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Should the Irons sell Arnautovic for £19 million

It’s all kicking off with the Arnautovic brothers again with the striker wanting to leave for China at a fee of around £19million whilst presumably he and his brother make a fortune in wages and agent’s fees.

Our poll today asks:  Should we allow him to leave or keep him at the club.

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12 comments on “Should the Irons sell Arnautovic for £19 million

  1. He just signed a new contract y would we

  2. The guy (and his scummy idiot brother) need to appreciate that they are not above the law, nor more important than the club. They have a contract to honour. I would rather let him rot in the reserves for 4 years than sell him on the cheap. A message needs to be sent. If you sign a contract, you honour it, or pay your own way out of it so the club secures the valuation it requires. Why should he get to swan off to China on the cheap, at our expense, so he and Golem can cream it? Sorry, but I’ve not forgiven him for the first time around. One delightful assist to Antonio and all of a sudden he’s our saviour again? Jog on. Idiot.

  3. I can’t believe west ham fans can be so thick!

  4. Get rid…..and he can rot in China.

  5. Absolutely yes. Hopefully we can get a few more million but if that money doesn’t come in, get rid of the parasite before he ruins another season. Recouping our money on a player heading towards 31 isn’t all that bad and it’s another 20m in the pot for a young exciting striker. Hopefully Gomez.

    Incidentally, I’d even be open to selling for 19m and getting Rondon for 16.5m. A year younger, scored as many goals as Arnautovic in a defensive team. A good attitude and a team player.

  6. Spot on Buddy. West Ham need to draw a line in the sand so that idiot player/agent combos avoid coming to West Ham. Make him train with the acadamy and let him drift into the wilderness.

  7. I think its best that he leaves – obviously we should try to get the best price

    Apart from one or two pieces of magic Payet seems to have underperformed at MArseille – I notices that Diafra Sakho does not even seem to be in the Senegal squad at Afcon – so maybe Marko will also find that the grass is in fact not greener on the other side – we certainly do not need the drama again

  8. 20% payback to Stoke.. bin him off for £35m if we can get it then crack on with Maxi and hopefully Marega

    • That’s 20% of any profit Nigel I believe so we can get rid for 20m and won’t owe them anything presumably as we’re breaking even.

  9. F### him off hes a bad influence on the team , and we are building a team ,

  10. As much as it leaves a bad taste in my mouth i would accept 19 million just to get rid of him.
    What is the good of him rotting in the reserves for four years.We will still have to pay his £130,000 per week wages and why that is happening we will miss out on another player.
    It’s like anything you buy in life sometimes you make a profit and sometimes you make a loss.As it’s under 20 mill i believe we won’t have to give stoke anything so make a small loss and get rid asap.

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