last he has done the bare minimum to keep his job. Goal this year… better more attractive football (until xmas..yep) top ten finish…(maybe just). The only reason teams get relegated when he leaves is because he leaves a squad full of his clones that can only play a certain way. We can’t keep him because of what happened to others clubs, or for what he has done. We have been one of the worst teams in the premier since the turn of the year. He looks clueless & blames everyone else for the poor results & performances. Be careful what we wish for…????
        We move into OS in little more than a year, if we are to attract a new generation of fans & keep the new stadium full after the novelty has worn off, we need to do something this summer..
        for the record I have had it up to my chin with this lacklustre crap week after week..

  6. The irony is, if we send down former ‘managed by SA club and have struggled since getting rid Newcastle’, then that could send out a powerful message, ‘ be careful what you wish for’ in the minds of the 2 David’s

  7. Yeah… Sorry coyi1973… Thanks sam your youth Development, thanks For your amusing football, thanks For your pathetic excuses, thanks For your cunning subs, Thanks for your chewing gum, thanks For your stubborn interviews, thanks for Carroll (15 mil.), Nolan at all costs, thanks for Jarvis, Demel, O’Brien, Taylor, etc., thanks because you never used Ravel and then you sold him, thanks for the “West Ham Way” you respected every single day.


  8. Youth development – which youth players? we are seeing Burke and Oxford now, maybe we just didn’t have the quality
    As for your other points, they are ridiculous. We’ll all have the same type of complaints about any manager, all managers make excuses, makes bad subs from time to time, have dodgy interviews, makes excuses and most manager chew gum

    Nolan has been good for us, as has Demel, O’Brien and Taylor were always squad players who stepped in when needed.

    Ravel – I think the big issue here was Ravel and not Allardyce as has been proven with other managers who have tried

    You need to remember that we had to slowly build up the quality of the playing squad each seasons, so those players served their purpose

  9. Groundwork? we were pitiful last season,have won 3 in 18 in what is basically half a season.What groundwork is that,it is relegation form in anyones book.Yeah thanks for getting us up,thanks for the first season of consolidatiom.What positive was there last season,the football was dismal,we were in the cart for most of it.We aint won away from home for 5 months,is that groundwork as well.Sorry but this love in for what he has achieved is ott in my humble opinion.

  10. Dear coyi1973, Ravel is one of the greatest talent of the last 20 years. How many chances had him to play? Anyway, I think we see things in a very different way, you are happy about BFS work? Well, I’m happy for you, I still repeat what I’ve written before: Allardyce is one of worst manager in the world, his football is crap and his attitude is crap.
    Remember, he has been paid £3 mil. each year, and should I tell him “Thank you”?
    aahahah… yes, probably in another life…
    I don’t know which is your idea of football, but I’ve got mine: it’s just the opposite of BFS football.



  11. If you look at the Pardew situation then you can understand why the board can’t decide or give a decision yet, Newcastle were sitting comfortable in mid table slowly building a squad for the future while Palace were relegation certainties, fan pressure from both clubs see him swap clubs, this in turn has seen a complete change of fortunes for each club, Palace are mid table and safe, Newcastle are rapidly heading downwards staring at relegation

    • Changing a manager mid season is a gamble, the team left behind for the new manager are still the players the old manager had & were struggling. A few clubs are turned round & pull away from the foot of the table, others still struggle & the new guy cant save them. QPR & Sunderland for example. The prospect of losing the Sky money is so terrifying for clubs
      that the gamble is worth it. There are managers out there who are great at saving clubs but can’t take them forward. Sam falls into this group, his skills are to keep clubs in premier league full stop..!!!!

  12. I suppose it might be worth 5 grand to have the opportunity to poison his Ploughman’s!

    BFS and his followers being pretty low-key at a Club event is a good sign – isn’t it?

  13. He is history Michael,thats why they are low key.He & his boys will be off to Sunderland more than likely,unless some one stumps up another 2.5/3m a year for his services.Personally i think the Sunderland job has been his for a little while now,he is just going through the motions with us.

