Shocked Allardyce tries to make a case

Sam-Allardyce-edited1_2519771Stunned Sam Allardyce had one or two excuses for the shocking Β defeat at the hands of Palace.

And with Palace reduced to ten men for the last 30 minutes, the defeat became even less bearable despite the team waking up and managing an Enner Valencia goal and plenty of pressure and chances.

However, if you only start playing when you are three behind there’s something Β very wrong and the manager clearly accepted that.

He said: “I’m shocked. Our level of performance wasn’t where I expected it to be. It’s disappointing when we’ve built expectation levels so high at home. It’s about the basics, really.

“If we don’t play to our best, we’ll struggle. We warned the lads about Crystal Palace’s set plays because 50 per cent Β of their goals have come from set-plays. And we’ve conceded from two corners and a free-kick.”

Then he waded into the dismissed striker and started adding up the other awards that should have been made against Palace and on our behalf!

He said:”I think Glenn Murray could have been sent off in the first half for the number of fouls he committed. He was lucky to stay on for that long.

We should have had a penalty for the foul on Diafra Sakho, and it should have been a red card for Mile Jedinak too. That would have made it 3-2, and then you never know.”


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34 comments on “Shocked Allardyce tries to make a case

  1. Oh shut the f*ck up BFS & jog on.Had enough of your excuses.Always excuses when we lose,always bigging yourself up when we win.Sophisticated,flexible,could manage real madrid or milan easily & win trophies every year.Ffs,guys a joke.One win in two months.Yeah youre a top manager Sam,europes elite will soon be banging on your door!


    But please, look at his face in this photo, it’s pretty self-explanatory… ahahahahaha

    What a sophisticated manager…

  3. I will make a case for Samasaurus,then he can pack his clothes & chewing gum in it & naff off back to Dudley.That was poor to say the least,quiet down beat atmosphere,below average football & all round & miserable couple of hours.So deflating after such an enjoyable few months at the start of the season.The Sophisticated One will give us stability for all the fans who want a new contract for him next year.We will be stable in the bottom 5 or 6 if we continue to win one game in two months.Come on Davids you know what you want to do,just do it.Enough is enough.Stability Sam is unstable πŸ˜‰

  4. Thank god we got points early season or we would be in real strife,Palace and WBA have taken us apart with tough disciplined defending ,quick counter attacks and a physical striker that works on Tomkins result capitulation.The owners must know now that this squad will need some major additions for next season.

  5. Well if we win one match every two months next season under the Sophisticated Ones stewardship we all know where we will be.Had enough of all this bs about Sam & stability leading us into the OS.We hardly have stability now,we are going to be sliding down the table quicker than a ducks arse across a icy lake if we aint careful πŸ™‚

  6. Someone said to me that the players are playing this way because Sam may not be staying?? I laughed! most likely the opposite! he never looks interested, just going through the motions!

    Did anyone else notice in the 38th Minute #DYLAN – No respect from Sam, while Pardew did!

  7. Reporterpot where are you? Are you washing your dressing gown?

  8. I didnt notice but it wouldnt surprise me at all.The guy has no class even though he claims to be the Sophiaticated One.But i dont think dinosaurs can clap anyway,maybe that was the reason.

  9. I am surprised by the level of our supporters understanding of the game in general and how much Sam has changed our overall expectations! Big teams in the PL have lost games such as the one today to lesser opposition, but what does not help with us is that whilst we have been doing extremely well and above any expectation this season, we have anti-Sam parasites galore, who do not have any clue about the game, who have short memories, and constantly moan about a manager change, that in my humble opinion has to be eradicated from our supporters before we end up like Bolton, or Blackburn or indeed Newcastle…
    Today I kind of felt as if the players let everyone down, instead we are nailing Sam for the fact that he is breathing or any other habit of his! For goodness sake people…grow up! There were eleven players on the pitch and no Nolan or any so called BFS favourite boys, and yet they all under performed!!! What do you end up doing? Blaming the manager!
    I beg on you all to read interviews and comments fr real football experts and see what they think of Sam! Nothing else to say, apart from urging you all to let common sense prevail!

  10. He is clueless, and if I hear one more person saying Jenkinson is a good full back, sorry he is brutal, have been saying it all season and I really hope we do not sign him. BFS has to go and the sooner the better for everyone’s sake including his own. How he cannot see that Downing is struggling is beyond me…He needs a rest.. Why is he not giving Demel a chance or the youngsters…

  11. Your arguements about bolton,newcatle & Blaxkburn aew notjing to so with Sam andy.Bolton had had their minor glories,newxastle were i chaos whether Allardyce was there or not & Blackburn were boughtbuy crazy chicken killers who were clueless.We so called parasites must be of a similiar belief to the board if they dont want to continue his employment.I suppose one win in two months should all be laid at the players feet.Nothing to do with Sam & his negative keep what we have tactics which have cost us many points when leading.Btw im 6ft 5in,i must be one f**cking big parasite.I thought they were generally only seen under a miscope.Still as you said,if people dont like sam then they know nothing about football,well maybe we dont understand football the way Sam plays it.But i think that is a good thing not a bad thing.

