Should West Ham Take a Punt on Abraham?

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West Ham United‘s hunt for a reliable striker continues, with Tammy Abraham emerging as a potential target. The 26-year-old’s underwhelming stint at Roma has sparked rumours of a Premier League return, with the Hammers joining Everton, Aston Villa, and Tottenham Hotspur in the race for his signature. But is Abraham the answer to West Ham’s woes, or is this a gamble they should avoid?

Abraham’s Premier League experience is a major plus. Unlike other foreign imports, there’s no adaptation period to worry about. He’s proven he can score goals in England’s top flight, having netted 16 goals in 34 appearances for Chelsea during the 2019/20 season. At 26, there’s still room for improvement, and a return to familiar surroundings could reignite his scoring touch.

Abraham’s record in Serie A hasn’t been spectacular. While he’s not a flop by any means, his goalscoring hasn’t been consistent enough to solidify his place in Roma’s starting lineup. The reported price tag of £20-25 million also raises eyebrows. West Ham have a recent history of striker blunders with expensive signings like Gianluca Scamacca failing to settle in. Can they afford another gamble, especially when there might be better options available?

The interest from other Premier League clubs adds another layer of complexity. A bidding war could inflate Abraham’s price even further. This puts pressure on West Ham to decide if he’s truly worth the potential financial risk. Regardless of Abraham, West Ham manager Julen Lopetegui desperately needs a new striker. Their attacking options lack a consistent goalscoring threat, and Abraham, despite his flaws, offers a familiar face with Premier League experience.

So, West Ham should approach Abraham with caution. While his Premier League experience is valuable, his inconsistency and hefty price tag are significant concerns. Exploring other options might be wiser. However, if they’re convinced Abraham can rediscover his scoring form under Lopetegui, then securing him before their competitors could be a strategic move. Ultimately, the decision hinges on a calculated risk – are they willing to gamble on Abraham’s potential redemption, or will they continue their search for a more reliable goalscoring solution?

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  • DJHammer says:

    Quite simply, no.

  • Benny and he Aussie says:

    Definitely not, no way

  • Phil McDonald says:

    Only if we bring in TWO strikers and his price and wages are proportionate to his risk.

  • Deathblow says:


    He’ll be a typical West Ham ‘name’ buy of the past, which I thought we were moving away from.

    Bags of talent but another far more interested in money than playing for the badge. It would be a huge mistake, even if he started well, because that’s been the pattern at every club. He could’ve been a huge star at Chelsea but his priorities were, and still are, elsewhere. We’d be stuck with him and end up selling for peanuts like we’ve always done and that must stop.

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