  14. Firstly, my originally post was basically to say that I this Allardyce deserves some credit for the job he has done, that’s not to say the time is not right to move on. But I don’t agree with the slagging and hatred for him as he has done a very good job with us. Yes last season was not great but that was also partly the boards fault as we didn’t do well in the transfer market that summer in comparison to the first seasons and last summer. Our squad was small and lacked sufficient quality in certain areas. But lets take a look at some of his positives in relation to groundwork.

    Adrian, Cresswell and Kouyate – three excellent signings. Add Jenkinson and Song (unfortunately his form dipped) to that as well.
    Under Allardyce we’ve seen huge improvement in Tomkins and Reid
    Noble has been a consistent performer under his reign.

    Our squad has good spirit and has some real quality. We are in a great position now for someone to take it on and move us to the next level.

    I’m saying that Allardyce deserves some credit here. For me, if he goes which is very likely, I’d say good job and good luck and lets now move on.

    I’m struggling to find out why people can’t accept that he’s done a decent job in a very competitive league. I’m not saying he’s done an outstanding job but considering where we were before he took over to where we are now, he’s done a very decent job and deserves some credit.

  15. Well done coy1973 you have managed to wind everyone up as usual you spend 5k last night ?
    Whambam are you saying we were silly letting Pardew go and bringing BFS ?
    Or are you saying Carver is a crap Manager ?
    Our players are rock bottom now nothing like when Pardew left Newcastle so on that premise we should change manager ?
    No what you mean is you are a BFS fan and trying to approach the situation of getting shot of him in a different way thinking any of us gives a flying fluke.
    Give up mate he is finished and we will take a chance that our current players are not a group of sulky players who can’t be bothered to play for a new manager,
    BFS FOR SUNDERLAND ( with the family )

  16. By not agreeing with others over sam does not make you a trouble maker. Everyone in entitled to thier opinion.

  17. Let have look at another list,
    Nene,alfitano,Oxford not used when needed,
    Burke not used when we needed a defender ( move Kouyate instead )
    Change a winning team when Nolan and Carroll are fit and break the team spirit,
    Change the style of play to incorporate Nolan and Carroll bring collapse of winning ways,
    Make weekly excuses ie Fatigue,Injuries,fixture problems,small squad eft ect
    No motivation of players when needed,
    Terrible personality in front of fans and media,
    Writing rubbish in local papers and inflammatory remarks causing devision of fans,

    We can all write lists but I bet more people agree with mine coy1973

    Give it a rest there are other sites will love your affair with BFS so go visit

  18. Ah now bubs, the whole point of these sites is to post comments and open some debate, it would be boring if we always agreed with each other.

    All managers make excuses and talk about fatigue or injuries when it suits them, Allardyce is not the only one. And when we needed a defender both Burke and Oxford were injured so we couldn’t use them. I mean come on Oxford is only 16 and Burke now fit is being used.

    And to repeat myself again, my point is that Allardyce deserves some credit for what he has done, not saying it’s not time to move on.

  19. No coy he deserve praise for year 1 and 2 but the last 2 years he has not produced for the club,
    And as I said anyone can make a list now I did now comment on your one sided list why comment on mine ?
    I haven’t heard Peason,Ramsey,Sherwood,Calver, complaining about Fatigue or injuries
    And they have worse squads than us,
    So here it is for you and you only
    Well done for getting us out of the championship nod keeping us in the premier BFS
    Well done for boring the pants off me for the last 2 years BFS,
    Well done for not bringing our youth players into the system as has been done every year before you took over as our Manager
    There done Coy happy

  20. Come on coyi,he is pretty much in a league of his own when it comes to excuse making.He turns the team we are next playing into Barca,i bet he will be telling us Villa are amazing tomorrow.I listen to managers on a fri with spirit,enthusiasm,a belief they will go play a side & expect to get the result.This guy is so cautious & downbeat it is unbelievable.He has people believing we are beat before we even turn up most the time,lol 😉

