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Shirt ban is top news

twoshirts_2The decision to ban shirts of teams – other than our own and those of the opponents on the day at The London Stadium – is excellent news and has eliminated potential flashpoints for trouble.

I could barely believe early reports CandH were receiving that shirts of other clubs were being seen around the ground.Β Why would anybody do that, why would any parent allow or encourage it?

It’s disrespectful in the extreme and frankly could be described as looking for trouble. That the club and stadium operators have intervened at a very early stage is excellent news.

Yes, there are teething problems at the new stadium but the club is clearly working hand in hand with the operator to sort out various issues.

That this one has been nipped in the bud early is top news and an indication that the other issues we are currently facing at the LS can be overcome with goodwill all round.

Over-reaction however is never a solution

Although the picture above has been described as a “fake” by the club having been circulated on social media there was undoubtedly a problem asΒ ClaretandHughΒ have been made aware of many other photos of adults and children wearing rival club shirts which were not.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Leicester City photos have all been sent to us but because many of them contain children we have decided not to publish them.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

41 comments on “Shirt ban is top news

  1. Brilliant news.It really bugged me seeing a Spud near us at the Astra game.

    • This is probably happening because Newham Council have tickets for every home game which they are giving away to residents, who won’t neccessrily be WHU supporters

  2. I know I’m in a minority here but I think we should be better than this!

    We have to accept that the Olympic Stadium is a tourist attraction and with so many tickets getting into third-party companies hands (by one means or another) then all sorts of people are going to attend our Home games.

    We used to get it a lot in the Upper Rio Stand at Upton Park – all sorts of people, quite often Scandanavians over for a boozy weekend, or Japanese taking selfies with everything in sight – I can’t remember them wearing other teams shirts but those scarves with both teams on them appeared quite often!

    A parent on a trip to London taking their Football mad kid to the Olympic Stadium, but the kid wearing another Teams colours, usually out of ignorance shouldn’t cause any problems – shouldn’t we be more mature and above all this petty tribalism!

    • Unfortunately your sensible, grown up attitude will fall on a lot of deaf ears!

      I’m not sure if you were at the Bournemouth or Astra games but given the abysmal behaviour from so called fans who would rather fight their fellow West Ham supporter, or obnoxiously and belligerently stand in other West Ham fans’ way while goading stewards and the fans whose game they were ruining, the chances of reaching a compromise is slim.

      There are far too many “fans” who can’t show respect to their own, so what chance has any other team’s fans got?

  3. No Michael we shouldn’t .I dont want to sit next to a Spud in his shirt or a Chelski fan at an Irons v Saints game for example.If a Saints fan is there fair enough.Come on mate there are limits lol

  4. Sorry Michael but no… No, no. no. There is no club, anywhere, in the Premiership that would allow you, as West Ham fan to walk into a section of oposition support whilst wearing a West Ham shirt.

    Example: The hated Spuds. You can be dressed in ‘civies’. no shirt, nothing and if you so much as intimate that you are an Irons fan, in the Spurs end you will be thrown out. That is a fact.

    Sorry, I know you are trying to be reasonable, but people are (trying) to take the ****. No one else would put up with it and neither should we.

  5. Its a first , this has never happened in the history of the sport ?
    Fukin brain dead , whoever wears the shirt of another team who we are not playing needs it removed , confiscated and rejected from the ground and stoned to death ,
    And the season ticket given to me so I can sell it on !! πŸ˜‰
    Its west ham utd. , not a united national football convention gathering ,

    • History….
      In the 50s when you would have only seen the claret and blue at any game there would have been one other colour… White!
      Nobody then would have thought there would have been black, Asian, Chinese, etc etc etc……
      Things change, this is 2016 not the dark ages!!!

  6. Really…
    I believe that this is a crazy thing to do.
    Yes seeing a SPUD at a game is frustrating especially when you go out of Europe on that day!! But what might have happened if we had smashed them 9-0 and the atmosphere was electric?
    I’ll tell you, it could have changed the heart and support of that said SPUD 1-0 to us!
    How on earth can we corrupt young minds into the ways of West Ham if they already have a ManUre shirt and want to wear it on match day?
    Do not think there has been a lot of thought with this decision….
    I personally think they should sort out the stewards and standing issues before worrying about semantics, they are the problems causing fights and trouble.

    • I agree – the Standing issue is causing a toxic atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium – a far more important issue!

      Why don’t they let all the ‘Standers! go into that section immediately behind the South goal and turn a blind eye to the law!

  7. I told you I was in a minority but it honestly doesn’t bother me – I went to Tottenham once with my Brother and the kids supporting West Ham – I felt very uncomfortable when one of the kids cheered a West Ham goal – some of the local Neanderthals turned very ugly – we didn’t hang around!

    • Yeah & we have Neanderthals too Michael which is the problem.Now these people might be very nice,might be tourists,might wear their Chelski shirt with naive innocence but they are putting themslves in the frame for problems imo if they happen to cross the paths of one of our less savoury fans.Isnt it easier to avoid this potential problem??
      But if im honest I don’t want any stinking Spud next to me anyway haha πŸ˜€

      • I agree wholeheartedly – some of our fans scare me – and sometimes you have to protect people from themselves, I’m just saying it doesn’t bother me personally!

