Season ticket relocation process explained


seasonticketIn March West Ham announced a London Stadium Priority relocation window as part of the Season ticket renewal process to allow supporters move seats for next season.

With the season ticket renewal deadline fast approaching on 31st May the relocation window will open on Thursday 1st June and will close on Thursday 15th June.

West Ham will give priority to those who renewed their season tickets first from the first day on 13th March in strict order as long as they choose the box ‘Move seat’ during season ticket renewal to indicate that they wanted to relocate their seat.

The ticket office will call or email each season ticket in strict order of the renewal date and time to offer a relocation subject to availability. It is hoped many of these relocations will happen over the phone but supporters also have the option of meeting face to face.

At the point of confirmation of relocation, if the seat falls into a different price band, the difference in cost will either be refunded or required to be paid in full immediately.

The club claims those requesting to relocate are a small percentage of 20,800 who have already renewed their seats for next season.

UPDATE: Since the article was written, I have been advised by the club that it is not necessary to select the MOVE seat option during the renewal process to have the opportunity to relocate and in fact, all season tickets will still have the option to relocate subject to availability of seats.


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  • bengeo says:

    Renewals started a week later than you state, on the 13th March. Re “as long as they ticked the box during season ticket renewal to indicate that they wanted to relocate their seat” – I don’t remember seeing any box for that.

  • schuauthing says:

    I didn’t see a box for that either.

  • I have updated the story with a graphic. It asked you whether you wanted to Keep seat or Move Seat in renewal process.

  • bengeo says:

    They must have added that later.

  • Hitchin Hammer says:

    NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!
    That option was not there when I renewed on day one.
    I was already ****d off renewals started with no prior warning (I never got an email / sms and it wasn’t previously announced on official site etc) and only found out by going online that lunchtime. Fearing other would be infront of me in the relocation queue and now this. God this club stresses me out with stuff that should be simple to administer!!!
    Sean please get some clarification around this as clearly wasn’t there from the off. Was wondering how the hell it was going to work, I assumed when the relocation window opened we were going to be invited again to log intention to move or something.

  • John says:

    I renewed my season ticket on the 14 of March nice and early so I could change my seat, which happens to be in row 70 block 242 East Stand which is up in the gods and I hate it! I didn’t see the option to change my seat either!

    • mywhufc says:

      now i know where you sit, ill pop by and say hello

      • John says:

        Be nice to see you, Will get the oxygen bottle ready for you.

        • John says:

          Lmao Nigel that sounds like a long walk up to meet John only to find it’s another John who will wonder what the hell you are rabbiting on about!! John is such a common name. Great to know there is another John on the site as I can blame him for anything nonesense I spout. Indeed Nigel ALL the nonesense I spout! 😂😂😂

          • John says:

            I shall resist calling myself The Origional John as that would be taking myself a little seriously don’t you think?

  • Pajowa says:

    Do you know if 2 year season ticket holders will get a chance to change seats?

  • schuauthing says:

    I have just spoken to the ticket office about this. There was no button and everyone who has renewed will be contacted (in date order) at the close of the renewal period and will be given a window within which to apply for relocation.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    I know this ain’t in the same context but I renewed last week but keep getting emails about going on the waiting list as anyone else had this as I done my renewal on line just asking

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