  21. Im sure Allardyce prefers 3m a year over any credit.He will survive without being given a guard of honour when he leaves.Sunderland will have his bank account no. already for his next venture.He will be fine.Sam i thank you for your great service to West Ham United.Thankyou.Ok,i have done it once,thats once too many times but i did it 😀

  22. I dont buy into all this we should thank Allardyce or be grateful to him.Many,many managers could have achieved what he has,without the garbage he has provided for the last four years on the pitch,without paying a wage way over the top for his abilities,without his one dimensional plan A managerial capabilities,without his over the top ability to play his chosen few,without all his media crap he spouts.I have nothing to thank him for another manager wouldnt have done better.He has 10 or 12 million in his bank.As for the signings being attributed to him,how much credit do managers deserve these days.i think the thanks should be given to the scouts & guys who recommend them.Not the manager just because he is seen as the captain of the ship.Managers get far too much credit for signings,most of them have little to do with it anymore.

  23. Sam will love it at Sunderland,15 draws in 34 matches.Thats a whole lot of ‘Respecting The Point’,he will be in Hippo Heaven up there 😀

  24. who can see this excuse already by hippohead for tomorrow we had a late night Wednesdaydid a bit of light ttraining Thursday then travel to Birmingham ready for Villa game who are playing great football at the moment & in need of the points so what we will see is West Ham roll over have there tummys tickled & get walloped about 3-0 can I ask why end of season awards were last night as in my reckoning theres still 3 games to play just asking as seems meaningless playing last 3 games when they haven’t played since xmas oioi coyi73 I see you mention Tomkins playing well under bfs have a look at the Hull game at home this season he was struggling I rest my case

  25. haha… OT: on thesackrace.com clicking on “Next Permanent West Ham United Manager” I noticed names like Ancelotti (40/1), Ferguson (100/1), Massimiliano Allegri (33/1)… why are they in the list? lol… I didn’t notice Guardiola, maybe he’s 1000/1… Anyway actually the winning horse is Moyes (5/2) but after him Benitez (3/1)… run Rafa, run…

  26. Lol,god those guys on wetpants make me want to puke.Always thinking they know why people dont like Sam,assuming this,assuming that.They know absolutely nothing about anybody but think they can judge many.The ones who say it is purely personal.They really do talk some utter tripe..I f*ckin hate reading some of the crap they come out with.They are so high & mighty with their assertions.They say why people dont like Allardyce so it must be true.Do they think they are some sort of super fans.Some good geezers on there but blimey there are so idiots!

    • ahaha,,, yes Chicken, and now I noticed there’s a new article with one new fantastic stat: Sam vs Moyes… Their favourite food, a fight has gone down… lol

  27. I couldnt stay there anymore guys,they all give eachother group hugs & have sycophantic praise for eacothers articles.They think they are the Irons Fans Elite who know every other fans thoughts & know more than the chairmen.Fact is they talk as much if not more **** than anyone else,well a select few anyone!

    • There, you can find the future England manager… lol

      • Some of them are total idiots who think they know everything.As chickenrunner said,their presumptions about other fans reasoning behind not liking Allardyce is in the main fanciful.But of course they will all agree with each other so it must be true.They think no one else understands football,only they have ‘The Knowledge’.

        • They should all **** off to Sams next club then they can continue their love affair with him & start making assumptions about another set of fans!

  28. Your making yourself at home Twinkle good luck you have converted a lot earlier,
    Coy1973 gone back to his mates ?
    He will be back but just going to take a lot less Niger to convert,
    Do you think wet pants.com will close down when BFS gets his taxi ?
    Or will they come up with stats to back the reason to let him go so they can sleep at night
    Not you Cookie Monster we know what you do at night and mummy does not like cleaning up after you,you should never have watched American Pie,
    It’s not the same with Pasties.

  29. They just **** me off bubs,the article on there by Dan is totally set up to prove Sam is still the better manager,but it is called objective & balanced by that lot.Its totally tilted to show Allardyce in a better light & make the sycophants on there believe he is still The Man.Im not ecstatic about Moyes if he arrives but i cant see anyway he is not better than Allardyce & his Plan A,pick my favourites rubbish.How is that not a negative in our development on the pitch.

