Should club consider selling AC? – fans react


ClaretandHugh today launched a poll on whether the club should consider selling Andy Carroll and sparked the biggest debate ever seen at its Facebook Group at

Here’s some early feedback from the members.

Carroll1O Moot discussion in a way because nobody is going to buy him. No choice but to carry on with the play/goal/injury/repair cycle we have been accustomed to. Contract is too long to contemplate buying out to free up wages. In short we are stuck.

O I’ve voted 100% yes. Enough is enough now. If anyone shows an interest in him then snap their hand off.

O Voted. It’s a shame we can’t lower his wages. A great player when fit but he’s not fit long enough.

O He’s costing us a higher league position , most definitely get rid of ASAP !

O Keep him and have faith in AC.

O The main issue is that he is tying up money which we could spend on another player of his ability …. who actually plays the odd game!!!

O Dave Sullivan wants a forward who scores 20 goals a season. I wouldn’t mind starting with a forward who plays 20 games a season!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • petebonds says:

    We have little choice but to bear with him and get as much playing time as we can out of him . No one is going to make an offer for him until he has a good run in the team . Lets also remember no player wants to be injured and spend most their days on the treatment table and in rehab . It does nothing for his career or England prospects which are fading fast .
    This latest injury is not supposed to be a long term one , so lets hope he can get over it soon and bang in a few goals . He certainly won’t be going anywhere any time soon so lets hope for the best for him and for the club .

  • bubs says:

    I think if you can keep him fit until the summer,then his loving Newcastle fans would want him back,
    Yes he is a good player when fit but not a great player,and even fit he won’t score 20 goals a season possible 12 /15 but no more,
    Let’s wait till the end of the season with a bit of luck Sakho will stay fit till the end of the season,
    Either way he is going no where this season

  • COYI247 says:

    Apart from Mark Noble and maybe Collins, just who HASN’T been injured for PROLONGED periods? AC gets the criticism because he is on high wages, but to my mind, he is just a.n. Other crockery clubber! If people want to be shot of him, why not all the others?? I still have faith that he can have a decent run. Can’t be fun for him. Look how much he has already lost out on….

  • aykay says:

    I think the only way we will see the back of him is by releasing him on a free and getting those 90 thousand a week wages off our wage bill. I often wonder if players have a conscience, especially guys like carroll , an honourable thing to do would to renegotiate his contract to a smaller basic wage with huge bonuses for appearances. Carroll on his day is fearsome but with the wages his on we could get a world class striker for a little more,

  • kevin says:

    Carroll is more fed up with Injuries than any supporter . We all know how good he is when he is in form . The problem is that he hasn’t had enough time to recover and rediscover his form . To talk about selling him is , to my mind ridiculous . If it’s all about money then it’s sad. We all want West Ham represented in the England squad naturally ,and there should be West Ham players included , of course .. But don’t forget that Carroll was crocked during his England selection ( in training no less ) just as Ashton had to wave goodbye to football because of England . Talk about Archilles .
    Anyway , I seem to have diverted a little .
    Carroll is too important for West Ham and a new season in our new home with a recovered Player like him is paramount for our continuing ambitions .

    • ExPat_Hammer says:

      It’s not that we don’t care about him. It’s more that he can’t get a decent run in without injury. What’s the point of owning a Ferrari if it’s undriveable for months on end after a nice weekend with the missus.

  • canchaz says:

    I have been convinced for a long time that Sullivan pushes for Carroll’s inclusion in an attempt to recover some of a bad investment he never wanted to make, either by him eventually coming good or at least making him reasonably attractive to a club with a modest budget.
    Problem is Carroll never seems to stay fit long enough to do either.

    • Roman says:

      Absolutely spot on canchaz.It has always been about getting a return on an Allardyce sanctioned investment.Good call canchaz.

    • WHU647580 says:

      Very much doubt that Sully has team selection influence over any Manager and why should he, also what Manager would stand for that? Investment he never wanted to make? He signed off on our record fee signing with SA, if he had any doubts then as a business/football man he wouldn’t of done it. He agreed to buy him and at the time Sully was loving it, giving the fans what they wanted “Andy Carroll we want you to stay!”. Don’t blame Sully for that though.

      I think we should go to the summer and then evaluate, if he’s managed to put a run of games together at the end of this season then keep him otherwise something has to give, but as PeteBonds says were in a catch 22 situation now.

      Also for the other comments about voluntarily renegotiating his own contract to a lower wage, who on earth does that??

  • kevin says:

    I would prefer a big comfortable Roller to a tiny Ferrari ,, but hey , everyone to their own .
    At least you can kip in a Roller if needs be . Fun fun fun . Probably wouldn’t expect a breakdown though .

  • HammerDuck says:

    He should never have been signed…how he passed his medical beggars belief…someone was either not doing their job or was told to fudge it! Nevertheless we are stuck with him now, but if I was Andy Carroll I’d have gone back to my employer and offered a wage reduction or a public donation to the Bobby Moore fund. Sure, no player wants to be injured, but if, as Sham Allardyce and Bilic claim, he is “too honest for his own good” let’s see some player integrity too and a gesture of good will to help the club’s wage bill or a worthwhile charity. Then I, and I suspect, other fans could show AC some respect as well as sympathy.

  • COYI247 says:

    Embarrassing: All those asking for Carroll to re-negotiate his contract out of conscience are laughable. Would any of those guys do the same in their workplace? Of course not. And the difference is that in their work, they have a shot at it till they are 65 etc. A footballer has until he is 32 odd….Ridiculous, cloud-cuckoo suggestion!

    • kevin says:

      It’s football , not a workshop . There is no comparison to be made .
      I’m happy working with the conditions I have , and so if I have to buy a ticket to watch a game of Football so be it . Footballers and supporters are worlds apart . That’s why we pay to see Our Club win . They spend more on ridiculous tattoos and haircuts than we do down the pub . That’s life .
      Just want to see us winning …. Come on you Hammers .

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