Schmoozer Bowen to sign contract?


Jarrod Bowen has been on a charm offensive in recent days. The winger has been incredibly complimentary in his latest interview, and it has left many wondering if he is about to finally sign a new contract.

Bowen has been praising club, fans and teammates alike, which featured in numerous press reports. His interview with Rio Ferdinand had him exclaiming that he was becoming an Irons fan since winning a medal in Prague.

He came across as a player surprisingly awestruck by the size of the club, and the prominence of the fanbase. Bowen was gushing in his assessment of the club saying: “West Ham fans are everywhere. I didn’t realise how big the club was when I first came, but now I am starting to become one of them, I’m starting to get a feel for it and go ‘right, this is a massive club’.”

Theses are strong and heartfelt words, which will surely warm the cockles of every Hammers fans heart. As a result of Bowen’s declaration, it’s hard not to assume that he’s close to signing a new contract.

Bowen has become increasingly important for West Ham and is arguably our best player. There were certainly points during the previous campaign, when his influence was a great as Declan’s. The winger has begun this season in scintillating form, and his stock can’t have been higher.

The West Ham board need to offer the player a contract befitting of his status (and they may well have done). However, this is the most important deal of Bowen’s career, because he is about to enter his footballing prime.

Bowen can become a Hammers legend

If Bowen has been learning so much about West Ham and it’s fanbase. He’ll be acutely aware of the high esteem in which we hold our cult heroes and legends.

Were he to leave next season, I’ve no doubt that Bowen will still be highly thought of at West Ham. After all, he is responsible for our most iconic moment in the last 40 odd years.

But . . . If he commits himself to the club for the next five years, he’ll become one of the all-time legends. Bowen may have been taken aback by the stature of West Ham and it’s fanbase. But he’ll be lauded for life by the Hammers faithful if, he backs up his gushing words by signing a new deal.

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  • jaybs says:

    We need to hang onto Bowen, he has so much to offer, and can control the team as Rice did, We all know Liverpool want him in January, get the contract agreed now! not sure if living on Merseyside appeals to him?

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