Should he stay or should he go? Fans respond

The constatnt rumour-mongering over Reece Oxford’s future has become one of the more annoying issues of recent weeks as Manchester Unted continue to be linked with a bid.

The idea that United or anyone other club would pay £10 million or more seems pretty absurd but still the chattering goes on.


oxfordHere’s what fans on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forums have to say:

O They took Rio are we going to let another one go?

O Forget  about him going

O Could be one of three things: 1. Genuine interest; 2. Agent after a pay rise; 3. Total fabrication
O Simple to stop the rumours, the club just needs to come out and say clear off
O If we start letting all our kids go again then the owners deserve to get all that’s thrown at them…United built a decade of success with the kids, that’s the example for all to follow…..

O Interesting situation with Oxford – we’re obviously sat on a lot of talent and potential with him. £10m sounds a lot for a kid who’s played a handful of PL games. i dont see him in our first team in the next year, and wonder if playing in our development squad and the odd League Cup/Europa League tie will be enough to bring him on. That said, he’ll be further away from the Man Utd starting XI than ours!!
O The sooner we get his signature on s long term contract, with an acceptably high buy out clause, the sooner we can all relax.

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8 comments on “Should he stay or should he go? Fans respond

  1. the fuss will die when he signs his new longer term contract, which is being negociated. As the club have said no to all buyers, I won’t worry.
    Problem is I think he can’t sign it till december when he is 18, so it will be a long wait.

  2. Some of those comments you highlight on the C&H forum are beyond dumb. You can’t simply give in to a 17 year old’s wage demands unquestionably, based on a few premiership matches when a player in his position won’t mature, assuming he makes the grade at all, till at least his early twenties (4 or 5 years away). It needs to be a sensible mutually beneficial contract that ensures that we don’t create a high flyer, bring him through the formative years of errors, mistakes and development we did with Rio and then lose him at 21 anyway. If is his attitude is deemed by those who work with him that he will want to go to one of the ‘big boys’ anyway (and remember this is the second such ‘crisis’ in two years) then if yo can indeed get £10 mill now then like it or not that might actually be the best option. He still has 2 years on his contract so its not like the club have no power in the discussions and won’t simply let him go cheaply imminently. Equally it won’t mean that we are letting all our youngster go too, indeed the opposite is true we are attracting young players more now than ever before based on the fact we can offer them the best chance of success in the shortest time. Im sure the club are taking a sensible approach with Oxford but it simply can not be keep him at all costs as it will set a level that all our young players will be setting their own contract negotiations by and simply would not make any sense unless we can make sure either Oxford is here at least until 23 and if/when he does leave we make sure we will considering all the risk in developing him get a massive fee for him. So lets stop the black and white and delusional arguments here.

  3. Mourinio is just playing games , he’s trying to get back at us with his mind games , we humiliated him at Upton park , if I was the Dave’s I would put in bids for rashford and offer a swap deal plus ten mill on top for oxford !!
    Strange there’s not a lot of noise coming from them though ,?
    The same with fat sack and sakho ! Lol. We need some positive reaction from them , not just comments as such !

  4. 1. Slav and the Daves know what they’re doing
    2. Agents are in it for all that they can get
    3. The Spacial (deliberate) One doesn’t play youth
    4. It’s down to Oxford – if he doesn’t want to stay, take the cash

  5. Marcus Rashford has just signed a 25K p/w deal at United. So the papers are now looking stupid claiming Oxford wants 40K!

  6. The club keep saying he isn’t going to be sold, no offers made… the lad has laughed of the stories, what else do people want? A big full page advert in the paper……. even then some people still won’t believe ìt.

  7. I haven’t read through all of the the above, so someone else might have mentioned it, but ManU didn’t take Rio from us – Leeds did.

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