  30. Don’t get fxxxxx off mate that makes them the winners,
    Control that anger deep breath go back and play it’s fun,
    They have nothing else he is there dream person he make them feel warm and safe,
    Then they have this wet feeling and wake up
    It’s sad most of us think of lovely ladies with not much on,
    But there are some sick people out there

  31. They are a bunch of fools,the ones who are know-it-alls,dont need to mention them by name,its easy to see which ones they are.Bunch of melts!

  32. Don’t waste your time there Twinkle… ahah… I’m saying this for your health…lol

  33. F*cking cheeky b*stard on there,some Banjo dude,just said as far as he knows no ST holders post on C&H,haha,b*stard,lol,.So thats it,you only want Sam out if you are not a ST holder.Damn i will have to relinquish mine & stop travelling round the country,lol.Yeah your right guys,they talk sh*t,i have just decieded 100%,lol 😀

  34. Hahaha,well i guess i am invisable as well,lol…HELLO BANJO,IM A SEASON TICKET HOLDER,lol 😉

  35. Well in that case me also, told you they assume with lil knowledge,lmao

  36. Maybe everytime you post a comment you are ment to put (ST Holder) next to your name,lol 😀

  37. They must be talking about me,but I bet if they were to tell how long They have been they would still have less years than I had,
    Same as you Rads if I put the miles I have travelled over the years and places not many would match it,
    Most probably don’t even go to away matches,
    There desk jockeys with a calculator but there grammar is perfect and I bet they eat there 5 for the day and mater and pater allow them to buy there ST from there inheritance,
    Posted by non ST HOLDER

  38. Banjo, sorry I’m not a st holder, I live in Italy… but I’ve been a season sth For ac Milan for 12 years… But if you always go to the stadium and you still want BFS probably you need glasses… Lol… Just a question for you, English fans: why is it so important who is or not sth? Lol… Here in Italy we are all fans at the same level… Out of curiosity…

  39. Tbh,whatever that Dan Coker may say it is certainly a piece trying to show Sam to be a better manager than Moyes.The very fact he says ‘admittedly’ in a section where Moyes is better shows it was said begrudingly.It is a piece of work designed to dispel the notion that Moyes could be an upgrade.For them to all say it is balanced is no way true.It is pro Allardyce almost in its entirity save for a few words saying it isnt or isnt ment to be.Yeah right,sure it isnt.I am not that enthralled about Moyes,but he sure will be an upgrade on Allardyce for sure.

  40. Coker is the most pro allardyce geezer u will find

    • Ahhh ok,well i rarely go there so i didnt know Hugh,but having read the article it is pretty clear to see.It certainly isnt a balanced piece for sure.Moyes doesnt get my pulse racing but that article is almost Sam propoganda 😉

  41. He is talking **** about Everton playing the long ball game so there will be little change to what we have.As i mentioned lastnight,when i worked in Merseyside for a time i went to Goodison a far bit to watch games.They played some smashing football at times under Moyes,to refrence the long ball to Fellani & Cahill is just again trying to make a comparision with Allardyce to make Moyes look no different.Total rubbish,Moyes Everton when i went there were not even close to the stuff Allardyce churns out.Lmao people call this a place with an agenda well i have seen little difference on there in the main.Difference is they dont reply to or dismiss people who say anything about Allardyce.

  42. Guys, I can assure you there are melts on every West Ham related blog, and there are good people there too. There are quite a few folks on WHTID who are against Allardyce.
    The fans there also tend to disagree on many other issues too.
    Let me assure you, I went over there last weekend for the Burnley game and met quite a few of them regulars face to face.
    Some really good people among them, good as gold, and at the end of the day I don’t have a problem with anyone who doesn’t share my opinion on Allardyce or certain players.
    Cause at the end of the day we all want the best for West Ham.
    But surely the reactions on the different West Ham blogs will be interesting to say the least once Allardyce moves on and we get a new manager…

  43. Lol,yeah we know that Barking Beefburger,well aware there are some good people on there.That has never been in doubt.Remember Mr.Hamburg,the majority of what we say is only light hearted not ment with any spit or malice.Unless ofc someone doubts we are season ticket holders,lol 😀

  44. I can tell you a secret, I am not a season ticket holder. Not for West Ham anyway.
    I have a season ticket for the Hamburg Freezers. But they play Ice Hockey.
    I’m sure though that makes me a know-nothing and utterly crap West Ham fan.