        Another point – the standard of Stewarding at the Olympic Stadium is so poor thatyou wouldn’t put much money on people being weeded out at the turnstiles.

        • It is a shame that in football unlike other sports the fans don’t mix well but this is not a problem unique to us and in some instances those fans with the shirts would be doing it too incite our fans, you make a good point about the stewarding it is very slack, they appear undertrained and at all the matches I have been too so far which has been all of the home matches, I have seen instances where our fans have been pushing them to the limits, also why the hell are they opening the stadium at half time how is that safe, do these people know nothing about football and violence ? Let alone if someone wanted to cause a security incident due to terror related reasons. As for the standing from a personal perspective I am in favour of safe standing at all clubs, I think that the TB and BM lower should be prime candidates for such areas, it does create atmosphere but for the clubs and non st holding supporters perspective until we have the capacity increased would be good if it was curbed at least a little bit and for those that stand when there are kids or older or less able people behind them, they could try speaking to the club with likeminded supporters and lobby for an area designated to standing supporters. For people that didn’t get ST’s like me and the 50000 others on the list this is preventing 3000 seats per game being allocated to us and next season that will or won’t be increased, I understand the frustration for sure but there are better ways to get the point across certainly in the early days of our tenancy than just ignoring the rules and being indifferent regarding the other supporters that have their match days affected by these actions. Oops another large deposit goes into Daphne’s box.

          • Exactly, fans should come together, get the numbers who want to stand all game and then work with the club to make it a reality. Give the club their dues, they are pretty receptive to fans’ wishes and I’m sure if those who want to stand all game approached them with a plan and a positive attitude things could be resolved amicably and quickly.

            Alternatively we could all just dig our heels in, the fans and the board, then no one gets what they want and the bad atmospheres continue…

          • Sounds like you need a trip to the salon 32 . πŸ˜‰

          • They open the doors half-time to let the smokers out – I saw gate G or H open with quite a large group smoking and drinking outside at half-time against Bournemouth – I think there’s barriers outside on the ‘Podium’ -I thought it was a good idea!

          • lol Johnboy indeed, hopefully Daphne won’t give me the hairdryer treatment πŸ˜‰

  8. Good news the way I see it.Imagine Old Trafford with a crowd with Man.City & Liverpool fans in their shirts sat amongst the home support.It would be a pee take.Whats the difference for us.

  9. as my grandmother used to say “prevention is better than cure”… Unfortunately the mother of idiots is always pregnant… Anyway, today I feel very wise, maybe even because of the special treatment of the C&H wellness center… I feel reborn… now, I’m going to the nail salon… loool πŸ˜€

    • Haha matte it feels like a christian benelovant fund gathering lol. πŸ˜‰ . Had my blue rinse and rub down with a cabbage leaf this morning, I feel like crushing a grape . ;-).

  10. Maybe we can allocate a block of a stand for fans of other sides to make them feel homely,give them free drinks vouchers & a free pie at halftime.The group with the most fans of other clubs in it get complimentary tickets for the next match.Ffs what is it all coming to.The Batteries Dogs Home of other clubs fans lol

  11. Are these ‘other’ supporters the season ticket supporters l keep on hearing about!!

    • That’s the other point – lots of tickets are getting into the hands of these 3rd-party Ticket Agencies – some companies have hundreds for sale – smells very fishy and organised to me!

  12. Still think there are more pressing issues…
    At the end of the day (football clique) I don’t even like it if I have to work with a SPUD but that’s life.
    What about the fact they keep running out of hot dogs before half time! That’s a much more pressing issue imo!!!

    • I work with spuds, chelski, arsenal and orient fans and I’ve got to say it’s much more fun to gun them to their face then to avoid them. Last season after the chelski-spuds game we were all came together (me, the chelski guy and the arsenal guy) and spent the whole day giving to the spud. It was a real community moment.

    • Ask tore πŸ™‚

  13. Must have been fun coming together over a spud ?? ,-)
    Personally I would have pi££ed on him ?? πŸ™‚

  14. Where a west hammer shirt to loads of games in Spain and do get funny looks but yet to be verbally abused,
    But England is different,when I worked all over the country I even got a paper boy in Newcastle have a go at me for wearing my colours on the way to work,
    But in a time where you can now take your kids and family to games without looking over your shoulder its best to leave things nice and friendly,
    We don’t want the days of fences coming back and the quicker the bring back proper standing areas the better,
    I have always thought we should have areas like gladiators when if they want to fight then keep contained for every ones entertainment
    Hit like a massive cage fight,no weapons and equal numbers,
    Better still bring back flogging and birching for half time entertainment,
    Just go to the bar be friendly and have a nice day

  15. Yes bubs ! Everyone must attend the CnH wellness centre immediately , all knives , razors, clubs and Stanley knives left at the front desk , ;-).
    All steel toecap D/Ms to be removed before entering !. πŸ˜‰

  16. Just got back from the bar left all the weapons on the back of the donkey,
    Can’t believe we stiffed Payet for 100 K no wonder he is not playing,
    That’s going to pised Sak off that’s nearly as much as he earns,

  17. Lol I didn’t realise Jenks was an arms mule πŸ˜‰

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