Sean on Sam: “Have some dignity”

Sam-Allardyce1As Sam Allardyce approaches his final swan song at West Ham he seems to have lost his grip reality as the penny finally drops that he will be out of a job in days.

His ego seems to have taken over from any remaining self respect he had as he looks to further anger West Ham fans.

We know he thinks we are mostly deluded, as back in 2012 he told a press conference “There has never been a ‘West Ham way’ shown to me, not by anybody that’s worked with West Ham who I have inherited,Β I’ve spoken to them all and none of them can tell me or define what the West Ham way is. So it is a bit of a delusion.”

His latest briefing to the media further anger fans after he told Sky Sports that “it’s still been an outstanding season and for me an outstanding three years back in the Premier League. I’ve only had to worry about relegation for about six weeks in three seasons.”

This has caused a back lash on social media with many fans suggesting he is the one who is delusional.

Sometimes Sam it is better not to say anything at all, have some dignity by keeping silent until your fate is sealed.



About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

74 comments on “Sean on Sam: “Have some dignity”

  1. The words ‘dignity’ or ‘self respect’ do not exist in his vocabulary.Try ‘self promoting’,’egotistical”delusional”pompous”stubborn”clueless’.Some from my limited vocabulary that sum him up in my eyes.

    • I agree with all of those you may like to add arrogant,self serving,non caring,passed it,greedy,dispassionate and so on and so on. Not long now and we can wave him goodbye/riddance

  2. Asking him to have some dignity, it’s like telling a rainbow not to be colorful… Shame on you idiot, you’re just a parasite.
    Davids you need to do something, things are getting really really crazy.


    • Matte you must be a poet with your rainbow comment,don’t worry only 8,600 minutes until we can think of colour back in our lives and the grey hippo shuffles off to the mudhole

  3. I fully expect him to come out after not getting a new deal claiming that he took West Ham as far as the club could possibly go and West Ham could no longer match his ambition.
    He will surely paint it as if it was his own decision in the end.

  4. ahahhaha…. I’m not a poet Quick, I’m blowing up… I just want the hippo out, and then I can even die… lol
    Please Sam, could you kindly get the fu*k out of my life? Thanks.

    • The only dying I’m doing is dying to see who replaces the hippo lol

      • ahaha.. you are the poet, not me… lol

        • There once was a fat man called Sam,
          He claimed to be manager at West Ham,
          His tactics were so poor,
          We called him a dinosaur,
          And put him in a taxi to Fulham

          Wordsworth eat your heart out lol

  5. He knows no other mugs are going to pay him the wages we do,his C V looks worse every week and other clubs will be watching listening to every reaction,
    He should have walked 6 weeks ago even the Like of Sunderland,Fulham and OPR will think twice about employing him now and if they do he will have to drop his wage demands,
    It would not surprise me if he does not come out with the old chestnut that he is taking a break for family reasons and wait until Jan to see who is in trouble and hope people have forgot what a looser he is ,
    Then him and Redknapp can fight for the crumbs
    Can’t wait to see his first interview after his Spain trip with the board

  6. I am not sure if I want to commend him or the board on sticking it out and honoring his contract…

  7. If he had any dignity, he would have gone to the owners long before now and said I’m prepared to step aside now, so you can move forward, as long as I get paid until the end of my contract.

  8. COYI 2015

    Twas the night before Christmas.
    And all through the land,
    All were impressed by the style of West Ham.

    They played sexy football,
    They played on the floor,
    They played in a diamond,
    No chance of bore draws.

    Then Big Sam woke up,
    And opened his eyes,
    He looked at the table,
    And gasped in surprise.

    We’re bang on for Europe,
    I’d better get busy,
    Bein’ high in the table,
    Is makin’ me dizzy

    He reverted to type,
    And stuck one up front,
    And we started losing,
    Big Sam you’re a C**t.

  9. Lol,nice one πŸ˜‰

  10. Impressive Lol can you write an leaving poem for the Fat one

  11. Ahahah… Outstanding Dicksyland… Lol NUMBER 1.

  12. Written 19-10-2014.

    An Ode To Allardici

    From a magical town called Dudley,
    Where never sets the sun,
    A woman gave birth to a magical child,
    The ‘Really Special One’.

    And Faeries danced around his cot,
    And Angels round his Pram,
    These Dudley sprites decided then,
    That they would call him ‘Sam’.

    As Sam grew up he soon learned that,
    While being big and strong,
    He also had a special gift,
    He NEVER could be wrong.

    Sam knew that only he was right,
    If others disagreed,
    Then they could go and stuff themselves,
    Of them he had no need.

    He became a football manager,
    The best that ever was,
    And if the facts dint bear this out,
    He couldn’t give a toss.