  45. Hamburg we only conversed for two weeks but you have your views and stick by them without trying to press those views on others,also you don’t come here trying to wind people up and then go back on there trying to act like a big man who put them right,
    Most of the people on here who get pisxed off is because daily they are attacked by melts who have no argument except e have not been relegated and we feel safe,
    Others are now coming on here because they can raise there views and not just be turned on
    Are the Freezers any good ?

  46. Freezers aren’t as good as they should be. They usually play decent hockey in the regular season and fall apart when it counts in the playoffs. And they had a bit of an injury crisis all season last season. I always try to encourage football fans and take them with me to watch an Ice Hockey game, most of them enjoy it as it is fast and physical.
    And the atmosphere tends to be fantastic as the Ice Rink Arena is closed so the noise from the fans sr´tays inside the building.

  47. Sounds brilliant but you used injury and collapse at the end of the season if you had used fatigue I would have thought you had BFS,s que card,
    Never been but I like films with hockey and there always seems to have action in the games
    Glad you had such a good weekend but as a non ticket holder like me are thoughts don’t count

  48. Dont think it matters whether you have a ST holder bubs.It is if you us C&H you dont count.We are deemed unintelligible ignorant pigs remember,we dont understand football & only want Allardyce out because we jump on a bandwagon,lol,or so some would have others believe,lol 😉

  49. Hockey in Britain is of lower standard compared to Germany, nevermind Sweden, Finland or the Czech Repuclic. But if you can go to a game, go! Good value for money.
    I think the chances that you see a really crap and boring game of football are reasonably high whereas I have rarely witnessed a hockey game I would call boring.

  50. Does it still count as jumping on a bandwagon if you actually rolled the wagon out of the carport and set it in motion from the beginning ? As I wasn’t keen on Allardyce at our club from the start. I felt he never was a right fit, even though he helped to bring much needed stability and put us on a good foundation.

  51. No you are officially an instigator Hamburg,you took the brakes off the wagon to let it roll.But i was clearly the same because i was horrified when Allardyce got the job.Just my personal opinion,but nothing has changed to make me think he was right for the job.No matter how many remits people tell me he has met.Wrong man,wrong club,a marriage made in hell for me 😉

  52. whether your a bondholder sth or sell burgers outside the ground we all have opinions of West Ham whether your been going 5mins or 50yrs or more but the elders like me who was born a mile from the ground & now live in Norfolk I cant & will not go to West Ham games with the dross being played at the mo yes ive seen highs & lows but far to many lows in yrsi was going I gave my st up as had enough & cant see where G& S are gonna attract 20, 000 fans from esp if bfs in charge hes more negative than politics

  53. Absolutely Rick,but some dont seem to see it that way,i have been an ST holder for years but i have no divine right to have a better opinion than anyone else.I hate people who say others dont deserve an opinion or view because they dont go or have never been.If you support the irons you support the irons.Doesnt matter how you do or how often you can go to matches if at all.Peoples lives & circumstances are all different,doesnt make them less important 😉

  54. Ahah.. I want to start the day right saying the typical “good morning” of wetpants.com… “good morning lads, does someone want a coffee or a croissant?”…lol
    ot: Pearl of wisdom of rolfe: He suggests John Carver as Sam’s public relations manager … Lol

  55. Nigel Farage is looking for a job but then we would not be allowed to sign anyone not born in England,
    He would be more entertaining than BFS at press conference
    We should have a yes or no vote
    BFS in or out
    We know the answer

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