Second chance for Lingard?


Second chance for Lingard?

Following the news that Jesse Lingard was back at Rush Green training with the squad, it was initially thought that it was as a gesture of goodwill in a bid to keep his fitness up.

But according to the Sky Sports reporter Dharmesh Sheth, there is bit more than meets the eye.

He claims new information he is getting from the club is that West Ham are now actively “assessing” whether to sign Lingard as a free agent.

“He’s a free agent, as we know, he had that one-year deal at Nottingham Forest last season,” Sheth said on Sky Sports News last night.

“It wasn’t renewed in any way so he becomes a free agent. And in the past week or so he has been training with West Ham United, primarily to keep his fitness up.

“However, I’m now told that the club are assessing the possibility, only the possibility, of a short-term deal. It hasn’t gone any further than that as far as I’m aware and he’s just keeping his fitness up.

“But if he’s in the building and he’s impressing, you catch a few people’s eyes, maybe they will decide ‘you know what, we could use you’.”

We all remember that magnificent six-month loan spell at the London Stadium where he helped fire West Ham to within one win of Champions League qualification and our most points ever in the Premier League .

Also with the Europa League schedule and our domestic campaign to contend with, we do need to beef up our squad.

Why not give him a go although his spell at Nottingham Forest didn’t go so well last season after he snubbed the Hammers

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  • Eug says:

    Why on earth are we giving a second chance to Lingard? He messed us around for a whole year and two transfer windows, before at the last minute choosing Notts Forrest. He didn’t want us then, so why on earth are we signing him now? He will only prevent the incoming of young and exiting talent. Christ the quicker we get rid of Moyes the better. Just this week two young and exiting players that Moyes had the opportunity to buy and turned his nose at Moises Caicedo, we had the opportunity to buy him but Moyes said No. Brighton bought him for £4M only to sell him on a couple of years later for £115M. Now Michael Olise is considered one of the brightest stars in the Prem. We could have bought him from Readings for £8M but again Moyes again said NO. Now Chelsea are trying to activate a release clause of £35M. We are reduced to signing over the hill Has Beens, when what we want is young exiting players that will get the crowd off their feet. For Gods sake Moyes & Lingard F Off

  • johnham1 says:

    Totally agree, the guy is a spent force – does the fact that he wasn’t good enough for Forest not tell you everything. It is another example of Moyes stubbornness and his negativity to giving young or other players who have given a commitment to the club the playing time they deserve. Moyes just wants to prove he is right. The club should never allow this to happen- an absolute disgrace of a decision. The only consolation I have is this decision may speed up the departure of Moyes.

  • eromittal says:

    At acceptable wages it makes sense as a short term option to give the squad more depth.

  • Buster says:

    Lingard did nothing wrong. His choices were his prerogative.
    If he’s fit enough and good enough at West Ham….. then I welcome him back.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Absolutely agree Eug this would be an appalling signing with Moyes clearly just putting stubbornness above judgement. If he can gamble on this chancer, why did he sell Lanzini? We must use the wages for the future of the club i.e. younger prospects, not a fat pension for Moyes’ mate.

  • exsoulie says:

    It’s a no brainier for DM,ex manu,freebie,& we have not splashed out £40+ million on a player that we will have to sell for £10+ million when DM can’t get a tune out of him.Doh! Trust me to think we might actually get Ajax’s Kudus,I knew that would go out of the window when Limpgards name suddenly got mentioned whilst training with us.

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