    Like him his teams were big and strong,
    As if made of formica,
    When asked about his style of play,
    He’d say, ‘Don’t need a striker’.

    ‘Cos where’s the need for scoring goals’,
    He’d stand up straight and roar,
    ‘As long as we respect the point,
    Defend and get a draw’.

    But then one dark and stormy night,
    Before his bed appeared,
    The Daves, his Fairy Godfathers,
    And Sam was sore afraid.

    ‘Now Sam’ they said, ‘we are not pleased,
    We feel your style is poor,
    You’re managing the Hammers now,
    They play it on the floor’.

    ‘We want to see attacking play,
    Don’t grumble to yourself,
    Not playing in the way we wish,
    Is risky to your health’.

    So against his better judgement,
    Sam changed the style of play,
    And when West Ham met Liverpool,
    Attacking won the day,

    He’d signed some decent players,
    Like Valencia and Song,
    And then a miracle occurred…..
    Sam realised he’d been WRONG.

    Course, it turned out he had realised nothing after all.

  13. Haha,nice one,good stuff πŸ˜‰

  14. No point in asking Allardyce to show dignity,he would prefer to be antagonistic & stir people up atm.He is certainly trying hard recently with his comments.He is in wind up mode now.Opinionated,self loving & being obnoxious till the bitter end πŸ˜‰

  15. Ahah… Really good Dicksy… When Sam goes we want a special poem… Lol

  16. Dicksyland 2 out of 2 brilliant,
    Can’t wait for the RIP lyric
    Rads he is what he is. Txt twxt

  17. Haha,i know he is what he is Bubs,not the nicest of guys for sure.I see people say how can you say that if you have never met him but i never met Osama bin laden,still worked out he was a ****,lol.Im having a little tickle on Frank Rikjaard tomorrow at the bookies,66/1,right off the radar,out of work.Managed Barca,Galatasary,Saudia Arabia.Screw it why not,everyone else has been mentioned.We said it could be someone who goes under the radar.Could be him as well as anyone else,lol πŸ˜‰

  18. Would not mind him, but at the moment I would take anyone,I don’t think I dislike a person more than BFS,
    He has brought our club to the brink,which you would think finishing 11 or 10 was stupid,
    But his Mouth his football style his disrespect of the fans has ripped the heart out of so many fans,
    Long live our memories it’s all we have left.
    6 days to go

  19. You are all jumping the gun …. SAM will be our Manager for at least the next two years .
    At least I hope so ,,. Because frankly , there is nobody else to fill his boots .
    EUROPE beckoning and squad building And planning for the future is the Priority .
    There just ain’t nobody else better than Big Sam in our present situation ..
    When the injured players are fit West Ham will be a dangerous team ,especially with SAM at the Pump .

  20. Don’t want to sound pathetic at 63 yrs of age with my Grandfather still taking me to games but I tnink there are an Awfull lot if Blind supporters out there who think we should be in the top six . !!!! ,,, have a word with yourselves ,, it was never going to happen …
    Maybe next season with a fit squad ( and a few long awaited additions ) we will be able to play in Eurpope and Survive the Prem ,,,, but we need Big Sam for that .
    It all depends on what you want ,,,, Europe and relegation , or , Europe with premiership Status come the end of the season ,…. Make your bed and lie in it . .
    And , Please , please , please come onto this Anti SAM Web again .

  21. Ahhh,good Kevin has his fighting spirit back,top man πŸ˜‰

  22. Ahahah… Kevin, easy or you’ll have a stroke… Lol

  23. You Anti Sammers are unconciasly destroying our Club through ignorance of football .
    Sh&&it , most of you sound like Newcastle supporters … … Now that’s a shame you don’t want to take home with you .
    Big Sam has still not been ousted ,, despite media head hunting for first headline news rights ( wan@@kers ) for money stories.
    Daves : please do the right thing for the club and keep SAM on . . Your options are very few and could be very very expensive .
    Kevin ; number one Fan ,

  24. Ahahah… Amen…lol

  25. Well said Kevin,i agree,i am anti Sam but i think i understand football.But cheers for your concern about my knowledge of the game.It is refreshing to know someone is showing concern.Bless you Kevin πŸ˜‰

  26. Kevin is a legend,fantastic,i love his posts πŸ˜€

  27. Yeh , still fighting Sam’s corner because I think he deserves the support .

    There are other managers who are supporting him ,,, and they know a lot more about Football than most of you .

    • The other managers support Allardyce because with him they know what to expect.Nolan,Cole,O’Brien Jarvis etc playing hoofball. While they have Allardyce as an opposition manager they will look to Hammers games as 3 points.Mark my words the final insult will be after Newcastle beat us.Then Kevin there will be no place for you to hide or the disgraceful manager.