  12. I guess Leroy doesnt count as an expert,better tell him Hugh.If he doesnt believe & have faith in Allardyce he doesnt count as an expert πŸ™‚

  13. Dont normally comment just read.But to call people parasites because they are not for Sam is out of order.They may express their opinion & quite frankly after seeing us slip down the table the way we have is disturbing so i understand the annoyance.Clearly all is not well.If the chairmen are of the mind to release Allardyce then people who are anti sam maybe have a point.His decision making at important points in matches this season has been terrible at times.I am neither of the mind to rid us of him or let him stay.But to accuse people of knowing nothing about football just because they are fed up with sam is wrong.We could be 10th or 11th in a couple of matches.This after being in the top 4 two monthes ago.People pay money to watch the club,they are entitled to their opinion.All is not well & anyone who knows anything about football would clearly see this.

  14. Can anyone of you anti-Sam supporters remind me of any season in the last 30 years when the Hammers were going into games as more or less equals or possible winners against any other team in this PL? I certainly cannot!

  15. Well we aint been equals or winners in the last 2 months.but as a parasite who doesnt understand football maybe im factually wrong.Sorry must dash,im doing a show at the Flea Circus in 20mins πŸ˜€

  16. BTW I apologise if offended anyone by the word parasites! However is very annoying when one of the best ever English managers, a well respected figure within the game constantly gets abused, for no real reason! The team lost its momentum and run of good luck due to also the fatigue element of great players such as Downing, Nolan, Carroll injury, defence shaken by injuries etc.
    The board have never criticised Sam and I have you know that the plan is still to renew his contract! They are a very sensible pair of owners and believe me it would be a massive gamble replacing Sam one year before moving to the OS!

  17. In addition the attached photo on this thread is being reused quite few times by the website! It was not taken today at all! And it’s very impolite to use it on this website every time there is bad news or bad comments against Dam! Respect people!

  18. Correction for above: Sam

  19. Andy pole don’t worry. There is a reporter here, thanks to his top secret sources, that assured us the Allardyce’s contract extension for two years.

  20. Oh stop being so serious.We do have fun & banter between eachother as well.It aint a serious anti/pro Dinosaur battle.Its just a forum.Get a grip on reality.Sam sets himself up with his self promotion in the media all the time,why shouldnt the media give a little back.Ofc it wasnt taken from today.Damn!Respect the banter! πŸ˜‰

  21. Great players such as Nolan? Now i know you are on a wind-up.Must be you Conkerpot,lol πŸ˜€

  22. Oh you have the knowledge on his contract being exteneded.Ok,so you are conkerpot then.Either that or sams missus πŸ˜‰

  23. I have good and credible sources of internal information more than the majority of tabloid papers and websites you hear things and bad rumours from mate! If you want to make some money with the betting agents, put your money on BFS staying on…and leading the Hammers to the OS…,

  24. Ahahahaha… Ok thanks!

  25. Thanks for the scoop Andy,i will go down the bank monday morning & lay all my savings on Allardyce to stay.I love a source who knows a source,definately worth taking as credible enough to put my life savings on a bet πŸ™‚

  26. Looool. Andy Pandy should be running his own website Looool

  27. Andy & his parrot Poly bringing all the latest scoops,reports & hot news.All coming from his sources who know sources who know sources inside the club.I think maybe we have found conker a job as a roving reporter around chadwell heath.He might need to change out of his pyjamas & dressing gown first though πŸ˜‰

  28. I love on google the images of sam when you put in ‘funny images of sam allardyce’,There is one of his head put on a roman gladiators body saying ‘Do i not entertain you’ & another of this pic above with him saying ‘ im more suited to real madrid’,lol πŸ˜€

  29. Well time will tell…
    Whatever you do though don’t trust the Cassandras in the tabloid sectors of media!
    And certainly don’t hold your breath!
    Big Sam is here to stay and lead us to the OS!

  30. Well said andypot

  31. Thanks conkerpot,now you can come back to be yourself again,lol πŸ˜€

  32. Now i have worked out what the poly means Conkerpot.It is short for polyester,what your pyjamas are made of πŸ˜€

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