Senegal spite unfair on Sakho


sakho cross hammerWell it seems as if Senegal are ready to spill as much West Ham blood as possible in general and Diafra Sakho’s in particular.

And whilst we should all spare a little sympathy for them following a shock exit from the African Cup of Nations and Sakho’s inability to help them out, coach Alain Giresse and the National Federation do seem to be pushing things perhaps a tad too far.

Seeking revenge on the striker and his club for allegedly misleading them over his back injury maybe understandable to some but is entirely pointless in reality.

Nor does it help the player before his international career has begun and is in my view very unfair to him because they were offered every opportunity to check things out.

Club v country rows are as old as the hill and entirely boring – this one has been made into one of the most unpleasant.

I have little doubt that West Ham did all they could to persuade the player to stay at Upton Park prior to the injury- none of us are stupid are we?

They wanted their prize asset available and after the injury he sustained at the hands of the national team on his last excursion to Africa that was understandable.

However, he was injured against West Brom and as a result the club sent all the medical reports to his national team and even invited them to London to check him out themselves.

They flatly chose not to do so and thus any view they may have of his injury is entirely invalid and should surely not be taken seriously by Fifa.

Senegal were told the player would be out for up to six weeks. He came back after three so where exactly is their complaint.

Giresse has shown himself to have a very big mouth – shame he didn’t save some of the words for his medics by ordering them to London to check the player.

He now stands on the sidelines issuing of unpleasant and malicious remarks about miracle cures in England and suchlike. I hope he has a Twitter account – many love that sort of crap on there.

You can have your suspicions but to voice them at Fifa based on no evidence whatsoever when in fact you were offered the opportunity is stupid and ill informed.

Any complaint should go absolutely nowhere! Senegal have nothing to gain from this little bit

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  • bubs says:

    Senegal are just hitting back because of the criticism they received from us for the part they played in the first with the injury,
    If I were Sakho I would announce my international retirement, because if a country treated me like this I would not want to play for them again,
    This club is his bread and butter and he knows we have done know wrong,
    With Blatter still in chargeand hating any thing English we will be treated badly by FIFA,

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    If everything reported is true and the club have medical evidence, did invite the Senegal FA to carry out tests etc and the doctors said he couldn’t fly then there is nothing to fear. If the Senegal officials believed he would be better then they should have picked him as an injured player, that way he couldn’t have played for West Ham while they were still in the competition. As it was they chose not to inspect him and they accepted without investigating his condition and as such because they didn’t pick him then there is nothing to worry about except the poor relationship between Senegal and the player and our club. It is disgraceful the way they have conducted themselves and is a shame for Diafra that he is now being made a scapegoat.

  • philtheiron says:

    You just have to laugh at rubbish like this!
    Personally I would be absolutely amazed if this “story” was to go any further as it is merely a smokescreen designed to deflect attention away from the real issue.

    The truth of the matter is that a much fancied and richly assembled team has massively under performed in a major tournament and as a result has caught the first plane home!

    It is all about saving ones face at another’s expence, nothing more. It’s just a shame that Sakho and West Ham are being dragged into it.

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