  28. Thats good,for a day,sunday,Kevin had lost his faith in Sam.But today he believes again & back swinging from the hip πŸ˜‰

  29. All managers support eacother Kevin.They are all buddies playing golf together & sunny themselves in Dubai πŸ˜€

  30. I remember Man United fans wanting fergy out ,, but he went on to win the a treble .
    Stamp your feet In The terraces and shout / sing loud for the Hammers .
    Anything else is treacherous .
    We must best Nwecastle to end a season with pint of jolly .
    Hammers Forever .

  31. But Ferguson was a young upcoming manager at the time,not bleedin 60.Sam has had his day,he is history.

  32. Lol,you make me smile Kevin,fair play.Love the treacherous part πŸ˜‰

  33. Sam don’t give up… It’s the 15th round but you’re still alive… Kevin is there with you… Lol

    Good night, I hope I dream of Sam…

  34. Well done Matte,Tyson and Rads you passed the Kevin test,also well done 99,Romana be 66,you answered with calm intelligence and Kevin will have slept well after grandad tucked him in,
    When you wake young Kev because at 63 you are young and there is still time for you,
    Not sure about grandad ( sorry grandad ) to embrace change you have lost your way,yes the westham way,but it can return ,
    Next year when the new manager send out the new team with 3 or 3 forwards do not worry
    Don’t be scared,it’s called attacking its new idea some teams came up with 50 years ago,
    It has not reached Dudley yet,there will also be Mid fielders that can run the whole length of the pitch without fatigue and the team will benefit from having 11 men from the start,
    Then when we score3 or 4 goals but let in 2 the new man will explain that he does respect the point but would prefer 3
    There will be busy times for the Medics with many pro Sam fans passing out with heart flutters and palpitations, but after 2 or 3 games and a little medication ( beer )
    They will write of how they have been converted and although they have seen some defeats
    ( not after 90 mins ) they like winning games they love flair adventurous attacking football and although it’s a it scary having only 4 defenders you sleep better without boxing gloves,
    Kevin return and embrace change and bring grandad with you

  35. Ahaha… Thanks Bubs … πŸ˜‰

  36. Matte Mrs B has just worked out either Little Kev is lying or his grandad is the oldest fan at Upton Park,if he is 63 and his dad got randy at 16 his dad is 80 and if his grandad was even more randy no telly and all that say 16 that makes him 97 allowing for 9 months x 2
    Poss need your stats cabinet for this one,
    Hope I was wrong I like little Kev but if he is going to take after his idol and start lying not sure I can take him seriously any more,
    And he creeps on our site late at night ?
    Do you think there leaving the door unlocked in the office of the asylum ?
    Do you think grandad is his invisible friend ?

  37. ahaha… Mrs B is right Bubs… Yesterday when I read his age I’ve been asking myself the same question: wow, how old is his grandad??? But then I’ve understood, the answer is simple: rooting for Sam brings many benefits and divine faculties, the main one: potion of eternal youth. lol


  38. I need my daily ‘Kevin Update’,he makes me smile.Rabid Dogs have changed to Cuddly Dogs when Kevin posts πŸ˜€

    • ahaha… he’s like my crack… loool

      • Wow,this site managed to get a mention in the latest wetpants thread.This is a new one.Mentioned in articles as well as by Monkeys Bellend & his crew,haha,love it πŸ˜€

  39. ahahah… some days ago I went there and I noticed and interesting debate on Rhino breeding… much better than Nat Geo Wild … looool

  40. 99 there was never a truce they sent Kevin to bait us then realised it was no send a boy to do a job you need a Monkey and Beiiend to do,
    Let’s hope Little Kev is not sent to Kumb as a punishment,
    Grandad would get confused when Kevin said I have had to come ( Kumb ) grandad would want to know where the boxing gloves have gone,
    Tyson it was to quite any way Hugh has not been waving yellow cards around lately,
    Talking about yellow cards where are we in the fair play league ?
    Matte we might not be able to work Kevs age out but can you find out from the stats cabinet
    About the F P league

  41. We have a hippo,they have rhinos.It is a fair deal i believe πŸ˜‰

  42. What we get the one without the Horn,sounds bit like BFS never thought BFS on Viagra is that what was missing ?
    Yes it all adds up now all that chewing no energy,lying down on the job talk of fatigue,
    Extra days off

