Shameful Bilic tweet from Arbeloa


ARBEOLOARemember Alvrdo Arbeola, the Spanish full back who proved one of the worst arrivals of Slaven Bilic’s regime.

Well, tonight he has proved himself one of the most tasteless individuals around given his reception of the news that the former West Ham manager is now out of work.

Arbeloa was the out of contract defender who proved himself to be well past his best when he arrived at the club on deadline day ahead of the 2016-17 season.

He made a total of three starts for the Irons amid stories that he and the manager had been involved in a training ground bust up over training methods.

And tonight he appears to have confirmed that with an unnecessary tweet in response to the news that the 49 year old Croat has been sacked by “the club.

His entirely graceless response was “Better late than never!” which frankly is an entirely unprofessional attitude to bring into the public arena.

Not good enough!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • The Demon says:

    Blokes a **** – we knew it and now the world knows it.

  • bubbles says:

    Not condoning the tweet but it is interesting coming from an outsider who has had a great career with top clubs . Also interesting to see how many of our rejects move on and become good players . It is a reflection of what outsiders see when they join Hammers . Imagine being Payet and watching Noble playing alongside giving the ball away and generally getting in the way .He dealt with it badly but I sympathise with the sentiment . Joining Hammers has become a poisoned chalice and now it looks like we have Moyes to continue the tradition .

  • hammersfan01 says:

    In the future history of our great club, which of the two of them is the one that will be remembered?

    ’nuff said.

  • Dave says:

    To be honest, he’s stuck the boot in which is no different than this site has done for weeks,
    Doesn’t matter how you say it and in which form, but lets not get hypocritical C&H.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Yes ,not nice was it !but he’s only saying what were all saying ? He’s had a point ! And we all said he didn’t have a clue , Frankie Mac said he was caught in headlights didn’t he ? Was that shameful of him! Or just a other clue to the truth! From a player in the know !!
    Wasn’t nice of bilic blaming rice publicly neither, add to that antonio ??
    Swings and roundabouts IMO ! Bad taste all round really !!!

  • JMan43 says:

    I don’t see what the difference is between what Arbeloa said and what C&H has been running for weeks and undermining Bilic with. If you guys are close to the board let them know Moyes will be as welcome as a dose of the clap and maybe about time they looked to a buyer who can actually back words with the appropriate action.

  • JRS says:

    Not a big deal but I almost forget Arbeloa was even at West Ham

  • jonnyem1 says:

    Yeah a bit of a cheap shot but then he’s only giving his opinion we’ve given ours……probably not happy only getting three starts while Byram Kouyate or Antonio played the RB slot. Fair enough Byram has come on this season but Antonio was wrong footed every time and Kouyate just ain’t a RB but yeah I get why he would be sore…..

  • Wembley1980 says:

    No problem with that..he possibly disliked his boss loads of people do! I think we’ll be hearing a few more digs about his management and methods and rightly so! Nice fella or not he was useless

  • Max Willow says:

    There are some words in foreign languages, which describe a feeling or observation, but can’t be directly translated into English. Such words pop up in the old, poetic, and beautiful language of ***dish. ***dish takes its roots from German, Hebrew and a number of other languages. In German, the word mensch can be directly translated into English to mean a person. In ***dish, the very same word, mensch, takes on a different meaning. When you call someone a mensch in ***dish, you are implying more than a person, but a very decent, honorable, special person. It is usually reserved for the minority of individuals who meet the necessary criteria.
    In football, Pele, Moore, Cryuff etc were all ‘menschen’ (plural of mensch), for sure.

    However, no rational person (Jewish or otherwise) would say that Arbeloa is a mensch!
    Not good enough for our club, mate!

  • Willtell says:

    Oh come on now! My thoughts earlier today were whether Payet and Arbeloa fell out with Bilic because they had higher standards than Bilic could give them.Arbeloa was reputedly a fitness fanatic and won it all but was made out to be **** when far worse players were on the park. If you have done it at a high level and end up playing for an amateur like Bilic it is not surprising they fell out with him. I love Bilic the man but Bilic the coach was clearly pure crap

    • Dunlopilo says:

      Arbeloa is a complete jilipollas. I never liked the guy on or off the pitch anyway. Very cynical and full of himself. Was only in the National spanish team because he was a Real Madrid player. Other better players than him were barred by him just and only becausee of that. And if he was worth anything after his West Ham adventures, he would have kept on playing. He hasn’t.

      If you want to know a bit more about the comments regarding his tweet in Spain, go to marca, type Arbeloa and read comments. one of them sums it up quite nicely “Bitter, resentful, spiteful, know it all, this bloke is a true gem”. I couldn’t have said it better.

      Oh, and wanna know his nickname in Spain ? The cone…

  • Dunlopilo says:

    Oh, and here are other comments from Spanish readers when Arbeloa said he was retiring (saying he was physically fit, but the head wasn’t there anymore) :
    “Well, actually he could not retire, because he actually never was a real football player”.
    “This guy was even worse than Winston Bogarde and Secretario. The best cone in the history of Spanish Full backs, and we have had a few. Just hope he collects dust in the warehouse”.
    “So I guess that’s it ? No more kicking, elbowing, slapping or stepping, most of the time unpunished by the way”.
    “He can now dedicate himself to what he really will be good at : cone coach”
    “This guy shred one thing with Mourinho : the art of dividing locker rooms and people”.
    “Spain won world cup DESPITE Arbeloa. He really was the weakest link in the Spanish defence and the opponents were always trying to enter through where he was. It was scary whenever he was on the pitch”.
    “So long, and don’t forget to close the door on your way out. One of the worst defenders I have seen in football”.

  • Willtell says:

    OK Dunlopilo if you say so. But why was he signed by Bilic in the first place then? If he was a Sullivan signing then Bilic should have put his foot down and said “No. I don’t like his reputation or he has gone too far downhill.”
    He had 3 seasons at Liverpool and 7 at Real Madrid. You don’t get to play for those teams for 10 seasons if you are rubbish

    • Dunlopilo says:

      You are right about the titles he won. However, the bloke clearly was over valued, and the last seven years of his career were all but glorious. Often surpassed, he would use other methods to cut the opponent. Besides, the rumour is he intentionally injured Casillas following a Mourinho instruction (Mourinho did not like Casillas at all and wanted to get rid of him at all costs). That’s why some Spaniards ended calling Arbeloa wittingly “the special (c)one”.

      Some players end up in certain clubs and you wonder how and why. Flaubert comes to mind. How did he ever get Real Madrid to sign him ? Another one that comes to my mind was a fellow named Lajos Ku. Refugee from Hungary many years ago, “played” for Bruges in the final they lost against Liverpool. The guy was unfit and a complete misfit. Disappeared after that, but still played a European cup final.

      In short, Arbeloa never should have signed for West Ham. I understand the intention behind it : premier league and international experience, end of career so not too vocal about playing time, brought in to groom Byram. Still a complete flop, don’t know if he was a Bilic choice or not, but the facts are he did not do anything for our club, so he better shut up and mind his own dust.

  • JimmyJazz says:

    oh come on Hugh. As in the know as you claim to be you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Arbeloa could be completely justified. I know you like to venerate Bilic, ‘honest slav’ etc. Yep, so honest he got a player sent off in the world cup semi which was one of the most scandalous things I’ve ever seen on a pitch. If Slav is such a great guy then why do so many players fall out with him? Answer that one.

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