Shock jock calls on Bilic to get a lawyer


Adrian-Durham-006TalkSport shock jock Adrian Durham has accused West Ham manager Slaven Bilic of damaging the reputation of match officials with his constant post match moaning.

And he has challenged him to back it up with evidence if he thinks there is an orchestrated conspiracy against West Ham.

Durham speaking in his Daily Mail column today said:

“Bilic damages the reputation of referees and officials by blasting them consistently. Unless he actually thinks there is an orchestrated conspiracy against West Ham in which case he should make that clear, and try to back it up with evidence. If he does that, I suggest he gets a decent lawyer behind him.”

“There is no conspiracy of course. I went back over the 3-3 draw on Saturday to assess all the decisions. The Hammers were right to be upset about the disallowed Lanzini goal, but what about others that go unmentioned by Bilic and the fans?”

A quiet word Mr Durham: Slaven Bilic has a degree in law and is fluent in German, Italian and English.

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  • hammersfan01 says:

    Perhaps yon shock jock chappie (who in all honesty I’ve never heard of) should look at the survey of decisions before opening his ignorant mouth.

    But to be fair most people that write for the Daily Mail have ignorant mouths that are not worth listening to.

  • exsoulie says:

    Slav can do what he thinks is best,if you dont like it,follow another club.

  • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

    I wouldn’t have given the nobody the attention – I mean look at him…he clearly got bullied at school. I’ve never heard Bilic claim there’s conspiracy against us. He’s simply highlighted dubious decisions, like all managers, the vast majority of which the majority agree with him on.

    Meanwhile, in other news, the Sunderland Echo is reporting that Sunderland fans are unhappy with Alladyce’s defensive and negative tactics in recent games, the inaccurate hoofing up field and his substitution decisions. How lovely not to be in that world anymore!

    • IronHammer says:

      well, to be honest, Sunderland didnt play bad recently. They completely outplayed West Brom and played well vs Foxes (didnt take their chances though). Sam is not bad bad manager when it comes to relegation scrap, but I cant compare him to Bilic ofcourse

    • Gobby says:

      Yep,Sunderland fans moaning about hoofball already.God knows how they would feel after 4 years of him,not only the 5 months they have endured so far,lol

      • Stinger says:

        Sunderland fans were disgusted after the home 0-0 draw with Bournemouth because Sam said it was a good result and mentioned his usual “Clean Sheet” and Respect the point” crap.

        Now he has said the same thing after a 0-0 home draw with WBA. Again Sunderland fans not happy with that.

        Just like Newcastle, Blackburn and of course West Ham fans, the Sunderland fans are seeing the fat one for what he is.

  • Boleyn Boy says:

    The officials damage their own reputation simply through their own incompetence and inconsistency, and the FA brings the game into disrepute by continuing to give them responsibilities they are simply not capable of shouldering.

    Who is this Durham bloke anyway, he clearly has a big chip on his shoulder?

  • Billy the Hammer says:

    Durham is a big hairy ballbag who really ain’t worth worrying about in all honesty.He blows crap out of his mouth on an almost daily basis,lol

  • Tiddy says:

    I once actually agreed with Durham. .. he was one in a very very tiny minority that said WEST HAM would not develop under BFS as he was holding us back ..
    But 99% if time he’s a plonker. Obviously looking for a reaction on his radio show today. Must have a lower listening figures of late

  • Gobby says:

    Durham is a wind up.All he is doing is getting fans angry so they then phone his show.He is a total twot though.

  • mattefumi27 says:

    ahaah.. now he’s saying that was Slav’s fault??? Yeah, the refs are incompetent and Bilic must be silent without debate… He suggests a decent lawyer behind Slav, I suggest him a good night’s sleep, he seems a bit stoned… lol 😉

  • bubs says:

    Were those other decisions the fact that Orzil goal was off side PROVED by the TV
    Or that Lanzini was fouled from behind for a pen Proved by the TV replays,
    What a muppet and it’s us moaning not Slav he made quite a few no comments,
    He should ask the mouth Wenger who had to retract when he had looked close up and then blame anyone but himself,yes his defence is poor,he picked them he signed them
    Don’t blame your tools your like Hippo out of date

  • Tony gore says:

    He disagrees with?? Hang on** who the ””””’: is this dope anyway?

  • Hammerdragon says:

    Should be Jock strap!

  • Ironworker says:

    I think he is correct Bilic does need to get a decent lawyer as we have been “ROBBED” of full points in the last 3 games —- 2 good goals at home to Gunners dis-allowed , no way a pen at Chelsea last min of game , no way a sending off at home to Crystal Palace (which was rescinded but still cost us the points ) — Yes I think we do need some legal action- fancy defending our case in the dock – JOCK ?

  • Ohiord says:

    Bilic IS a lawyer. Holds a degree in Law. He can represent himself. The ‘journalist’ should research his subject matter prior.

  • johnboy says:

    Just another devastated gooner , we stopped em from challenging the title and the Muppet ginger snoty nose wanna be famous no bend !
    Ignore the nobody , he will soon fade away , just like his team !
    MUG ,

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