  43. I come in peace from other site…But I can not let this go..Kevin whilst you may indeed be a fan your naivety knows no bounds. This so called great ” Messiah” you are defending is nothing more than a egoistical, one dimensional, trapped in the past dinosaur who serves no purpose at any forward thinking club.His blatant disregard for our past, for the fans, for our youth set up ,his reliance on the chosen few and playing a system to suit a player that never plays is not good management it’s tactical ineptitude. He hasn’t achieved 50 points which Zola did, he hasn’t got us into a cup final like Pardew did so what’s he done Kevin??? Oh that’s right he got us promoted( just) he made sure we haven’t got relegated but alienated fans doing it. You call us Sam haters Kevin but I’m a West Ham fan who was fortunate to see the greats over the last 35 years I’ve seen good and bad but since Xmas it’s probably the worst I’ve seen, no skill,no drive, no passion…The man is nothing I want associated with our club,our club is bigger than this man and Kevin he doesn’t guarantee survival he guarantees mediocrity if that’s what you want I suggest you follow your ” messiah” at the club that unfortunately will end up with him…..To all that are on C+H your not rabid dogs or whatever others call you, your fans like me that have opinions and want this imbecile gone.,,,

  44. fair play to you GW… love&peace… but rabid dogs is nice compared to ignorant pigs (another nice nickname someone on your site gave us)… lol
    But the bad apples are everywhere… πŸ˜‰

  45. Lol GW,its only banter about ‘the other site’,nothing vindictive.I think Kevin is purely on the wind up.Its funny.Better than being called Rabid Dogs,Ignorant Pigs or Morons anyway,haha.Say hello to Monkeys Bellend & RodentHammer from me.I know they hold us in high regard πŸ˜€

  46. I’m not part of the clique Tyson and don’t want to be or have time to look at the last 4 years of statistical analysis of why Sam is the only man to keep us up….my opinion is the same there as it is here….

  47. Yeah i know GW.Theres not a clique there is there.Cant say i have ever noticed,lol πŸ˜‰

  48. Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!

  49. To be honest I prefer chatting about West Ham than regeneration projects, political debates or why the euro has dropped against the pound… There are some good un’s on there though unfortunately like BFS management there a ” Chosen Few” and like AC and captain no legs think there indispensable..

  50. Lmao,yes i get a little lost sometimes on there.I am afraid i am not one of the chosen few when it comes to the brain power to debate politics or poets,certainly not rhino breeding.I have to stick to what i know,West Ham & the hippo πŸ˜‰

  51. There is no clique there anyway,they just happen to not reply to names they dont recognise or call others trolls from here.Other than that it fine πŸ˜€

  52. Just talk about cake,sleepovers,politics always agree with ” The Chosen Few” and you’ll be invited into the wonderful world where your opinion means everything and others mean nothing. A hippo usually wallows in s**t and doesn’t spout it, BFS is more of dung Beatle always pushing s**t slowly and tactically to eventually create a big pile s**t then move on somewhere else and do the same thing again…

  53. I still think he’s going to get a new contract, god help us

  54. A new contract will just lead to more apathy unless they board just want sustainability before selling up….

  55. Ffs,love it,now Hippo has morphed into a Dung Beetle,superb.Just hope he rolls his ball of sh*t known as his Curtis has beens off up or down the motorway to his next destination.Let him disillusion another set of fans.Almost feel sorry for them already.Sunderland,Fulham,whoever,dont appoint him for the sanity of your fans.

  56. GW welcome I know on that site I am a troll but before I came to this site many years ago
    I visited first Kumb and got attacked for my view even to where I received nasty mail in my personnel mail box then I visited Westhamtilidie one wtepants.com and thinking I would be treated with a little respect if nothing else because of the name they use and again because I had my own views was treated as if I was actually a spuds fan or even worse,
    and joined the flappy happy C and H club
    Where I was treated with respect and although my views some time differ from others enjoyed the banter and world wide views of all fans expats S T holders and even little Kev’s
    But it seems the people from wetpants can’t come here and post there views like intelligent
    Human beings, they hold anyone who does not have there views in contempt.
    They then enter the league of idiots and try insults,but find themselves in the wrong place as they normally leave with there tails hanging from there onesie in disgrace
    For 4 days we have heard nothing,then they sent Kev from the Alamo on a solo offence
    Today they popped there heads above the walls to see what’s going on and decide enough time has gone by since BFS,S last fucx up
    And now it’s business a usual
    So welcome GW And althehammer57
    Return to your pit spoonie and pass our regards to the dregs of our club
    We will not be denied BFS will be history in 1 week time
    Long live the true fans bye bye BFS lovers don’t cry in your beer

  57. Cheers Bubs your no troll mate just a bloke that’s got the balls to say what he feels…Me I’m non conformist I say it as it is I might not always agree but I certainly ain’t going to throw round childish insults if i don’t agree….

  58. I see Sam says he will have “no sympathy” with Newcastle if we sends them down.Shouldnt be a surprise,he doesnt give a **** about the club he is at now,so you shouldnt expect him to give a **** about any other club,lol

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